WhatsApp will let you send money like PayPal, starting with India — 2022

Although there areapps like Moneyboard to manage finances from the iPhone, there are not so many to send money. Outside of PayPal there are hardly any popular apps, but it seems that WhatsApp is still looking for ways to monetize the large number of users who use its messaging platform on a daily basis, in this case, we know that the company is working on the possibility of implementing a new payment system between users through the application.

WhatsApp and its mobile payment service

Facebook is determined to take advantage of your purchase (WhatsApp), for this it is already found. testing an important novelty that could change the use of our payments. WhatsApp users in India will start testing this novelty of making payments between different people directly from WhatsApp.

A novelty that could end up reaching all users of the green messaging application in the medium or long term, It is not yet clear, but an Indian company assures that this novelty will end up arriving in the country in six months. This company reveals more details such as UPI (a payment services company that is backed by the Indian government).

If this system ends up in a good port, we could be talking about WhatsApp as an interesting alternative to other mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay. One of the most important aspects where mobile payment systems are having problems is precisely in customer adoption. A disadvantage that could be the important point of WhatsApp as they already have their own clients using the messaging application.

WhatsApp Pay would also have no commissions (in principle)

Although nothing has been denied or confirmed from the green messaging application, one of its founders, Brian Acton, made a short trip to India last March where he stated that They are exploring the possibility of incorporating a payment service through their application.

Without a doubt, we would be facing a great tool for companies to be able to make greater use of WhatsApp as they intended from the beginning. A good idea in order to monetize the purchase made by Facebook last year 2014.

We will have to continue waiting for news on this matter, but what we do know to date is that Facebook Messenger already has this possibility in the US. A country where this application is quite popular among its inhabitants and where WhatsApp still has a lot of room for improvement. If we get to see the same idea as Facebook Messenger, we can say that these transactions would not have economic commissions at first. However, we will continue to be aware of more news, it is noteworthy that WhatsApp has chosen a country like India where the use of credit or debit cards is much lower than in other countries, it would be a new way to facilitate the use of this type options between clients and companies.

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