WhatsApp stops working along with the rest of Facebook services — 2022

Update: Services have returned to normal operation.

If you spend several minutes trying to send a photo, audio or document through WhatsApp and you see that it is not sent, it is not the fault of your mobile device or your internet connection, but of the servers themselves. For several hours, different bugs have been reported in applications dependent on Facebook, including Instagram and WhatsApp itself. This fact is causing us to have to try other types of alternatives to this instant messaging system, such as Telegram o iMessage.

The bad thing about using a series of services that depend on the same company is that if one falls the rest also and this is what we are suffering today and there is no hope that it will end up being solved in the short term.

It's not your iPhone, WhatsApp is partially failing

If you are using WhatsApp you will have noticed that there are problems sending photos or voice notes in addition to PDF or doc documents x. It is partly a relief that yes we can send plain text messages otherwise, surely more than one user would panic by not being able to communicate with someone through this messaging service. If it is true that if we want to send some type of photograph, document or audio we can use Telegram or traditional email.

As we say, in addition to WhatsApp, some Instagram features have also stopped working. Among these functions is the messaging service and the one to publish Stories or respond to these . At the moment the update of the Instagram Home has not been affected and we can continue uploading photos without problems but it is true that when publishing a Story it stays loading without being published, something that we have been able to experience in the writing of La Manzana Mordida .

Obviously the giant that manages all these services such as Facebook It is also failing, making it impossible to publish on pages or directly the application is much slower than usual.

We don't know at this time what could be happening on the Facebook servers, although it is clear that it has been a fairly important failure since we have been without some of these services for more than 6 hours. It is true that there is no global fall but not being able to send an image or not being able to comment on a Story is something that is disturbing more than one person in their daily routine.

We will be waiting to see when these services begin to be restored, although until then we recommend using the different alternatives that we have in the App Store.