WhatsApp will start incorporating ads in its States — 2022

WhatsApp needs to get some kind of benefit and despite the fact that has always defended a business model without advertising, this will end up changing by incorporating a new ad system in the States, just like it is done on Instagram. Facebook needs to get money from this service, and it was logical that it would impose its business model in the long run on this service, which will remain free but we will have to weigh some ads.

WhatsApp looks for new ways to profit

Yesterday we discussed the monetization that WhatsApp will impose on commercial messages and the penalty that will be imposed when responding late to customer messages. Together with this measure, we want to incorporate a new system of announcements in the States, as has been indicated from Facebook and our colleagues from ADSLZone .

This way of generating profits is already enabled on Instagram and its Stories, which randomly show us advertising for various products or campaigns.

Currently this messaging service It has 1,500 million monthly users, a fairly large audience to show ads to. It is undeniable that the WhatsApp States are not as famous as those of Instagram, but it is something that Mark Zuckerberg's company wants to stimulate in order to include this possibility of generating profits.

Why this urge to generate money? It is obvious that Facebook is not having its best moment, since its growth in number of users has fallen and also advertising revenue has decreased considerably.