WhatsApp could stop working if you update your iPhone — 2022

Last Monday Apple launched iOS 15.2 with interesting news for iPhones. However, as can be the case with almost any update, some issues have been reported. The most striking case is that of the popular WhatsApp messaging application that, despite being due to a fault outside of Apple, could be giving users problems.

Why is WhatsApp crashing on iOS 15.2?

There are several users who in the last hours have begun to complain on social networks and forums that WhatsApp does not work well for them. In fact, it is not that they present some type of failure during their use, it is that they directly can't open the app because it closes immediately. And while it is true that sometimes the fact thatapps quit unexpectedlyIt may be a bigger problem, in this case it doesn't seem like it.

And is that what all these users have in common is that they updated to iOS 15.2. This Doesn't mean it's a common bug. and that everyone who updates their iPhone will be affected, but there is a risk that these problems will appear when updating, so it is recommended that you wait a few days to update to see if it is resolved and more if WhatsApp is a application of vital importance for you.

We have tried to find out the exact origin of the problem, but we have not obtained precise information, so we suspect that it is due to a minor error in WhatsApp programming that, despite not seeming serious, is important enough to prevent its use in some cases.

What should you do if you have already updated

If you already have your iPhone on iOS 15.2 and WhatsApp works fine for you, you shouldn't worry. As we told you before, in the end this is a problem that is not widespread and that should not appear suddenly if you have not already experienced it before.

ios 15.2

However, if you are one of those affected You will have no choice but to wait for WhatsApp to launch a new update that, based on what is happening, could arrive in the next few hours. And it is that in the end it is a problem that corresponds to its own developers and for which, at least as far as is known, Apple cannot be held responsible for having allowed them to test the iOS 15.2 betas for almost two months.

Another option that could be useful is to completely uninstall the app and proceed to reinstall it again, but in addition to not being sure that it works, you could lose your chats if you didn't make a backup. And, logically, since the app cannot be opened, you will not even be able to make said copy.

Regarding what to do if you can't solve it, because unfortunately we feel bad to tell you that nothing. We recommend that you notify your contacts through other means to communicate your problems with the application so that you can maintain contact with them by other means until it is resolved.