WhatsApp will finally end SPAM in its application — 2022

We have all received the hateful message that we will have to pay $0.99 to continue using WhatsApp if we do not send the same chain to our contacts. These SPAM messages their days are numbered in the world's largest instant messaging application, Well, it has been seen that they are working on different methods to combat this scourge.

SPAM's days are numbered on WhatsApp

With the latest updates that have been seen in both iOS and Android, the intentions that WhatsApp has of get rid of annoying messages. These messages are the hated chains that prevail above all in the groups that we have.


Huge paragraphs that in the end what they want is sneak some kind of hoax or that we forward them to get something. After all, it is a message that we can categorize as toxic since it ends up confusing people, and as I said before it contributes to spreading false hoaxes, like fake news , which are given credibility because they arrive via WhatsApp. This will join all the functions that exist forblock spam on iPhone. Although these functions can be complemented with differentphone spam blocks on iPhone.

In WABETAInfo Some of these developments have advanced that we still cannot see even in betas. When we receive a message that has been forwarded a large number of times, that message will come with a note at the top where it tells us this message has been sent too many times , as you can see in the previous image.

This is a warning for us to say, this is a chain that has been forwarded all over the internet and I should not pay any attention to it. This note will appear when that message in question has been forwarded more than 25 times , placing here the red line by WhatsApp.

We will have to see how these actions evolve by the company, but they are already beginning to eradicate this scourge that is the SPAM of messages, something that we appreciate.