WhatsApp will extend the time to delete messages — 2022

WhatsApp wants to give us more time to delete our erroneous messages, a welcome increase, but worthless if the deleted message continues to appear.

The latter can be counterproductive , since the curiosity to know which message has been deleted can lead to confusion among our recipients.

The increase is considerable, where now we will have much more time to be able to mask our message with a deleted message for a longer time. But we insist that it cannot be deleted as it can be done in Telegram without leaving a trace.

More time to delete messages on WhatsApp

Until now, the maximum time to be able to delete a message was 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds . In the new change produced in the application owned by Facebook, it increases up to 1 day, 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds .

It is curious how they give us an exact time to be able to add the deleted message board, especially for the 16 seconds, that is fantastic in case we want to go to the limit. Of course, this does not mean that the recipient cannot read the message through the notifications . If this does not enter the application, the verification of sent and received will continue to appear, but not the one of read. So removing it could do us little good.

The text editing , is not yet available, such as on Telegram. Something that would surely do the application quite good to make it more attractive, but at the moment there is no news about it.

This improvement is not yet available, but it will come in a future update. This is what he says WABetaInfo via Twitter in a new post, where it will be available on both Android and iPhone. So now you know, soon you will have more time to rectify your conversations through WhatsApp .

What do you think of this novelty? Do you think they should allow more time to delete the messages? Does it bother you that the deleted message appears?