What you must do to repair the speaker of your iPhone 11 Pro — 2022

Although it has a small chance, the speaker of an iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max can fail. If this is your case, we will tell you everything you need to do to carry out the repair in many cases without having to pay its price as it is within the guarantee.

Why can the speaker break?

The iPhone 11 Pro, like any other technological product, has a small probability of failure in any of its components. Although it may seem rare, the speakers can also break from one day to the next and not necessarily in the first days of use, but months or years later. Like any other hardware component, it can arrive with a small factory error that can manifest itself randomly.

This fault can occur initially with a small drop in volume that may not be appreciated. Especially with the main speaker that is located on the front of the iPhone, the error can be noticed in a more pronounced way. This is because it is used to talk on the phone or simply to listen to certain audio files in messaging applications such as iMessage or WhatsApp by holding it to your ear. At first, as we say, you can notice how it sounds much weaker and that is a clear indication that something is not working correctly, drawing the attention of users.

In the long run, after this small drop in sound that can pass in an inappreciable way, comes the terrible moment that the speaker stops working altogether. In this way, if we talk about the main speaker, phone calls cannot be made in the traditional way, always having to use the headphones or the lower speaker with the hands-free. The same can obviously happen with the lower speaker, preventing music from being played in the traditional way, being forced to use headphones.

But as we say, this failure can be due to a hardware defect that comes from the factory or due to a blow that could have been given to the screen, generating this problem.

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The repair falls under warranty.

Obviously, if in your case this problem is in the speaker, you should know that it falls under the warranty of the device. It must be taken into account that it will only be accepted within the guarantee if there is no physical damage that could have caused this problem. When we talk about physical damage, it is important to note that Apple does not consider a simple scratch on the equipment or the screen as responsible for this. As is logical, if the screen is totally cracked by a strong blow, obviously it will not be admitted under the guarantee. That is why you can be totally calm if you have a scratch on the front screen as a result of normal use of the device.

In these cases, it must be taken into account that all iPhones have a two-year guarantee when they have been purchased in Spain. The first of these corresponds to the manufacturer, which in this case is Apple, and the second to the seller, which can be Amazon, PC Components or Apple itself, among other stores. In all these situations, the repair of the loudspeaker will be covered by the guarantee without any problem. The only inconvenience that may arise is that in the second year of the guarantee the invoice is required and certain checks must be carried out that may take a little longer to repair.

In the event that you bought the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max at its launch, in the year 2019, you will be in the second year of warranty. But it may be the case that you bought it later or even recently since it is still for sale.

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In the event that you are not within the guarantee, you must pay the price that corresponds to the full screen repair.

How do you fix a speaker?

If you talk about the main speaker of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, surprisingly, a change is not made only to this hardware component. In these cases, a complete change of the screen is made since the speaker itself is included here. In this way, when you deliver your mobile for repair, it will be returned to you with a completely new screen, the same repair that is carried out when the screen itself has a dead pixel or when the glass breaks and you have to pay for the full repair.

How to manage speaker repair

If you are within the warranty with Apple, you can go to any Apple Store, by appointment, to have the corresponding tests done in order to confirm that something is happening with the speaker. If it is certified, it will be admitted to be repaired free of charge. In the event that you do not have an Apple Store nearby, you can go to a store that offers authorized technical service (SAT) where they will also manage the guarantee. In no case go to an unauthorized store since they surely use unofficial components and in all cases the guarantee will be lost if the equipment is manipulated by unauthorized persons.

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If you are in the second year of the warranty and you have not bought the iPhone from Apple itself, you can also go to the seller to do the management. In most cases the seller will have you go to Apple itself to do the repair.

How long does the repair take?

When the iPhone is going to be left for repair, the question obviously arises as to how long it will take. This is important since many people do not have another device and today living without a mobile is somewhat complicated. If you are in the first year and go to an Apple Store, the repair can take a few hours because you do not have to check the documentation. Let's remember that the repair is a 'simple' screen change that is a common operation. In the event that you are in the second year of warranty and you are in a SAT, it can take as many as three days. This is due to the need to verify the documentation provided to approve the repair. In short, it is a process that is really fast and for which you will not be without a mobile for many days.