What it will cost you to change the screen of your iPhone SE in Apple — 2022

The second-generation iPhone SE, also known as the iPhone SE 2020, is one of Apple's cheapest phones, but will it also be the cheapest to repair? If you have had a mishap with this device and the screen has been scratched, cracked or completely broken, you may be interested in knowing how to proceed to have it repaired. For this reason, in this article we will tell you what you should do and how much you will have to pay in Apple for it.

It will not matter which component has broken

In an iPhone SE 2020, as in the rest, we find several components that make up the screen. The touch panel, the top glass, or the rear light panels. Regardless of which of these has stopped working, Apple and most technical services will change everything, so there is no possibility of repairing only the damaged part. The same happens when the faults are related to spots on the screen or off pixels, since the possibility of repairing these parts individually is very tedious and therefore it is preferable for both the customer and the technical service to change everything.

Is it a fault unrelated to misuse?

There are many circumstances that can lead to an iPhone breaking. In the case of the screen, the most normal thing is that it suffers a fall or blow that ends up breaking it. Contact with other objects, especially sharp ones, could cause the screen to be scratched. These cases ultimately respond to what is considered misuse. It is clear that nobody wants to break their device and that an accidental fall is not caused, but for the purposes of guarantees this is counted as something outside of Apple. It is very strange that in a phone of this type the screen can break due to a factory defect and in fact no unit with this problem has been reported so far, but if this were your case you will be able to communicate it and if it can be proven that it is indeed not your fault may even reach replace the screen completely free. However, we insist on how remote this situation is.

iPhone SE 2020 disassembled - iFixit

Image from iFixit

If you have contracted AppleCare+

Apple's additional warranty can come in handy to cover certain repairs that are not covered by the normal warranty and make others cheaper. If you have contracted this AppleCare+ on your iPhone SE 2020, you are facing the second case, since you will have to pay a part of the repair, although much less than what you would pay normally. It has a cost of 29 euros , which is quite affordable and is the standard for all iPhone screens. If you also want to be picked up at your home instead of going to a store, you will have to pay €12.10 for shipping costs.

iPhone SE screen price at Apple

Apple Technical Service

Without further ado, the price you will have to pay at Apple for this repair is €151.10 . This is a high price if we take into account the price of the device, but the truth is that there is no alternative if you do not have any insurance. At this price they would add €12.10 in cases where you have to send it because you cannot go to an Apple Store. The way to proceed with this repair is by requesting an appointment, for which you can go to a store and consult with a worker, use the iOS Support application or through the company's website, going to the Support tab.

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With other iPhone insurance

There are other third-party insurances that can cover this type of iPhone damage. The most normal thing is to contract them with the store where you bought it if it is not Apple, although home insurance can also cover these cases. As there are so many possibilities and having different conditions in each case, it is impossible to say a figure of money that the repair will cost. You should contact your insurer to clear up any doubts. However, if the data is useful to you, as a general rule, companies usually refer you to repair the device on your own through Apple and then pay you the amount of the repair or part of it.

Beware of unauthorized services


The amount of the repair is not exactly small, so it is very understandable that among the options you are considering are those of going to a third-party store that offers you a much lower price. However, this could lead to unwanted problems. The first of them is that you will lose the guarantee of the device if you still had it, so you will lose any legal rights if any other problem arises in the future. On the other hand there is the screen quality , since if it is not original you could notice the difference too much to the point that your user experience is considerably reduced. The device may even crash if it detects this component as non-genuine. Therefore, we recommend above all to be cautious and assess whether this option really suits you.

Change iPhone SE 2020 screen on your own

Another option that you have on the table to be able to have your iPhone SE 2020 with a new screen is to carry out the repair, or rather, change the screen manually by yourself. If you have the right tools, enough skill, and of course a replacement screen, you can change the iPhone screen yourself by following the steps below.

Aspects to consider

Before getting down to work you have to take into account what the fact that you are the one in charge of manually repairing the screen of your iPhone SE 2020 implies. First of all, you will lose all the guarantee that you may have with Apple, since the Cupertino company does not accept that repairs are carried out outside of its authorized services. Another point to keep in mind is that the screen that you will put on your new iPhone will in no case be the same that Apple would put on you if they were in charge of carrying out this process, so you would not have the original screen. The ability you have to carry out this type of process is also very important since you will have to put all your senses into each step you take so as not to leave your iPhone unusable if you make a mistake and damage any of its components.

Therefore, once you know all the implications of repairing the screen manually by yourself, we recommend that you calmly value the option of being in charge of repairing the screen yourself. In case you are convinced of this, later we will explain the steps you have to follow to carry out the repair.

where to buy the screen

As we mentioned before, you have to keep in mind that in no case can you get an original screen replacement, so in that sense you will lose in terms of the user experience that your iPhone SE 2020 will offer when you change the screen. You can find screen replacements in many stores, however we recommend this option that you have available on Amazon, which also includes a series of tools that you will need to carry out the process.

iPhone SE 2020 screen replacement

Screen replacement iPhone SE 2020 buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 32.99 Image 1

Steps to follow for repair

The moment of truth has arrived, but before starting to explain the steps you have to follow to be able to correctly replace the screen of your iPhone SE 2020, we once again invite you to definitely meditate on the option of being the one in charge of carrying out the carry out this process. You also have to keep in mind that once you open the iPhone screen, the waterproof seals will be damaged and you will have to replace them as well if you want your iPhone to remain waterproof. If you are completely sure about it, here are the steps you have to follow.

  • Power off the device.
  • Remove the two 3.5mm pentalobe screws located on the bottom edge of the iPhone.

Image 2

  • In case the display glass is cracked, hold the pieces together and tape over the glass.
  • Place overlapping tapes on the iPhone screen to cover the entire face.
  • Heat the bottom edge of the iPhone to help soften the adhesive that secures the screen, making it easier to open. For this you can use a hair dryer.
  • Using a suction cup, place it on the lower half of the front panel, just above the home button.

Image 3

  • Pull up on the suction cup with firm, steady pressure to create a small gap between the front panel and the rear case.

Image 4

  • Insert an opening pick into the gap.
  • Slide the opening pick up the left edge of the phone starting at the bottom edge and moving towards the volume control buttons and mute switch, breaking the adhesive holding the screen in place.
  • Stop near the top left corner of the screen.
  • Reinsert the tool into the lower right corner of the iPhone and slide it around the corner and up the right side of the phone to separate the adhesive.
  • Gently lift the suction cup to lift the bottom edge of the screen, but don't lift the screen more than 15º or you risk rubbing or breaking the flat cables that connect the screen.

Image 5

  • Pull on the small bump on the suction cup to remove it from the front panel.
  • Slide an opening pick under the screen around the top left corner and along the top edge of the phone to loosen the last adhesive.
  • Slide the display assembly down slightly to disengage the clips that hold it to the rear case.
  • Open the iPhone by moving the screen up from the left side and prop the screen against something to keep it propped up while you're working on the iPhone.

Image 6

  • It's time to disconnect the battery by removing the four Phillips screws that hold the lower display cable bracket to the logic board.

Image 7

  • Remove the support.
  • Use the point of a spudger to pry the battery connector up from its socket on the logic board.

Image 8

  • Bend the battery connector cable slightly away from the logic board to prevent it from accidentally making contact with the socket and provide power to the iPhone during repair.
  • Now you will have to disconnect the screen and the digitizer. To do this use the point of a spudger to pry the lower display connector out of its socket.

Image 9

  • With the spudger, use its tip to disconnect the second bottom cable from the display.
  • Remove the three 1.3mm Phillips screws that hold the bracket over the front panel sensor assembly connector.
  • Remove the support.

Image 10

  • Now use the point of a spudger to disconnect the front panel sensor assembly connector.

Image 11

  • Remove the display assembly.
  • Remove the bracket for the home button and Touch ID sensor by removing the four YOOO screws that hold the bracket over the touch ID sensor/home button.

Image 12

  • Remove the support.
  • We're nearing the end, now to disconnect the Touch ID sensor to do this use an opening tool to pry under the left edge of the home button cable connector to disconnect it from its socket.

Image 13

  • Remove the Touch ID sensor by flipping the display assembly over using a hair dryer and blowing it on the bottom edge of the display for 90 seconds to soften the adhesive.
  • Carefully use an opening pick to separate the adhesive that secures the Touch ID sensor cable to the back of the display panel.

Image 14

  • Now remove the touch ID sensor/home button assembly by lifting through the front side of the screen.

  • Now, reverse the steps with the new screen to finish your iPhone SE 2020 screen replacement.