What to do if your iPhone touchpad isn't working — 2022

That a touch phone cannot be operated by tapping on the screen is an obvious flaw that is extremely annoying if we take into account that it runs out of practically no functions. If you are currently having problems touching the iPhone screen because the touch panel does not respond, do not worry, because in this post we will try to help you solve the problem. You might end up having to get your phone repaired, but there are a few other options before that might end up solving the problem.

Most frequent failures of the iPhone touch

Although the touch panel is only one, there are several failures that can occur around it, not always being the same. Although in the end they are different failures, most of them could have an identical solution. Some of the most common are the following:

  • The touch screen never responds.
  • Partial touch failures, that is, some parts of the screen respond normally and others do not.
  • The iPhone crashes sporadically preventing any action through the screen.
  • You have to press hard for the screen to respond.
  • False touches occur, that without touching a part of the screen, the iPhone acts as if it had been interacted with.

What to do if it is due to a blow or fall

If your iPhone has recently suffered a blow from which you have noticed that the touch panel does not work normally, we are sorry to tell you that you will have no choice but to repair it. It is even possible that the crystal is intact and yet it does not work. In the following sections we will discuss several aspects that have more to do with the software and that you could solve on your own. You can read them anyway, even if it's just to rule out, but most likely in this case you will have to go to repair it and for this we recommend that you jump to the last sections of the article.

broken iphone screen

If the iPhone has not suffered any shock

If the failures of your iPhone screen are sudden and you don't remember that it has suffered any recent shock, it is most likely that it could be something related to the software or something that is interfering with its proper functioning. Below we explain some of the possible solutions to these problems.

Remove the protector, the case and clean the screen

If the iPhone screen is wet or has some type of dirt element such as dust specks or the like, it is likely that it will not function as desired. It is also possible that if a non-original or defective case is being used, as well as with screen protectors that can cause some type of failure due to the pressure exerted on the screen.

Therefore we recommend you remove any accessory of this type. Once you do it, it is advisable that, before even testing if it works, you try to clean the screen with a microfiber cloth or similar (anyone that does not release lint is fine). It is important that you do not use abrasive liquids and that those you use pour them on the cloth and not on the screen directly. If once this is done you verify that the screen works fine, you already know what was causing the problem.

iphone screen protector

Possible operating system bug

Software sometimes plays tricks on you, and what may seem like an iPhone hardware glitch is actually something easier to fix. Even if you are not using the iPhone, it is carrying out several processes in the background that could occasionally end up giving an error like the one we are commenting on. To completely get rid of these failures derived from background processes, it is enough to restart iPhone , although it is advisable to turn it off manually and then turn it on after 15-30 seconds.

restart iPhone

In any case, we also recommend you check if there is any new software update for download and subsequent installation, since if it is an iOS bug it could be resolved in the new version. If the error prevents you from even moving around the interface, it will be impossible to update the iPhone from the settings, so it will be recommended that you connect it to a computer via cable to carry out the process using iTunes (Windows and macOS Mojave and earlier) or Finder (macOS Catalina and later).

Restore as last solution

In the end, the most effective solution to get rid of any type of software bug present on your device is to completely format and configure it no backup . If you think this may be the problem, we recommend that you do it through a computer, connecting the iPhone to it via cable and using iTunes or Finder.

restore iphone

At this point, we find it hard to believe that it could be a software bug. In fact, it is likely that after carrying out the process you have not been able to successfully solve the problem, which would already indicate 100% that it is a hardware problem. However, it is what you should do in order to rule out these aforementioned software failures and be able to go to Apple having done all your homework.

Repair at Apple if you can't fix it

If at this point you have not been able to resolve the fault, it is more than likely that it is not due to a software issue but to the faulty touch panel itself. This will only be fixed by repairing the device, so there are several things to keep in mind about the repair process for this item.

Apple will change the full screen

Both the official technical service itself and others, what they do is change the entire screen, without distinguishing between the different elements that make it up. It is possible that the failure comes from a single point, but for reasons of efficiency and speed, everything is always repaired, so in the end the price of the repair of the entire screen is also assumed and not only the touch panel.

Of course there is the idea that They are 100% original pieces and that they will look the same as if the iPhone were new. Although there is also a possibility that, however remote it may be for this particular repair, it can also be given. We refer to the full iPhone replacement , an effective solution if there is another component that is affected or if the store does not have stock.

iphone screen repair

Factory defect covered by warranty

There is a possibility that the touchpad defect is stemming from a manufacturing issue with your unit. This is not easy to find out on your own and in fact, unless it has been made public, you will not be able to know it. Apple technical specialists will be able to review it and find it. It is not the most common, but it may happen that your unit and some others may have come with said defect.

The good news in this case is that it's covered under warranty, so you'll be offered a free repair or a device replacement . In any case, we insist that it must be Apple or an SAT who reviews and determines it, since you cannot have the adequate means at your disposal to verify it.

repair price

If it is determined that your iPhone screen failure is not due to a manufacturing defect but to misuse, you will be offered to repair the device at your full cost of screen replacement. will be 29 euros if you have AppleCare + contracted, otherwise you will have to assume the following cost depending on your iPhone model:

    iPhone 5s:€151.10 iPhone 6:€151.10 iPhone 6 Plus:€171.10 iPhone 6s:€171.10 iPhone 6s Plus:€191.10 iPhone SE (1st generation):€151.10 iPhone 7:€171.10 iPhone 7 Plus:€191.10 iPhone 8:€171.10 iPhone 8 Plus:€191.10 iPhone X:€311.10 iPhone XS:€311.10 iPhone XS Max:€361.10 iPhone XR:€221.10 iPhone 11:€221.10 iPhone 11 Pro:€311.10 iPhone 11 Pro Max:€361.10
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation): 151.10 euros
  • iPhone 12 mini:€251.10 iPhone 12:€311.10 iPhone 12 Pro:€311.10 iPhone 12 Pro Max:€361.10

How long will it take to give you the iPhone?

This will always depend on the level of orders they have in the technical service, although you will always be informed in advance of the approximate time they will deal with. In some cases they could even have it ready on the same day, since it is usually done in sections of 2-3 hours . However, it is possible that they do not have pieces or you have come to your appointment at the last minute, so this could already take you the next day in the latter case.

If the problem is that they do not have stock, this is usually solved in 3-4 days At most, since every week the Apple Stores receive replacement parts. Where if they can take longer is yes you request the repair by home collection , which means that the times are between 5 and 7 days for logistical reasons, since the courier service will first have to pick up your iPhone to take it to technical support and then the reverse process, which takes several days.

Apple Genius Bar Technical Service

Other technical services

There are others Apple Authorized Service Providers and that they have original parts for the replacement of the screen. Prices could vary with respect to Apple, sometimes finding better prices than in the company itself. You can request an appointment with them directly or from the Apple support website, since for practical purposes it is like going to an Apple Store.

There are also other establishments not authorized that offer iPhone repairs and usually at a lower price. This precisely can make it very tempting to go to them, but you should keep in mind that you could lose the warranty with Apple and that the parts used will not be original. Although there are many services that have components that are of very good quality despite not being genuine, it must be said that others have parts of excessively low quality and that will worsen the quality of use. Therefore, if you decide to go to one of these third-party services, we recommend that you first consult the components used and the guarantee that is offered.