What to do if iOS 14.0.1 hasn't improved your iPhone's battery life — 2022

Last week Apple launched anew version of iOS 14, specifically 14.0.1. This intermediate version corrected certain bugs presented in the first version, as well as included performance improvements. Among the latter, although not mentioned, a battery optimization was included. In general, a large number of users have experienced an improvement in this regard, but if this is not your case, you can use our guide tosave battery on iphoneand also follow some recommendations that we leave you below.

Although it sounds absurd, restart the iPhone

An easy joke that is adhered to by computer scientists is to always recommend turning computers on and off to solve their problems. This is obviously an exaggeration, but to a certain extent it makes sense if we take into account that many times background processes are created that hinder the proper functioning of a device. That is why we recommend that you turn off your iPhone for several seconds and turn it on again, if you have not already done so at some time after updating.

Calibrate the battery

iPhone charging battery

Batteries often take time to settle to a user's use or to the operation of a new version of software. iPhones are prepared not to suffer problems in this regard, but there are always exceptions and that is whycalibrate your iPhone batterymay be a way to fix it. This, in short, consists of completely discharging the device, leaving it off for several hours, then charging it up to 100% and leaving it connected for a few more hours and finally disconnecting it.

Restore iPhone

This solution may not be very pleasant, since this would cause you to lose all settings and downloaded applications on the device, but it is the most convenient way to eliminate software problems. For this it is recommended connect the device to a computer and through iTunes or Finder restore it and later put it as new no backup. You can save some data synced with iCloud like photos, contacts, calendars and others that you can find in Settings > your name > iCloud.

Maybe the iPhone battery is worn out

If you have been noticing alarming battery life for a while, before iOS 14.0.1 and even iOS 14, the chances are that the battery is already worn out or that it was defective from the factory if the phone is new. For this, the most recommended thing is to go to Apple or an authorized technical service to carry out a more accurate diagnosis of the health of the battery, more complete than the one found in settings. Once the fault is found, a battery replacement will be proposed, which could vary in cost depending on the terminal, whether it has a warranty or AppleCare+.

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In any case, you can always wait for iOS 14.1 or iOS 14.0.2, which will continue to implement improvements in this regard. However, we insist on emphasizing that the current version of the system has already corrected this problem in a large part of the users, so it is possible that the following versions will not do much on your iPhone either.