What time is WWDC 17 in my country? — 2022

At Apple 5×1 we already talked to you that Apple has already enabled the event website where WWDC 17 will be broadcast. Do you want to know what time it will be in your country? Keep reading.

Enjoy the WWDC 2017 from your country at this time

We know that there are many of you who ask us daily when the Keynote presentation of Apple's new operating systems will be held, and who knows, if any other product. That is why, in this article we bring you a breakdown of the schedule in which the WWDC will be in your country.

    10:00– San Francisco (USA) 11:00– Guatemala, Managua (Nicaragua), San Salvador (El Salvador), Tegucigalpa (Honduras) 12:00– Bogotá (Colombia), Lima (Peru), Mexico City (Mexico) 13:00– Asuncion (Paraguay), La Paz (Bolivia), Miami (USA), NY (USA), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep.), Caracas (Venezuela), Santiago (Chile) 14:00– Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay) 18:00- Canary islands spain) 19:00- Madrid Spain) 1:00(Tuesday) – Manila (Philippines)

If your city is not on this list you can check the time difference with San Francisco, CA here , or you can simply leave us all your doubts about it in the comment box, which we will be happy to answer.

What do you think we will see in this Keynote? Many of us are expectant to know what those from Cupertino will bring us for our devices, will they improve the aesthetics of the operating system at once? All these doubts will be resolved in a few days at the WWDC 2017 that you can see at the times indicated above on the official Apple website or of course, on our YouTube channel, where Fernando Del Moral and David Hebrero will provide live coverage. In addition, on the web we will also be telling in great detail everything that is happening in San Jose, and of course, our impressions.

So, leave us in the comment box everything you think about this WWDC and of course, if your city is not on the schedule list, let us know in the comments.