What series and movies does Apple TV + have? Updated complete catalog — 2022

sssApple TV+ was launched in March 2019 at the Steve Jobs Theatre. And he did it in style along with movie and television stars who did not want to miss the presentation of this platform. Finally, the service was officially launched on November 1 of that same year. Since then we have at our disposal a catalog of exclusive series, films and documentaries and to which new content is added monthly.

Apple TV+ price

Apple TV + is one of Apple's new weapons in the services sector and that accompanies Apple Music and Apple Arcade. In the application we find movies that were already available on iTunes, available for download after payment as usual. The novelty will be in the self-produced content which has a cost of €4.99 per month , being able to have one week free as a test and one year free if we buy an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. It should be noted that the premieres take place on Friday , so every news that arrives will be seen that day. You can consult the individual files of these contents with more information on this same website by clicking here . Below we show you extensively the contents that you can enjoy with the contracting of the services.

Apple TV+ Shows


    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:10. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:October 8, 2021 (already completed). Second season: date to be determined. Description:Bilingual series that tells the story of a twentysomething who sees his dreams come true when he finds the job of his life as a waiter at one of the best resorts in Acapulco, although it won't take him long to realize that everything is more complicated than he imagined. A story that also revolves around the always remembered 80s.

Puppies: looking for a home

    Category:Real stories. Recommended age:All public. Broadcast episodes:8. Average duration per episode:20-30 minutes. Premiere:October 15, 2021. Description:The Peterson brothers, Charles and Lizzie, are in charge of a beautiful mission to rescue and find the best home for abandoned dogs so that they can be happy again. It is not an easy task, but it brings immense satisfaction when it is completed.


    Category:Suspense. Recommended age:+12. Broadcast episodes:9. Average duration per episode:15-20 minutes. Premiere:March 19, 2021. Description:Innovative miniseries based on the homonymous French. Renowned actors participate in it and in which each chapter shows some type of event with traces of suspense and even terror. The curious thing about it is that we do not see any face or any scene, since they are all phone calls that, if intertwined, give rise to the events that unfold, showing on the screen only the sound waves of said calls.

Central Park

    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:+7. Broadcast episodes:22. Average duration per episode:25-30 minutes. First season:May 29, 2020 (already completed). Second season:June 25, 2021 (still on air). Description:Animated series from the creator of Bob's Burgers. The plot is set in New York City, around Central Park itself. A family will be the protagonist when they have to face the challenge of saving the park and the planet, a task that is not easy. The musical part of the series also has a lot of prominence, being even key at certain times.


    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:+12. Broadcast episodes:fifteen. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:May 1, 2020 (already completed). Second season:May 21, 2021 (already completed). Third season:2022. Description:Comedy series in which its two protagonists, Nikki and Jason, venture into the always complicated task of adopting a baby. That is their dream and they are willing to fulfill it by all means, however they have a life in which chaos is the absolute protagonist, they have atypical and eccentric friends and family who will have to give their approval and give a good image before the commission of adoption.

Amazing Tales

    Category:Adventure. Recommended age:+12. Broadcast episodes:5. Average duration per episode:25 minutes. First season:March 6, 2020 (already completed). Description:A production directed by the filmmaker Steven Spielberg and that is basically a remake of the original series that was launched in 1980. The series will consist of 5 episodes at first and in each of these we will see a totally different story. That is, each episode will be independent of the rest.

Defender a Jacob

    Category:Mystery. Recommended age:+12 . Broadcast episodes:8. Average duration per episode:45-50 minutes. Premiere:April 24, 2020. Description:Chris Evans plays in this miniseries a district attorney who has an extremely complicated case before him. The murder accusation that falls on his son makes him seriously think about whether he should uphold the law or try to save his son from jail from his position.


    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:+12. Broadcast episodes:30. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:November 1, 2019 (already completed). Second season:January 8, 2021 (already completed). Third season:November 5, 2021 (already completed). Description:Series set in the 19th century during the era of writer Emily Dickinson. The story tries to bring viewers into the world of its protagonist, who will be seen as an unexpected heroine. The key points of this series show how was the culture of society, families and gender struggle at this time.

Dr. Brain

    Category:Science fiction. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:6. Average duration per episode:60 minutes. First season:November 3, 2021 (already completed). Description:Based on the popular comic Hongjacga, this series features a neuroscience expert who increases his obsession with this field thanks to new technologies, when he suddenly suffers an accident that changes his life and leads him to delve into memories stored in his wife's brain in order to understand what happened to them and why.

the ghost writer

    Category:Adventure. Recommended age:For all audiences. Broadcast episodes:13. Average duration per episode:25 minutes. First season:November 1, 2019 (already completed). Second season:October 9, 2020 (pending the premiere of the second part). Description:Suspense series in which the plot revolves around a ghost that haunts a municipal library. These events begin to free the fictional characters from the pages of the novels, taking on a life in the real world. Together with four children, they will have to solve an exciting mystery.


    Category:Science fiction. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:10. Average duration per episode:1 hour. First season:September 24, 2021 (already completed). Second season: confirmed, but no date. Description:Series based on the popular Foundation book saga by writer Isaac Asimov, which tells the story of a band of exiles who discover that they are fighting to save the Galactic Empire from destruction, whose only way to fight it is to confront it. It stars, among others, Lee Pace and Jared Harris.

Home Before Dark (The Hilde Lisko Chronicles)

    Category:Suspense. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:twenty. Average duration per episode:50 minutes. First season:April 3, 2020 (already completed). Second season:June 11, 2021 (already completed). Third season: to confirm. Description:A 9-year-old girl moves to Brooklyn and discovers a secret that everyone wanted to keep secret: a murder. Even her father was aware of this fact and wanted to take it to the grave. This is a series based on real events. The second season has already been confirmed.


    Category:Science fiction. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:10. Average duration per episode:50-60 minutes. First season:October 22, 2021 (already completed). Second season:confirmed, but no date. Description:Science fiction series in which the story of an alien invasion will be told. For this, it will have the vision of the same story, but from different perspectives with all kinds of characters around the world.

The Mosquito Coast

    Category:adventurous drama. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:7. Average duration per episode:50 minutes. First season:April 30, 2021 (already completed). Second season: Confirmed and still no date. Description: It is based on the homonymous novel written by Paul Theroux more than four decades ago. The story revolves around the particular inventor Allie Fox and his family, who are traveling to Mexico and suddenly realize that they have to escape from the United States government. Complex characters with radically firm ideas that will bring them more than one problem throughout the series.


apple tv+

    Category:Thriller. Recommended age: determined. Broadcast episodes: determined. Average duration per episode: determined. First season: determined. Description:Listed as a contemporary thriller, this fast-paced espionage series shows the importance of the mistakes of our past in the present and future. A series that combines action with mystery, with political plots, love and passions.

Lisey's Story

    Category:Psychological thriller. Recommended age:+18. Broadcast episodes:8. Average duration per episode:50 minutes. First season:June 4, 2021 (already completed). Description:Miniseries based on the popular novel by Stephen King, directed by him and J.J Abrams. A thriller about the character of Lisey Landom and her story as a result of a series of disturbing events that confront her with the memories of her marriage to Scott, her husband who died two years ago.

the luminous

    Category:Thriller. Recommended age: determined. Premiere:April 29, 2022 (not released yet). Description:Miniseries based on the novel by Lauren Beukes and that follows Kirby Mazrachi, a peculiar worker at the Chicago newspaper archive who has the frustrated dream of becoming a journalist after a brutal attack that leaves her in an uncertain situation. When she finds out about a recent murder, she teams up with veteran reporter Dan Velazquez to try to understand her reality and her past.

Little America

    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:+12. Broadcast episodes:8. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:January 17, 2020 (already completed). Second season:Not confirmed. Description:This series revolves around several families who immigrate to the United States, all of them from different places on the planet. Under the mantra of wanting to build bridges in complicated times like the current ones, the protagonists will guide us through their lives in search of fulfilling the famous American dream. Will they get it?

Little Voice

    Category:Drama. Recommended age:+12. Broadcast episodes:9. Average duration per episode:25-30 minutes. First season:July 10, 2020 (already completed). Second season:still no data. Description:Series created from the award-winning J.J. Abrams and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson. The series revolves around a romantic story that serves as a hymn to musical freedom in New York City. The protagonist will try to fulfill her dreams while she suffers a disappointment in love and has to deal with tedious family problems, although she will take all her courage to achieve it.

The last days of Ptolemy Gray

    Category:Drama. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:5. Average duration per episode:50 minutes .
  • Premiere: March 11, 2022.
  • Description:Starring Samuel L. Jackson, it is a miniseries based on the popular novel by Walter Mosley. The protagonist, Ptolemy Grey, is a sick man who has been forgotten by his family, friends and even by himself, but suddenly he loses his caregiver and when he is on the verge of sinking into dementia, an orphan, Robyn, appears who takes care of him. life completely with a treatment that can restore memories.

Mr. Corman

    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:+12. Broadcast episodes:10. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:August 6, 2021 (already completed). Description:Josh Corman is what we could call a frustrated artist, since art floods his four sides, but not his craft. He dedicates himself to teaching at a school after the departure of his ex-fiancée, so he has lived with his best friend ever since while he is going through one of the most complex stages of his life in which anxiety and loneliness bring out feelings and stories never imagined. Despite the drama, it is dressed at times as a fun series that could even be classified as a comedy.

Mythic Quest

    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:+16 . Broadcast episodes:18 and 2 specials. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:November 28, 2019 (already completed). Second season:May 7, 2021 (already completed). Third season:confirmed, but no data. Description:One of Apple's original comic series, in this case it's centered around a video game development studio. We can witness the way in which the protagonists try to face and solve all the problems that arise in a sector so admired by many and so unknown at the same time.

Now and Then

Now and Then

    Category:mystery thriller. Recommended age: determined. Broadcast episodes:0. Average duration per episode: data not yet available. First season:May 20, 2022 (not released yet). Description:The first series of Spanish origin on the platform created by the same producer as Gran Hotel or Las Chicas del Cable, among others. It is set in Miami, with a story that explores the different aspirations of youth and the reality of adulthood. Several university friends meet again after the death of one of them and it is that two decades later they are threatened.


    Category:Drama. Recommended age:over 16 years old .
  • Premiere: March 25, 2022.
  • Broadcast episodes:4 First season:March 25, 2022 (on air). Description:Series defined as epic in scale and intimate in tone, it tells the story of a forbidden love that gradually grows until it becomes an overwhelming saga that travels between South Korea, Japan and the United States to show a drama of war and peace, love and loss, triumph and reckoning.

for all mankind

    Category:Science fiction. Recommended age:+12. Broadcast episodes:twenty Average length per episode:60 minutes. First season:November 1, 2019 (already completed). Second season:February 19, 2021 (already completed). Description:In 1969, man stepped on the moon for the first time and although it was not the only time, the truth is that this space race ended decades ago. This is precisely what this series tries to focus on, what would have happened if the world's space race had never ended and the Soviet Union had been the first to set foot on the star. The protagonists will be the NASA astronauts and engineers and their families, whose key point is to keep the hopes and dreams of humanity alive.

losing alice

    Category:Psychological thriller. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:8. Average length per episode:50 minutes. First season:January 22, 2021 (already completed). Second season:to confirm. Description:Alice is a film director who, as she approaches 50 years of age, sees herself more lost, but a meeting with the young screenwriter Sophie completely changes this feeling and she experiences a compulsive obsession with wanting to get closer to the most resounding success. A dark and problematic script that will make you not want to miss a second of the series.


    Category:Dramatic comedy. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:10. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:June 18, 2021 (already completed). Second season:confirmed, but no data. Description:A dark comedy set on an idyllic San Diego beach in the 1980s. It all revolves around Sheila Rubin, a long-suffering housewife who struggles with a personal complex about her own image until she ends up finding her liberation with aerobics. A story of female empowerment at a time when women still had a long way to go for their rights.


roar apple tv+

    Category:Black mood. Recommended age: determined. Premiere:April 15, 2022 (not yet released). Duration: determined. Description:Miniseries based on the short stories by Cecelia Ahern with a cast led by Nicole Kidman. It is an anthology of eight darkly humorous feminist fables with unexpected twists on topics such as gender roles, identity and personal independence.


    Category:Musical comedy. Recommended age:+12. Broadcast episodes:6. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:July 16, 2021 (already completed). Second season: to confirm. Description:A musical series in which a backpacking couple tries to revitalize their relationship, until they discover a magical town that catches their attention. It is as if all the inhabitants of that place have lived in a musical studio since 1940, with no possibility of leaving until they find true love.


    Category:Science fiction. Recommended age:+16. Number of aired episodes:16. Average duration per episode:50-60 minutes. First season:November 1, 2019 (already completed). Second season:August 27, 2021 (already completed). Third season: confirmed, but no date. Description:One of the star series on the platform with Jason Momoa as the protagonist. It revolves around a future civilization in which the human being has lost the ability to see and has to manage to survive. But everything changes with the birth of two twins who regain their sight, which is a revolution for the race.


    Category:Thriller. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes: 8. Average duration per episode:55 minutes.
  • First season: February 18, 2022 (still on air).
  • Description:Mark Scott is in charge of a team at Lumon Industries, a curious company whose employees have had to undergo surgery so that their memories of work and personal life do not mix. A daring experiment to achieve a balance between both worlds and that is called into question and will make Mark himself have to find meaning in it and also find the meaning of his own life.


    Category:Psychological thriller. Recommended age:+15. Broadcast episodes:28. Average duration per episode:25 minutes. First season:November 28, 2019 (already completed). Second season:January 15, 2021 (already completed). Third season:January 21, 2022 (already completed). Fourth season:confirmed, but no date. Description:A Philadelphia couple has to face the always difficult loss of a child. The trauma that remains in the protagonist will cause a reborn baby to come into her life to make up for the absence of the little one and with it also a mysterious nanny, whose behavior is not usual at all.

Slow Horses

    Category:Spy thriller. Recommended age:older than 16 years.
  • Premiere: April 1, 2022.
  • Broadcast episodes:two Average episode length:45 minutes. First season:April 1, 2022 (still on air) Description:6-part miniseries based on the homonymous novels by Mick Herron. All revolving around Jackson Lamb, a brilliant and short-tempered spy leader who has been convicted of major mistakes in his past and has ended up in Slough House.


    Category:Thriller. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:8. Average length per episode:45 minutes. First season:February 4, 2022 (already completed). Description:The son of an important and renowned American businesswoman is kidnapped in a hotel, thus beginning an intense police race to find him and find the kidnappers. The suspects? Four apparently normal British citizens who will serve to completely mislead the authorities and drive the desperate mother crazy.


    Category:Drama. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:10. Average length per episode:50-60 minutes. First season:October 29, 2021 (already completed). Description:Series based on NBA star Kevin Durant. Throughout it allows us to immerse ourselves in the world of youth basketball and everything that surrounds it, such as the relationship of players with coaches, teammates and family. It shows how thin the line is between dreams, opportunism and corruption.

Ted Lasso

    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:+12. Number of aired episodes:22. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:August 14, 2020 (already completed). Second season:July 23, 2021 (already completed). Third season:confirmed for 2022. Description:This series shows us an excellent comedy in which we delve into the peculiarities of a character like Ted Lasso, a soccer coach who totally goes beyond what is considered normal in this profession, for better or for worse. Of American origin, Lasso crosses the pond to take the reins of an English team that he will have to lead. It is not clear whether he will have to be the one to adapt to English football or rather the other way around given his coaching methodology.


    Category:Thriller. Recommended age:+16. Number of aired episodes:7. Average duration per episode:50 minutes. First season:September 25, 2020 (already completed). Second season:May 6, 2022 (not yet released). Description:Espionage thriller-themed series in which agent Tamar, played by Niv Sultan, will have to infiltrate the Iranian capital of Tehran on a dangerous mission. Danger lurks around every corner and not only Tamar's own physical integrity is at stake. This woman is actually a hacker who acts as a special agent for Iran's Mossad intelligence agency.

The Afterparty

    Category:Comedy-Mystery-Murder. Recommended age:+16. Number of aired episodes:8. Average duration per episode:35 minutes. First season:January 28, 2022 (already completed). Description:Created by Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe winners Chris Miller and Phil Lord, this series blends three totally opposite genres around a mysterious murder carried out at a high school homecoming party. It will be composed of 8 chapters in which it will be narrated that same night with different narrators contributing their point of view.

The Essex Serpent

The Essex Serpent

    Category:Drama and suspense. Recommended age: to define. Number of aired episodes:0. Average duration per episode: to define. Premiere:May 13, 2022 . Description:Series based on the novel by Sarah Perry and that features Clarie Danes and Tom Hiddleston as protagonists. Her story follows Cora's journey from Victorian London to a small town called Aldqinter where they say a mythological creature known as the Essex Serpent has returned.

The Last Thing He Told Me

the last thing he told me apple tv+ jennifer garner

    Category:Suspense Recommended age: to define. Number of aired episodes:0. Average duration per episode: to define. Premiere:still no data. Description:Based on the homonymous book by Laura Dave, this series will feature renowned actress Jennifer Garner in its cast. The plot will also be taken from the book, where we find a protagonist who, together with her 16-year-old stepdaughter, struggles to discover the truth about the disappearance of her husband in a mysterious way.

The Morning Show

    Category:Drama Recommended age:+12. Number of aired episodes:twenty. Average duration per episode:50-60 minutes. First season:November 1, 2019 (already completed). Second season:September 17, 2021 (already completed). Third season:confirmed, but no data. Description:This series focuses on a popular American television morning show, or rather what's behind it. Its protagonists will show us how a sexual scandal affects the audience of this program and the relationship of the workers themselves. The presenters begin a fierce rivalry for the position of main presenter. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are the ones who are put in the role of main characters.

The Shrink Next Door

    Category:Thriller. Recommended age:+16. Number of aired episodes:8. Average duration per episode:40-50 minutes. First season:November 12, 2021 (already completed). Description:Miniseries inspired by real events and that tells the strange relationship that the well-known celebrity psychiatrist has with his patient Marty Markowitz. An interesting series in which you see how an apparently normal patient gradually transforms based on manipulation, control and all kinds of dysfunctions.

Truth Be Told

    Category:Suspense. Recommended age:+16. Broadcast episodes:18. Average duration per episode:50 minutes. First season:December 6, 2019 (already completed). Second season:August 20, 2021 (already completed). Third season:confirmed, but no data. Description:Adaptation of the homonymous novel written by Kathleen Barber. The story revolves around Poppy Parnell, a renowned investigator known for her true crime podcast. We will know first-hand some of the most important investigations in which she tries to find the truth and do justice.


    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:over 16 years old . Premiere:March 18, 2022. Broadcast episodes:5. Average duration per episode:50 minutes. First season:March 22, 2022 (still on air). Description:Miniseries based on the eponymous podcast and featuring Anne Hathaway and Oscar winner Jared Leto. Based on real events, love is the epicenter of the story, set in a coworking that becomes a large company with a value of almost 50 billion dollars and that is seeing its collapse little by little without anyone being able to remedy it. .

Midnight Family

Midnight Family

    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:over 16 years old . Premiere: determined . Broadcast episodes: 0. Average duration per episode: determined . First season:determined. Description:this miniseries will follow Marigaby Tamayo (played by Renata Vaca), an ambitious and talented medical student during the day who spends her nights saving lives aboard her family's private ambulance, touring the huge, fascinating and full of contrasts City of Mexico.

Bad Sisters

Bad Sisters

    Category:Comedy and Thriller. Recommended age:to define. Premiere: determined . Broadcast episodes: 0. Average duration per episode: determined . First season:determined. Description:chronicles the lives of the Garvey sisters, brought together by the untimely death of their parents and the ancient promise to always protect one another.

Black Bird

Black Bird

    Category:Psychological thriller. Recommended age:to define. Premiere:July 8. Broadcast episodes: 0. Average duration per episode: determined . First season:July 8, 2022. Description:Inspired by true events, it all begins when star high school football player, son of a decorated cop, and convicted drug dealer Jimmy Keene (Taron Egerton) is sentenced to 10 years in a minimum-security prison and given two options: enter a maximum security prison and befriend suspected serial killer Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser), or stay where you are and serve your full sentence without parole. Keene soon realizes that his only way out is to get a confession and find out where the bodies of several girls are buried, before Hall's appeal is approved.

Apple TV+ kids' shows and movies

Roll with Otis!

    Category:Series. Recommended age:All public. Broadcast episodes:8. Average duration per episode:25 minutes. First season:October 8, 2021. Description:Otis the tractor lives with his friends on the Long Hill farm, where he is always getting into trouble. However, he treasures a big heart that means that whenever one of his friends is in trouble, he quickly comes to help them.

Doug, A Robot Extraordinary

    Category:Series. Recommended age:All public. Broadcast episodes:7. Average duration per episode:23 minutes. First season:November 13, 2020 (already completed). Description:Doug is a little robot, whose curiosity drives him away from his information download functions and decides to go on adventures with Emma, ​​his best friend, every day. They explore the human world together and experience its wonders firsthand.

The Peanuts Show

    Category:Series. Recommended age:All public. Broadcast episodes:19. Average duration per episode:20 minutes. First season:February 5, 2021 (already completed). Second season:March 11, 2022. Description:On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the premiere of the original series, this children's series returns with a special remake in which Snoopy will make himself known to the little ones and will make the older ones vibrate with nostalgia. It is the second series of this character in Apple, although its plot has nothing to do with that of Snoopy in Space.

We are Here: notes for living on Planet Earth

    Category:Animated short film. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:March 20, 2020. Duration:36 minutes. Description:Short based on the children's best-seller by Oliver Jeffers. We can delve into discovering the wonders of our planet from the command of a 7-year-old boy when he visits a mysterious exhibition.

Harriet the spy

    Category:Series. Recommended age:All public. First season:November 19, 2021 (already completed). Number of aired episodes:5. Average duration per episode:25 minutes. Description: Set in 1960s New York, this series based on the book of the same name follows in the footsteps of little Harriet M. Welsch, an extremely curious 11-year-old girl who dreams of being a writer. However, for this she must know a lot and that implies that she must even resort to espionage and without putting herself in any way, since she is capable of spying on everyone.


    Category:Series. Recommended age:All public. Number of aired episodes:13. Average duration per episode:25 minutes. First season:November 1, 2019 (already completed). Second season:April 3, 2020. Description:Emulating classic children's puppet shows, this series stars Cody and the Helpsters, a team of monsters who love to solve all kinds of problems. From organizing a party to doing a magic trick, these unique characters can do it all.

Hi Jack! A better world

    Category:Series. Recommended age:All public. Number of aired episodes:7. Average duration per episode:20 minutes. First season:November 5, 2021 (already completed). Description: A series that invites the little ones in the house as a world full of kindness can change everything. Spearheaded by the character of Jack, this series helps solve heart-related issues shown through the three 'C's: Care, Connection and Cascade effect. It also has an original soundtrack created by the Grammy winners for OK Go.


    Category:Animated short film. Recommended age:All public. Premiere:October 1, 2021. Duration:14 minutes. Description:An astronaut crashes his ship on a planet that, at first glance, seems desolate. However, he receives a visit thanks to which he will discover all the secrets that the universe was keeping for him, being able to start a new life.

Los Fraguel To the rhythm of rock!

The Fraguels Apple TV

    Category:Series. Recommended age:For all audiences. Broadcast episodes:5. Average duration per episode:5 minutes. First season:April 21, 2020 (already completed). Description:Children's series with short episodes in which the Fraguels, a fun group of puppets, try to have a good time while living apart. New adventures in which Gobo, Rosi, Bombo, Musi, Dudo and Uncle Matt the Traveler discover new stories and songs to be connected with.

The Fraguels: the fun continues

    Category:Series. Recommended age:For all audiences. Broadcast episodes:13. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:January 21, 2022 (already completed). Description:A new sequel to Los Fraguel after the success of the previous one. In this new sequel we meet again Gobo, Musi and company with some fun adventures in which magic is more present than ever and serves to take care of an increasingly interconnected world.



    Category:Animation film. Recommended age:For all audiences. Premiere:August 5, 2022. Duration: determined. Description:Sam Greenfield is the most unfortunate person in the world, but after leaving his shelter he begins to see how his luck changes when he discovers the Land of Luck and begins to bond with the magical creatures that inhabit it.

Little Zen Stories

    Category:Series. Recommended age:All public. Broadcast episodes:12. Average duration per episode:25 minutes. First season:December 4, 2020 (already completed). Second season:March 18, 2022 (still on air). Description:Karl, Michael and their sister Addy live in the Tranquil Lake, where a wise panda bear tells them all kinds of stories, fables and riddles with which they are able to discover the world with their own eyes.

Pretzel and her puppies

    Category:Series. Recommended age:All public. Broadcast episodes:8. Average duration per episode:25 minutes. First season:February 11, 2022 (already completed). Description:Based on the classic children's book of the same name, this series revolves around the world's largest dachshund, Pretzel. The little ones will enjoy their adventures through the city of Muttgomery with their family in search of a better place for their friends and neighbors.

snoopy in space

    Category:Series. Recommended age:All public. Number of aired episodes:24. Average duration per episode:8 minutes. First season:November 1, 2019 (already completed). Second season:November 12, 2021 (already completed). Description:The classic and popular Snoopy comes to the Apple platform to live new stories. In this series we will see how the well-known puppy ventures on a space trip to explore the moon and other territories with the whole gang. If you have small children at home, it is undoubtedly a great content to keep them entertained with.

Super Deaf

    Category:Miniseries. Recommended age:All public. Number of aired episodes:3. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. First season:January 7, 2021 (already completed). Description:Cece is a particular girl who has lost her hearing, but manages to find a solution to her problem with a hearing aid that she wears on her chest and that turns her into a superhero.

Super Deaf follows in the footsteps of the perceptive girl Cece, who loses her hearing and must find her inner superhero. If going to school and making new friends is always difficult, what would it be like to do it wearing a bulky headset hanging on her chest? Superpowers are going to be needed! With a little help from her Super Deaf alter ego, Cece will learn to take pride in what makes her extraordinary.

Wolfboy and the Factory of Everything

    Category:Series. Recommended age:All public. Number of aired episodes:10. Average duration per episode:25 minutes. First season:September 24, 2021. Second season:Not confirmed. Description:William Wolfe, who is called Wolfboy by all his new friends, is an extraordinary kid from the factory at all. Wolfboy discovers that thanks to his imagination he can change the world.


    Category:Movie. Recommended age:All public.
  • Premiere: December 11, 2020.
  • Duration:1 hour and 42 minutes. Description:Robyn is traveling with her father to Ireland to hunt wolves, however these plans go awry when she meets the young Mebh in the forest. It is said that at night she turns into a wolf, a legend that Robyn will have to discover if it is true or not.

Apple TV+ Movies


    Category:black comedy Recommended age:+16. Premiere:March 12, 2021. Duration:2 hours and 20 minutes. Description:Tom Holland stars in this feature film directed by the Russo brothers. The main character, named Cherry and who after his return from the war puts his life and his only support, his girlfriend, at risk as a result of drugs and a crime that threatens to completely destabilize him.


    Category:Drama. Recommended age: determined. Premiere:August 13, 2021. Duration: data not available. Description:Film directed by Siân Heder and starring Emilia Jones. The story of young Ruby is told, a touching character with a really complex life as she is the only one in her deaf family to be able to hear. Much of the story focuses on the young woman's inner struggle with an intense debate between going to university to fulfill her own dreams or staying at home in the care of her helpless family.

Come From Away: Welcome to Gander

    Category:Musical. Recommended age:+16. Premiere:September 10, 2021. Duration:1 hour and 47 minutes. Description:Film of the popular musical Come From Away, in which it is told how 7,000 people stranded in Gander remain on the ground on September 11, 2001 after all flights were canceled due to the attacks that occurred that day. A story that, despite the rawness it may present, shows how small families are formed with love, laughter and hope as the main ingredients.

The banker

    Category:Drama. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:March 20, 2020. Duration:2 hours. Description:Film based on real events and starring Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, who try to prepare a plan to help African Americans access real estate businesses and get loans. It is set in Los Angeles in the 1960s.

The swan song

    Category:Drama. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:December 17, 2021. Duration: determined, Description:Set in the not too distant future, this film is an intense emotional journey through Cameron, a family man who is diagnosed with a terminal illness, while his doctor offers him an alternative that would help his family not go through it. pain of his death. While he decides, many things will happen in his life that will help him grow as a person and explore the limits of being human.

The sky is anywhere

    Category:Romantic comedy. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:February 11, 2022. Duration:1 hour and 43 minutes. Description:Apple and studio A24 come together in this feature film set in Northern California, where young Lennie Walker and her musical prodigy try to overcome the pain of the death of her older sister. Joe Fontaine, a handsome new high school classmate, walks into her life. However, the former boyfriend of her sister, Toby, will try to get in the middle of that relationship.


Will Smith

    Category:Drama. Recommended age: to confirm. Premiere: to confirm. . Duration: to confirm. Description:Feature film acquired by Apple in 2020 for a record figure. Among its protagonists is the acclaimed actor Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua. The story revolves around a true case of an escaped slave who had to survive for years in a society that still allowed events like these to be the order of the day.


    Category:Science fiction. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:November 5, 2021. Duration:1 hour and 55 minutes. Description:Starring Tom Hanks, this movie is set in the future with a human, a robot man and a dog as the three main characters in a world that was devastated by a solar cataclysm. They venture on an exciting mission in which they must find a new companion for the dog when the human can no longer be with him.


    Category:War cinema. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:July 10, 2020. Duration:1 hour and 31 minutes. Description:Film written and starring Tom Hanks, whose premiere is still unknown because it was a film bought from Sony after its theatrical release was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is set in World War II and based on the book Good Shepherd by Cecil Scott Forester. Hanks' character is Captain Krause, who leads a convoy of 37 ships on one of the most important and dangerous missions across the Atlantic.


    Category:Drama. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:December 6, 2019. Duration:1 hour and 33 minutes. Description:Film that revolves around the 17-year-old girl Hala, a character who gives the production its name. This young woman will try to live in harmony in a culture somewhat different from the western one, in which desire must be balanced with religion, culture and family obligations. However, a secret will put Hala's emotional stability in check and will cause her family's well-being to falter.

Killers of the Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon apple tv+

    Category:Suspense. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:2022. Duration: data to know. Description:Film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone. An adaptation of the homonymous book in which the birth of the FBI is followed based on a series of murders committed in 1910 after large oil deposits were discovered under the land of some inhabitants of Osage County in Oklahoma.


    Category:Tragedy. Recommended age:+16. Premiere:January 14, 2022. Duration:1 hour and 45 minutes. Description:Film adaptation of the world famous work of Shakespeare. As in this one, the story revolves around Macbeth, the Duke of Scotland called to be King and who, due to his radical desire for power, ends up killing the current monarch to take the crown.

On the rocks

    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:October 23, 2020. Duration:1 hour and 36 minutes. Description:Film that revolves around Laura, a writer based in Manhattan who asks for help from Felix, a playboy father with whom she has a strange relationship. This will be the one who will help the young writer to follow her husband when she suspects that she is having an affair. Beyond the plot of the series, she will be enjoyed by an incredible scenery in which to go through the most iconic and lesser known corners of the great city of New York.


    Category:Drama. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:January 29, 2021. Duration:1 hour and 50 minutes. Description:Eddie Palmer, played by Justin Timberlake, goes from being a high school football star to a convicted felon who returns home to Louisiana after 12 years in prison. Despite having been rehabilitated, he has to deal with the bad looks of those who one day saw him as a hero, to the point of being criticized after the disappearance of a neighbor. However, hope is making its way little by little in his life.

fight before christmas

    Category:Comedy. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:November 26, 2021. Duration:1 hour and 31 minutes. Description:The story of a northern Idaho neighborhood is turned upside down by one man's obsession with trying to get everyone to bring Christmas cheer through a huge community event, the largest in the country. However, they run into trouble when it is reported that this event breaks the neighborhood rules and that is when a big fight breaks out.

Cha Cha Real Smooth

    Category:Drama. Recommended age:determined. Premiere:June 17, 2022. Duration: determined . Description:a recent college graduate moving back in with his family and working as an entertainer at bat mitzvahs, who strikes up a unique friendship with a young mother, played by Dakota Johnson, and her teenage daughter

Apple TV+ shows and documentaries

9/11: how it was lived in the White House

    Category:Documentary film. Recommended age:+12.
  • Premiere: September 1, 2021.
  • Duration:1 hour and 30 minutes. Description:When almost two decades have passed since the fateful September 11, 2011, this documentary offers a new vision of how the tragic attacks in the United States were experienced from the outskirts of the presidency that was headed by George W. Bush.

1971: The year music changed everything

1971 The Year Music Changed - Apple TV+

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age:All public. First season:May 21, 2021.
  • Broadcast episodes: 8.
  • Average duration per episode:45 minutes. Description:The title does not deceive and it is that it is fully focused on that year of the beginning of the 70s and on showing the influence that all those music icons of those times had, how their careers evolved and what it meant for the society everything that happened from that moment. It features archive footage and never-before-seen footage, as well as interviews with industry stars.

Becoming You

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age:All public. First season:June 13, 2020 (already completed).
  • Broadcast episodes: 6.
  • Duration:39 minutes. Description:In this docuseries narrated by Olivia Colman we can put ourselves in the perspective of more than 100 children from all over the world, in such a way that we can understand the way in which we learn to think, speak, move and love from the time we are born until we have 5 years.

Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry

    Category:Documentary film. Recommended age:All public.
  • Premiere: February 26, 2021.
  • Duration:2 hours and 21 minutes. Description:Biographical documentary that reviews the true story of the well-known singer and songwriter from the time she came of age to becoming a world star. It is directed by the award-winning R.J Cutler, offering an interesting intimate look at the life of this artist who, at just 17 years old, changed her life completely.

Boys State

    Category:Documentary film Recommended age:+12. Premiere:August 14, 2020. Duration:1 hour and 40 minutes. Description:Documentary that reflects a story lived in a Texas camp in which a group of teenagers meet with the aim of creating a new model of government. This documentary has also managed to receive the Sundance Grand Jury Prize thanks to its great vision of the foundations of democracy.

Brush Springsteen: Letter To You

    Category:Documentary film Recommended age:+7 . Premiere:October 23, 2020. Duration:1 hour and 31 minutes. Description:Documentary focused on Bruce Springsteen. It serves as a tribute to the mythical E Street Band and during this documentary we will be able to witness unreleased material from this band's last tour, as well as The Boss's reflections on his life, love and music.

letter to…

    Category:Documentary film Recommended age:+12. First season:June 5, 2020 (already completed). Second season:March 4, 2022 (already completed).
  • Broadcast episodes: 19.
  • Average duration per episode:25-30 minutes. Description:Under the premise that there are stories that leave their mark, this documentary portrays 10 different stories in which it has 10 iconic characters who will narrate their own story, which will surprise many. It is made by award-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler.

Avant-garde Houses

    Category:Households. Recommended age:+7. First season:April 17, 2020. Broadcast episodes:9. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. Description:If you've always had a dream to create an amazing innovative home but never been brave, Apple will give you long teeth. With these documentaries we will enter different homes to observe what each person is capable of doing, surely being very surprised.

The year the world changed

    Category:Nature. Recommended age:+7. Premiere:April 16, 2021. Average duration per episode:48 minutes. Description:Documentary in which we can explore other effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the impact it had on the planet when millions of people left the streets to stay at home. Penguins traveling through lonely cities, seas where ships no longer crossed, forests without tourists... A different vision of a time that is already part of our history.

The Art of Sound with Mark Ronson

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:July 30, 2021.
  • Broadcast episodes: 6.
  • Duration:35 minutes. Description:Docuseries focused on telling in each episode new stories never told about musical creation, with all the difficulties involved for producers and sound engineers to achieve a perfect mix. All this from the hand of a Mark Ronson who will explore that terrain between music, art and technology with icons of the sector such as Paul McCartney, King Princess, Questlove, Dave Grohl, Adrock, Mike D (Beastie Boys) or Charli XCX among others.

Oprah's book club

    Category:Talk Show. Recommended age:+12. First season:November 15, 2019. Broadcast episodes:Four. Average duration per episode:50-60 minutes. Description:Program presented by the charismatic Oprah Winfrey, in which there are episodes dedicated to books that Winfrey herself chooses. In these episodes, a review of the plot of each book is made at the same time as different characters who are directly related to the subject matter are interviewed. In this way, it fulfills the title of the program, also becoming the reading club of Apple and its followers.

The code of excellence

    Category:Sports documentaries. Recommended age:+7. First season:July 10, 2020. Broadcast episodes:7. Average duration per episode:5 minutes. Description:Small documentaries dedicated to knowing the lesser-known history of great sports stars. Lebron James, Alex Morgan, Usain Bolt, Tom Brady, Shaun White, Katie Ledecky and Kelli Slater participate.

Lincoln's dilemma

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:February 18, 2022. Duration:55 minutes. Description:Documentary divided into four parts and in which the legacy left by the mythical US president Abraham Lincoln is analyzed. All this with a more modern vision from the 21st century, analyzing the figure of him and those events that made him take a firm position on slavery.

The World by Motorcycle: Heading North (Long Way Up)

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age:+7. Premiere:September 18, 2020 Average duration per episode:45 minutes. Issued chapters:eleven. Description:This documentary is considered the second part of Long Wat Down, in which Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman toured several European and African countries on their motorcycle journey from Scotland to South Africa. In this we will be able to follow the journey that the same protagonists made in 2019, when they left the Argentine Patagonia and toured several countries in South America to finish their trip in California (United States).

The problem with Jon Stewart

the problem with jon stewart apple tv+

    Category:Current program. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:October 14, 2021.
  • Broadcast episodes: one.
  • Duration:40 minutes. Description:The popular off-road artist (actor, writer, producer, director...) Jon Stewart presents this program in which he tries to bring together the testimonies of different people affected by some kind of conflict to discuss solutions to common problems.

Fathom: Unlocking the Deep

    Category:Documentary film. Recommended age:+7. Premiere:June 25, 2021. Duration:1 hour and 26 minutes. Description:Documentary film in which the life of little-known humpback whales is discovered from a scientific point of view. All this closely following his study at the hands of doctors Ellen Garland and Michelle Fournet, two of the best in this field. All accompanied by truly amazing images under the direction and photography of Drew Xanthopoulos, known from other works such as The Sensitives.

Fireball: Visitors from Dark Worlds

    Category:Documentary film. Recommended age:+7. Premiere:November 13, 2020. Duration:1 hour and 37 minutes. Description:Documentary in which the impact that meteorites have had on the Earth's landscape throughout history is analyzed and shown. It also allows discovering new things about the compounds of these elements and the importance of receiving them after their long journeys through the galaxy.

The story of the Beasty Boys

    Category:Biographical documentary. Recommended age:+16. Premiere:April 24, 2020 Duration: Determined. Description:This is a documentary based on the mythical group Beastie Boys, in which we will be able to learn the inside story of how this well-known hip-hop group was formed and grew. Hosted by Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz, former band members. The friendship between the members of the group will also be very important.

The Magic Continues with Mariah Carey

    Category:Christmas special. Recommended age:All public. Premiere:December 4, 2021. Duration: determined. Description:The second Christmas special on Apple TV+ with the Christmas queen will serve as the world premiere of a new holiday hit from Carey alongside Khalid and Kirk Franklin.

what you don't see about me

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age:+7 . Premiere:May 21, 2021. Issued chapters:Four. Average length per episode:45 minutes. Description:Hosted by the catismatic Oprah Winfrey and the popular Prince Harry of England, this documentary series explores mental health and what emotional well-being means with the participation of all kinds of stars as examples of self-improvement, such as Lady Gaga, Lagston Galloway or Virginia Ginny Fuchs.

Micromundos (Tiny World)

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age:+7. First season:October 2, 2020. Second season:April 16, 2021. Issued chapters:12. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. Description:Paul Rudd narrates this documentary series in which those considered to be little heroes of nature are shown, among which their extraordinary adventures to survive stand out. In each episode we can find an amazing image quality that plunges us fully into the story of each creature.

Oprah talks about COVID-19

oprah talks about covid-19

    Category:Talk Show. Recommended age:+7. First season:March 21, 2020.
  • Episodes: several episodes per week.
  • Average duration per episode:20 minutes. Description:Program that Oprah Winfrey herself carries out from her home in full quarantine by the coronavirus COVID-19. The American presenter takes advantage of each episode to talk about all the issues related to the pandemic, occasionally with an illustrious guest.

Night Planet - Full Color

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age:+7. First season:December 4, 2020. Second season:April 16, 2021. Broadcast episodes:12. Average duration per episode:30 minutes. Description:Spectacular documentary series in which it is shown that when night falls, the animal world does not rest. In full color you can enjoy the experience of knowing the behavior of the creatures when the sun goes down. All this with the narration of Tom Hiddleston.

queen of elephants

    Category:Animals and nature. Recommended age:+7. Premiere:November 1, 2019. Duration:1 hour and 36 minutes. Description:Documentary that revolves around a charismatic elephant named Athena, who leads an adorable family. The animal knows that her fate and that of her family is in danger due to the drought, and in the documentary we witness her journeys to be able to feed her children and find a better place to live.


    Category:Documentary film. Recommended age:+7. Premiere:June 21, 2020. Duration:1 hour and 20 minutes. Description:Documentary with a certain humorous tone in which the joys and challenges of being a hot father today are recounted. Specifically, we can see the story of six parents from different parts of the world offering their particular vision through intense interviews in which they emotionally undress.

The Line

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age:+16. Premiere:November 19, 2021. Average duration per episode:50-60 minutes. Broadcast episodes:Four. Description:A docuseries divided into four parts that tries to investigate what happened in 2018 when the United States Navy SEAL platoon accused their chief of war crimes. It has exclusive testimonies from journalists and those involved in the matter.

The Reluctant Traveller

eugene levy

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age: determined . Premiere: determined. Average duration per episode: determined. Description:From the hand of the winner of an Emmy Award, Eugene Levy, this program will visit the most famous hotels in the world in order to get to know first-hand both the people and cultures of these places.

The Velvet Underground

    Category:Documentary film. Recommended age:+12. Premiere:October 15, 2021. Duration:2 hours and 1 minute. Description:With the mythical American band as its epicenter, this film-tinged documentary takes a tour of key figures of the time with previously unseen footage including recordings by Andy Warhol. An immersive journey to learn about the ethics of John Cale's band, who himself describes how to be elegant and brutal at the same time.

They call me Magic

they call me magic apple tv+

    Category:Documentary series. Recommended age: determined. Premiere:April 22, 2022 (not released yet). Duration: determined. Description:Four-part docuseries looking at the life of Earvin Johnson, better known as Magic Johnson. The former NBA star has had a life like a movie and in the four episodes of this series we will be able to witness how he became what he was, counting on unpublished images and testimonies told by his protagonist.

A magical Christmas with Mariah Carey

    Category:Christmas special. Recommended age:All public. Premiere:December 4, 2020. Duration:43 minutes. Description:Special Christmas program in which the classical music of this time will be very present, with Mariah Carey at the head and other great artists such as Ariana Grande, Tiffany Haddish, Snoop Dog, Billy Eichner, Jennifer Hudson, Misty Copeland, Mykal- Michelle Harris and Jermaine Dupri.

LGTBI visibility on television

    Category:LGBTI documentary. Recommended age:+12. First season:April 17, 2020. Broadcast episodes:5. Average duration per episode:1 hour and 10 minutes. Description:Documentary based on the American LGTBI movement. It narrates different stories and struggles of specific people and their appearances on television, with the way in which they made this group visible. The documentary combines archive images with current interviews in which homophobia and its evolution are analyzed.

Who is Carlitos?

who is carlitos apple tv+

    Category:Documentary film. Recommended age: +7.
  • Premiere: June 25, 2021.
  • Duration:54 minutes. Description:Documentary that serves as a tribute to Charles Schulz, also known as Sparky and who is the creator of Snoopy, Carlitos and the Peanuts. It traces the popularity of the comic strip since its premiere decades ago and the influence it has had on successive generations of viewers who have seen it.

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