What it costs to change the battery to any MacBook — 2022

Having battery problems on a MacBook is not pleasant for anyone. After all, one of the great advantages of having a laptop is the fact that you can take it anywhere without having to be connected to the power at all times. Even if you use the Mac in the same place, it will be a problem in the long run considering that there could come a point where the computer does not work if it is not with the charger on. The best solution is to change the battery and in this post we will tell you how much it costs to change the battery in a MacBook at Apple.

Verify that it is a problem

The fact that the battery lasts less and less is a very clear indication that something is wrong with it. However, it is not ruled out that it is the software that causes problems. Generally, each macOS update incorporates performance improvements, but perhaps a bug can sneak in that is causing battery problems on your MacBook. Even this problem may not derive from the update itself, but from some file that is corrupting your computer and spending more battery than usual. These types of errors do not occur every day, but they can be considered common in the daily use of a device of this type. However, if this is the problem, as you will see below, the solution is really simple.

In any case and in order to verify if the battery is already worn out or not, it is opportune check the number of charge cycles that accumulates your MacBook. In the most recent ones it is considered that with more than 1,000 cycles it has already exceeded the level of deterioration, so in that case it would be due to a physical problem with the battery. You can consult this data by accessing System information and going to Feeding . If, in addition, the computer had already detected a problem, a message indicating it would appear here. In addition, just below the charge cycles you can also check the condition of the battery. In this way, if despite the fact that the charging cycles have not reached their limit, but it is in a bad state, the warning will appear right in this section, and thus you will be able to know if you need to change the battery of your Apple computer .

number of mac cycles

Solution if it is a software problem

If after having made the appropriate checks you have observed that it is below 1,000 charge cycles and that, in addition, the condition of the battery is optimal, it is very likely that it is finally a software problem that is causing you problems. To do this, we recommend you attend to the following two situations:

    Update the MacBook:you should check that your Mac has the latest version of the software. This is done from System Preferences > Software Update. If you do not have this option available, it is likely that your device has an old version and the way to proceed to update it is from the Updates tab of the App Store. If there is a version available, proceed to download and install it, for which you will need to have an Internet connection and it is recommended to have the computer connected to the power through the charger. Sometimes the different versions of macOS and, in general, of any operating system can cause the battery of the equipment to decrease because they have not really been well optimized, so it is very important that you always update to the latest version available, even more so in cases like this in which the operation of your computer is not what it should. Restore the operating system:If there is no update or it has not corrected the problem, it is recommended that you format the Mac. To do this, you will have to erase the operating system and reinstall it again. It is also advisable that you do not upload any backup to avoid the possible failure to be uploaded again, so you will have to save your important documents and files on an external drive or in a cloud storage service. To proceed to restore it, you must turn off the Mac and when you turn it on again, hold down the Command + R keys until the relevant menu appears on the screen. This practice is something that we recommend doing from time to time since the benefits it brings to the computer are multiple, in fact, it is one of the tips that we always give to those users who want to extend the useful life of their computer and always keep it in good condition. .

Replacing MacBook batteries

Once you've made sure that your MacBook is giving you battery problems and it's not software, it's time to turn to technical support. In the following sections we review the highlights of this process, which we could classify as frequently asked questions, although we recommend that you pay attention to be able to choose the one that best suits your needs, and above all, to know the possible solutions in case of that at some point after reading this post, a problem occurs and you have the need to change the battery of your MacBook suddenly and urgently.

Repair prices at Apple

As you probably already know, Apple divides its laptops into several ranges, even having different versions within these derived from sizes. And this is because, among other things, the repair prices for them are not always the same. Will be free if you have AppleCare+ or if it is detected that it is a factory defect unrelated to a possible natural deterioration of the battery.

In any other case, we find that Apple's fees must be paid in full, which we explain below:

MacBook (12-inch)

  • 12-inch MacBook Pro: 209 euros.

MacBook Air

  • 11-inch MacBook Air: 139 euros.
  • 13-inch MacBook Air: 139 euros.

MacBook Pro

  • 13-inch MacBook Pro (Retina): 209 euros.
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro (older models): 139 euros.
  • 15-inch MacBook Pro (Retina): 209 euros.
  • 15-inch MacBook Pro (older models): 139 euros.
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro: 209 euros.

older macbooks

If your equipment does not appear in any of the above lists, they are classified as obsolete products by Apple, which does not mean that they cannot work correctly, but rather that they do not officially support repairs with the company. What they offer in these cases are recycling options. In any of these cases, we recommend going to a SAT (Authorized Technical Service) of the brand or some other store that guarantees quality parts, so that you can get a repair for your computer.

How to order battery replacement

It must be said that once you go to Apple, they will not normally proceed to replace the battery without further ado, since they will previously review the exact origin of the problem to verify it. In any case, you must request an appointment with the technical service, for which you can go to the apple website and access the 'Support' tab. You can also from Apple Support app if you have an iPhone or iPad. Even if you want you can make an appointment by phone (900 150 503 is free from Spain).

It should be noted that you can also request that the MacBook be picked up at your home and, once repaired, they will send it back to you. This is an option that you can find when requesting the appointment and it is done through a messaging service that Apple itself chooses and makes available to you. Of course, this procedure could be slower in the end due to transport. Our recommendation is that, whatever you do, you manage it through the Apple Support app, since there you will have all the facilities you need to be able to repair the battery of your Apple computer without any problem.

Can you go to other stores?

Yes. And in fact there are many establishments, authorized or not by Apple, that will be able to change the battery of your MacBook. Sometimes even these repairs can be cheaper but we must warn you that It is not always original or quality parts when it comes to an unauthorized service. In any case, the recommendation we make is that you contact one of these services to request more information about the price and origin of the battery.

bateria macbook

If you go to an authorized Apple technical support, known as SAT for its acronym in English, you will find experts who can carry out a more exhaustive diagnosis of what is happening to your MacBook and repair it with original parts. In fact, the same guarantee applies to these as in Apple, so for practical purposes it would be like going to a Store.

If the accessories are the ones with problems

It's worth noting that if you're experiencing battery issues with any of the accessories you've purchased for use with your MacBook, Apple offers support for these as well. It will be free if they are associated with AppleCare+ or have a factory defect, just like the MacBook's own battery as we mentioned before. But if you do not comply with this, the rates are as follows:

    Magic Keyboard: 35 euros. Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad:35 euros. Magic Mouse 2:35 euros. Magic Trackpad 2:35 euros.

If you have any older accessories, like computers themselves, Apple will not support you. Therefore, in those cases, it is recommended that you buy a new one, given the complexity of getting a compatible battery for them in some cases.