What is the best mobile of 2021? Consumers choose an iPhone — 2022

Consumers have already chosen what for them is the best phone of 2021 and although it is true that the year has only started three months ago and there are many models to be launched, at the moment there is a clear favorite. The iPhone 12 Pro Max triumphs in the new Consumer Reports ranking, although it is not the only outstanding phone that we have seen on the list.

What's so special about this iPhone?

In addition to being the best smartphone released by Apple to date, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has several highlights that make it the favorite of many. It's not that the onemore battery has in the high range, but if the one with a greater autonomy thanks to the good management of its processor in conjunction with the software. Precisely iOS 14 and its good general performance also make it a reason to buy, as is its triple rear camera with LiDAR sensor included and that makes it one of the best in photography and the most suitable for video recording.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

It also has one of the best OLED screens on the market and that not in vain has served to be previously cataloged as the device with the best panel, despite the absence of some outstanding functions in other competitors such as the 120 Hz refresh rate. And all this set despite also the 1,259 euros that this device costs as a base, 100 euros more than its little brother 'Pro'.

Other featured Apple phones

Although the iPhone is categorically cataloged as the best phone in general, there are other outstanding sections such as the OnePlus Nord N100 as the one with the best battery or the Nord N10 5G as the cheapest also from the Chinese brand. As far as Apple is concerned we found that the iPhone 12 Y iPhone 11 They are also featured in categories of best smartphones in value for money. Not surprisingly, the iPhone 11 has been the best-selling phone of 2020 worldwide and it looks like in 2021 it will continue to reap very good sales figures.

iPhone 11

Apple's strategy of launching new generations of iPhones at different prices and also keeping some old ones on sale is going well for the company. Consumers today can have access to different iPhones that, despite their differences, offer very positive overall performance with the latest versions of iOS. We remember that today these are the devices for sale by Californians with differences of 100 euros between them:

    iPhone SE (2nd generation):from 489 euros iPhone XR:from 589 euros iPhone 11:from 689 euros iPhone 12 mini:from 809 euros iPhone 12:from 909 euros iPhone 12 Pro:from 1,159 euros iPhone 12 Pro Max:from 1,259 euros

Obviously there are other phones on the market from brands like Samsung that have traditionally taken the podium of these rankings and although the Galaxy S21 have been overshadowed by devices like OnePlus, the truth is that they are still great references for consumers who prefer Android over to iOS.