What is known about the iPad 2021 besides that it will be the cheapest? — 2022

Although we still have fresh8th generation iPadApple could launch its entry-level tablet range earlier this year. Although the novelties that it will have will not be as remarkable as those of the 'Pro' range, the truth is that it would incorporate interesting improvements that would make it more appetizing. We review what those characteristics would be.

It will be a reissue of the iPad Air 3

The iPad Air now walk in another direction thanks to the improvements seen in its latest generation, comparing itself more with the iPad Pro than with the entry-level one. However, its third generation did not have so many changes and it could now be the mirror on which the iPad 2021 would look. At least that is what various analysts have indicated in recent months.

The iPad 2021 would therefore have a 10.5 inch screen which would leave behind the 10.3 of the 2020 model. It would bring with it an improved touch panel that also incorporated the aforementioned iPad Air model in its day. would still have Smart Connector for accessories like the Magic Keyboard and, of course, with the First generation Apple Pencil.

iPad Air 2019

The most interesting would come inside, since from the A12 chip of the iPad 2020 we would go to a A13 Bionic in this year's model, thus counting on the powerful chip that the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro already released in 2019. This processor, despite not being the most advanced yet, gives very good numbers at the performance level, also allowing that the iPad can add more years of support via software, although, obviously, it is far from being able to allow its users to usevideo editing apps on iPad, for example, since they are tasks that consume many more resources.

is about to see the Storage capacity which Apple chooses. It is ruled out that the 128 GB is the base, something that only happens in the 'Pro', but it is not expected that the 32 GB that it had until now will continue to be the origin. Going back to look at the iPad Air 2019, it came with 64 and 256 GB versions, so they would not be bad capacities for this ninth-generation iPad.

Will it hit the market next month?

Precisely the most surprising thing about this iPad is that it will be launched earlier than expected. Analysts close to Apple's supply chain place it at March or April And while it is true that they are not strange months for this tablet either, it is strange that it arrives only 6 months after the previous generation that it will replace in the catalog. Probably the fact that this eighth version has had so few new features could be one more incentive for the ninth to go ahead. So, there are many ballots that next month we could officially talk about this iPad.

It would continue at the same price as before

There is no official information about the price that this new tablet from the company will have, but if Apple has achieved something with this iPad, it is to be able to offer a very complete device at a competitive price. Although it is going to have interesting improvements, these have not meant a higher R&D cost in the end, so the €379 of which the iPad 2020 is currently part could continue to be the starting price for this year.