What is known about Servant and its long-awaited second season — 2022

At the end of November of last year, Apple TV + welcomed Servant, a chilling series that swept critics from experts and users. After its first 10 episodes, the series temporarily closed while waiting for a second season of which some things are already known.

Attention: the next part of the article could contain spoilers for the first season of the series. If you have not seen it, we recommend you not to continue reading.

Servant will have at least 60 episodes

With its first ten episodes already broadcast and a second part confirmed months ago, theservant seriesit could even have many more episodes planned than we will see soon. At least that is how the producer of M. Night Shyamalan revealed it when in a series of conversations with the American press he affirmed that his plans revolved around 60 chapters.

In view of what has already been seen, we would have more than two thirds of the complete series left to see, something that the most staunch fans will appreciate. Assuming that each episode is approximately 30 minutes long, the series could end with up to 1,800 minutes of entertainment. Or what is the same: 30 hours in which we delve deeply into the intriguing story of the Turner family and the suspicious nanny Leanne.

Data of the second season of Servant

On January 17, the tenth and final chapter of the first season of the series premiered. With a duration of 32 minutes, Globo was a chilling episode that left us with more doubts than certainties. Where does Leane really come from, her uncle and the rest of the characters that appear on the street? Are they really dead? What relationship do they have with the Turners beyond that old Dorothy interview?

These and other answers will begin to be answered in the second season of Servant scheduled for end of this year . Of course, we should not expect a brilliant advance of the stories, since it is known that the thriller will continue to maintain that relaxed tone in its development, so intriguing but necessary to hook us and startle us from our sofas when we are watching it.

The plot is the best kept secret of the production, although as certainties we have the fact that continue to have the same characters and settings . In this way we would continue to enjoy the performance of Toby Kebbell, Lauren Ambrose, Nell Tiger Free, Rupert Grint and Tony Revolori, in addition to the sporadic actors who participated, some of them repeating after their participation in the first part.

Nor is there a jump in the timeline that places us in a distant future from the date on which the events of the first season took place. However, we will continue spinning stories and solving doubts thanks to the flashbacks that will take place in the new chapters.

Will the coronavirus affect the steno?

The current situation that the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving is affecting all levels of society. Film productions or platforms such as Apple TV + are also suffering the consequences. The second season of The Morning Show was already paralyzed weeks ago because of it in the middle of filming.

servant 1x04

Not much is known about Servant and not even reliable information about the planned filming dates has emerged. Therefore, we cannot confirm that it will develop normally, but it is also not possible to guarantee that they will be able to meet the premiere plans for this year. In any case, we will continue to be attentive to any information that may arise regarding this matter.

On the topic of trailers and promotional content From the second part we can be sure that we will not see anything until at least the summer is over. Apple's business strategy in this regard has remained intact during its few months of life, so it does not seem that it will change now. Taking into account that the promotional videos arrive when there are at least 1 or 2 months to go before the premiere, September could be a key date to look out the Turner window and begin to imagine what will happen during its second part.

And you, have you already seen Servant? What expectations do you have for the second season? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.