What if Apple launches a new Podcast service? New rumors appear — 2022

2020 was undoubtedly a year very focused on services within Apple with the arrival of Fitness + or Apple News +. And it seems that this year is not going to be left behind since the Cupertino company is studying to include a new range of services. We tell you all the details below.

Services are gaining prominence

Apple's strategy is currently to increase its income in the field of services. This is something very smart since a company cannot afford to depend on a single product such as the iPhone in this particular case. That is why Cupertino began last year to strengthen the services category and for now it is working as the quarterly economic results that have been presented point out.

As the report published by Loup Ventures has pointed out, Apple is studying new subscriptions that would be related to existing applications today. The most interesting thing that has been mentioned in this report is Podcast +, a service that would offer a series of exclusive programs produced by Apple. This is something that was already rumored several months ago with the hiring by the company of several people related to this sector at a professional level. This will make the native application fully reinforced, although it remains to be seen how the service develops. At first, it would be expected that this service would be included withinApple Onenext to Apple Arcade or Apple Arcade among others.

Apple One Premier

Together with Podcast+, Stocks+ could also be presented, which would basically be a financial investment service. Through this, money could be invested in different programs such as stocks, always having brokerage information, insurance, presentation of relevant information such as market prices.

As remarkable, the report also points to a service closely related to personal productivity. The received name would be ‘Mail+’ that could create a much more advanced email inbox, although there is undoubtedly a great challenge ahead here. They will have to overcome other applications that are totally free, something that will be really difficult to do.

Undoubtedly, there are many services that can be considered today that help all users in their most daily tasks. The most logical of all is that the vast majority can be included in the Apple One package. It should be borne in mind that if many subscriptions are added independently, the cost will increase in a very dangerous way. Users may not be willing to pay for so many services, but if they end up concentrating on a single plan, the result could be very good.

At the moment this is a simple report, although the information it provides can be contrasted with reports from the past, especially with regard to Podcast+. It will be at WWDC 2021 when they finish deciding how many new services will see the light.