What do we know about the iPad Air 2022? These would be your news — 2022

According to the latest leaks, the iPad Air could be presented next March . In fact, some analysts like Mark Gurman bet on Tuesday the 8th as a possible date on which Apple will hold an event for this and other devices. Now, regardless of the dates, there are other highlights about this tablet in relation to its features. And, in the absence of knowing it officially, many of them have already leaked.

OLED or IPS screen? the great unknown

The current iPad Air, the fourth generation released in 2020, has a 10.9-inch IPS-LCD panel. In fact, it is a very similar screen to the 11-inch 'Pro' model, with the exception of having somewhat thicker edges that make it lose that 0.1 inch. It is also absent from 120 Hz refresh rate. But despite everything, it is a good screen and it seemed that this year it would repeat the same scheme.

However, the sources closest to the Apple supply chain point out that LG Display could already have OLED panels ready for this device, this being one of the greatdifferences between iPad Air 4 and iPad Air 5. Initially it was estimated that it would be in 2023 or 2024 when it was ready, but that information may have been wrong and it did arrive on time or, on the contrary, the false information may be the time. Be that as it may, we leave this section unknown, assuming only that it will be 10.9 inches regardless of whether it is OLEC or IPS.

ipad air 2020

Processor, connectivity and expected price

There is a little more clarity regarding the hardware of this device, which would mount identical components to the iPad mini 5. All of them headed by a powerful chip A15 Bionic that we already know very well from the aforementioned 'mini' tablet and the iPhone 13, giving it all the power necessary to be able to perform demanding tasks such as,use video editing apps on iPad. To this would be added a modem 5G for the LTE versions, something that we did not see in the 2020 model despite the fact that Apple already had its first 5G iPhones in the rear.

It is expected that it will continue to incorporate the same possibilities in terms of compatibility with accessories such as the Apple Pencil 2 The official keyboards such as the Smart Keyboard or the Magic Keyboard. It is also expected that, as is already the case in 2020, it will be available in Various colors . Of course, it is not known if they will be the same or there will be news.

ipad air con magic keyboard

In the camera Not too many news are expected. Or at least in the main one, since in the front lens it is expected to match what the most recent Apple tablets offer, adding an ultra wide angle and with it the Centered Framing that allows the camera to follow the subject during video calls.

Regarding what will have to be paid for it, say that is likely to keep the same price starting price of 649 euros. Already the fourth generation was an increase compared to the third and there seems to be no reason for Apple to decide to raise it again in this fifth. However, it could depend on the screen you mount, since the costs of OLED panels are higher than IPS.

Be that as it may, it seems that the arrival of this iPad Air 2022 is imminent . Therefore, we are just a few weeks away from knowing it officially and being able to confirm if these commented characteristics end up being given, something that seems likely. It will also help us to clear up the mystery of the screen and the price, in addition to finding other possible surprises that it could add.