What are the best wireless headphones for iPhone? — 2022

Today it is rare to talk about headphones and not think about wireless ones, since there are many advantages that these devices offer over wired ones. Perhaps recharging them is their main disadvantage, but if they have good autonomy and sound quality, they can be supported without a problem. Being able to listen to music, podcast or watch series and movies with them from the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or any other device with Bluetooth is wonderful. In this article we bring you the most recommended.

Apple brand headphones

Before we start talking about headphones from other brands, we obviously have to talk to you about the AirPods, in all their models and variants, because they are, without a doubt, one of the best purchases you can make to improve the user experience that it already provides. if only the iPhone. The synchronization of these headphones with the devices of the Cupertino company is unrivaled, and it really makes a difference because it makes using them very comfortable on a daily basis and at any time. Also, regardless of the model you choose, the sound quality they offer is very good, although it will obviously vary.

AirPods 2, the cheapest of the company

AirPods 2

These headphones feature the classic Apple headphone design, but without the wires. Although there is a 'Pro' range that we will talk about later, these are still highly recommended because they are cheaper and also have interesting discounts in stores like Amazon. There are two versions, one with a case that can be recharged wirelessly and another whose case is only charged by cable; otherwise they are identical versions. Good quality, excellent connectivity with Apple devices and autonomy of up to 4 hours uninterrupted are the main assets of these headphones.

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AirPods 3

AirPods PRO

The range of Apple AirPods is becoming more enriched every day with new additions to this brand that seems to have been created. AirPods are already a synonymous with quality, comfort and, above all, being headphones that magically enter your life and then you can't get them out of it. However, until the arrival of these AirPods 3, all users who wanted to enjoy the best sound technologies , they had to buy if or if the AirPods Pro or the AirPods Max. However, there is now another pad-less alternative, which is something to note, offering the same sound quality as, at least, the AirPods Pro.

The AirPods 3 are intended for all those users who for reasons of comfort, given the rubber band that the AirPods Pro have, could not use these headphones and, also, for all those who really they don't want to have noise cancellation in their headphones, but if they want to have the latest technology to fully enjoy the music they listen to. They have a design practically traced to that of the AirPods Pro , varying in small details. In addition, a point that should be noted is that the autonomy with respect to the Pro has improved, giving the odd hour of music playback. A very important aspect is that these AirPods 3 are fully compatible with the famous and highly acclaimed spatial audio, which really provides an incredible user experience. They also feature adaptive equalization, a custom high-excursion transducer, and a custom high-dynamic-range amplifier. Finally, you have to know that in order to interact with these headphones you will have to, just like in the AirPods Pro, press several times on the end of the pin of the headphones themselves. Without a doubt, these headphones are a fantastic option for any user, although they do not have noise cancellation.

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AirPods Pro, the best cancellation in hearing aids

Powerbeats 4

These are the top-of-the-range headphones in this category of Apple products. They have an in-ear design that tries to better fit the ears, with three pad sizes to help in this process. Its main advantage over normal AirPods is that it has noise cancellation, being one of the best in headphones of this type, being very helpful when trying to listen to music in a noisy environment. Its battery is similar to that of the AirPods 2 and its case is rechargeable both by cable and through a wireless charging base. Officially it is worth almost 280 euros, but it can be found reduced on Amazon.

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AirPods Max, ideal for professionals

Beats Studio 3

The highest quality headphones that Apple has for sale right now are undoubtedly the AirPods Max. They have a headband design and quite ergonomic to be able to adapt to the structure of the head of each of the users with the aim of enjoying one of the best comforts. It has the necessary technology to have very good sound quality, such as a dynamic transducer designed by Apple itself, as well as the necessary hardware to have active noise cancellation that filters external sound. With all their specifications, these are headphones that are indicated for video or music editing professionals who need to hear all the nuances in an audio.

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Powerbeats 4, ideal for athletes

Bose 700

Yes, the Beats brand has also been owned by Apple since 2014 and in its catalog we can find interesting headphones like these Powerbeats. They may not be the ones with the best sound quality, and may be inferior to that of the AirPods, but they are ideal for the public looking for off-road headphones to take anywhere without fear of losing them. They are hooked by a very comfortable rope that does not rub on the neck and is available in various colors.

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Powerbeats Pro, the improved version

If the previous ones do not convince you by sound quality, surely those of the 'Pro' range will, since they considerably improve the normal Powerbeats in terms of sound quality and battery life. Its design is not really very different, but it does not have a rope that connects them. Despite that, they fit very well in the ear and also allow you to play sports comfortably thanks to specifications such as resistance to water and sweat, so if you get caught in a storm you won't be in trouble either.

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Beats Studio3 Wireless, the jewel in the crown

Amazon Logo

These headphones, already in a headband style, provide a sound quality far superior to previous headphones. In this case we find the top of the range of the Beats brand, with noise cancellation that may not be the best on the market, but it has nothing to envy others in terms of utility. Its battery allows it to have a range of up to 22 hours, so it would be possible not to recharge it for weeks. Of course, its compatibility with iOS is the best, but it is just as compatible with other Apple or Android devices.

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Other brands of Bluetooth headsets

We have already told you about Apple's own headphones that will be great for you to be able to listen to your favorite songs, your podcast or whatever you want through them, but obviously these are not the only interesting options that you can find on the market, since that other brands like Sony or Bose, for example, also do a fantastic job with their devices. Here are some of the best options you can find, and although they may not have the advantages of AirPods at the ecosystem level, at the sound level they will also give you a very satisfactory experience.

Sony WH1000XM4, if they are not the best they are very similar


Sony's highest-end headphones are these, which have a tremendously comfortable design despite being headband. Its sound quality is good in all sound ranges, without finding practically any fault with it. Its noise cancellation is indeed the best on the market and only Bose headphones can match it, although both are ultimately tied in this regard. Their price may be high, but they are headphones that last for many years and whose investment pays for itself quickly. They also have one of the most complete apps to adjust everything.

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Bose 700, another king in sound and cancellation

We said before that the Bose 700 were the only worthy rivals of the Sony and it is totally true. Choosing one or the other is ultimately more a matter of taste than anything else. Their design is somewhat more risky, but they look very elegant and have spectacular sound functions. A very clear audio quality in all types of ranges and a noise cancellation mode that will even allow you to isolate yourself in noisy environments such as airplanes. Its price is somewhat cheaper, which could be a determining factor in the choice.

Bose 700 buy it at EUR 278.92

Huawei FreeBuds 3, perfect alternative to AirPods

We return to hearing aids of this type in the compilation to talk about a great alternative to Apple headphones. And yes, they are Huawei brand, but they work perfectly for apple equipment. They have a design that is very reminiscent of AirPods, with a more than good sound quality and that adds noise cancellation, being one of the few headphones with a design that is not in-ear and incorporates functions like this. They have a case that can be recharged on a wireless base and its price is quite competitive, so it can definitely be a good option.

Huawei FreeBuds 3 buy it at EUR 48.98

Sony WF1000XM3, the best in-ear?

Other Sony headphones that stand out for being possibly the best headphones of this type on the market. They are something like the little brothers of the headband ones and that rival the AirPods Pro. They have a very good noise cancellation and their sound quality is greatly improved thanks to their complete application in which to find all kinds of adjustments to suit our taste. Its design is perhaps not the prettiest of those seen here, but in the end it will end up compensating for its excellent features.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, the most peculiar design

These wireless headphones from Samsung are certainly very different from the rest. They have a rather peculiar design that can resemble a simple bean but also has some premium features. It has three microphones that provide the highest quality active noise cancellation headphones. And the sound that is reproduced is not far behind since it has AKG technology like the rest of the options that Samsung has, offering more than adequate bass and treble.

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Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2, with microphones to spare

Wireless headphones that are quite similar in design to the options we've seen from Apple. It has pure sound thanks to the targeted active noise cancellation that is included by choosing the right environment in an intelligent way. PureNote technology allows you to increase bass by 45% and frequency bandwidth by 3o%. The most important thing, without a doubt, is the autonomy it has, which is up to 7 hours of playback on a single charge.

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Which one are we left with?

Whenever we carry out this type of compilations, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we like to tell you which of all the options that we have mentioned previously is, personally, more attractive to us. Obviously this point is much more personal, so we encourage you to decide for yourself, depending on your tastes and needs, which are the most suitable headphones.

If we have to stay with one of the models manufactured by the Cupertino company itself, there is no doubt that the chosen ones are the AirPods Pro , since they are one of the most complete headphones, if not the most, that you can find on the market. It has great sound quality and excellent noise cancellation, in addition, being from Apple itself, synchronization with the entire ecosystem is perfect, not to mention that they are headphones that you can use in all situations. Leaving Apple now, the kings in this sense are the Sony WH1000XM4 , Over Ear headphones that give a truly incredible sound experience and that, in addition, are accompanied by one of the best noise cancellations you can find.