What are the best GPS navigators for iPhone? — 2022

In our daily lives, the iPhone has replaced many other devices or services that we previously used externally and individually with other devices. Today we want to talk to you about iPhone as a GPS navigator, what advantages it has and what applications you can use to make your iPhone guide you as best as possible every time you make a trip or want to go to a specific place.

Use of the iPhone against conventional browsers

As we mentioned, the iPhone has been able to replace many other devices and services that you use on a day-to-day basis, in this way it has also reached the car, carrying out the functions that traditional GPS navigators have traditionally always done, which even have many of them incorporated. cars currently.

However, the iPhone brings a series of advantages that make it stay ahead. First of all, with the iPhone you can try a large number of options to be able to choose the one you like the most, for whatever reason. In addition, by having an internet connection, updates on routes, radars or any incident that may occur on the marked route to follow can be taken into account at the time they occur. Another advantage is updating the browser itself, with the iPhone all you have to do is update the app itself.

For these reasons, we believe that the best option, and also the most economical, is to use the iPhone as a GPS navigator whenever you want to be guided during a trip or to a specific place. For this reason, below you have a compilation of applications that will perfectly fulfill the functions of a traditional GPS navigator.

Do not spend a euro on GPS with these applications

Fortunately, every day the App Store is able to offer users the opportunity to enjoy high-quality applications, some paid and others free. It is precisely the latter that we want to talk to you about next, since you have the possibility of enjoying a fantastic browser on your iPhone without having to spend a single euro. These are the top free browsers on the App Store.



Apple's native option is a very good choice. It has a very visual interface where you can find information related to the entire environment in which you find yourself. You can not only use it to get around by car, but also to walk, ride a bike or take public transport. Of course, and the possibility of using Siri to interact with the application itself.

In addition, you will also find information related to the entire environment in which you move with the possibility of identifying different shops or places of interest. Of course, you can save different locations as favorites so that you can easily and quickly navigate to them without having to relocate them within the application's search engine. Another of the most outstanding points of this application is that at all times you will have real-time information about traffic, incidents on your way or if there are closed roads.

maps maps Descargar QR-Code maps Developer: Apple

Google Maps

Google Maps

Another of the most famous GPS navigators is the Google option, Google Maps. With an interface relatively similar to Apple Maps, Google gives you the option to move around the world as quickly and easily as possible. Includes over 220 mapped countries and territories plus hundreds of millions of businesses and places you can go. You can count on the update of the traffic status and public transport in real time.

It is one of the most used applications by all users because of how complete but at the same time simple it is to use. It has the possibility of establishing different locations as favorites and thus being able to access them more easily and quickly. It also offers information that is updated in real time so that you are aware of all the events that may affect your journey.

Google Maps - routes and food Google Maps - routes and food Descargar QR-Code Google Maps - routes and food Developer: Google LLC



Waze is a GPS navigator with a differentiating point compared to the rest of the options since it offers a social section that gives it a lot of value. with this app the users themselves will be in charge of notifying the rest of what is happening on the different transport routes in real time. It also offers a very visual and attractive interface.

This application is one of the most popular in the App Store because it gives the user all the functions that they may need from a mobile browser. Visually it is very attractive but without this being a distraction while driving. The information it provides, when sent by the different users, is always updated in real time. In addition, depending on the traffic density, it always offers alternative routes so that you reach your destination as quickly as possible.

Waze Navigation and Traffic Waze Navigation and Traffic Descargar QR-Code Waze Navigation and Traffic Developer: Waze Inc.

ViaMichelin: GPS, Radar, Route


Find all the experience and know-how of ViaMichelin in a single, completely free application. It has Michelin maps, routes with real-time traffic, GPS navigation, 3D maps with voice guidance and community alerts, and of course, all the services you'll find along your route. With this app you can p repair your trip and set the places where you want to stop to rest and regain strength.

You can also calculate all the expenses that the trip will take depending on the route you choose, so that there is no toll that catches you by surprise, it even allows you to customize your fuel consumption to calculate as accurately as possible how much you will have to spend in refueling and thus also be able to better calculate the places where you will have to stop. The traffic of each route is updated in real time, and based on this you can choose one alternative or another depending on your needs.

ViaMichelin: GPS, Radar, Route ViaMichelin: GPS, Radar, Route Descargar QR-Code ViaMichelin: GPS, Radar, Route Developer: ViaMichelin



With this app it doesn't matter if you make trips around your city or decide to go abroad since It has maps around the world. In addition, with its simple design, it will be much easier for you not to get lost on your trip. It should be noted that, if you want to add an intermediate point or a stop on any route, you can add it in a simple way. Also, if there are places you visit very often, you can save them to make it easier for you to find them.

If you want to save data, this application allows you to download the maps of the area you want so that when you make the route you can put the airplane mode and not worry about the data your mobile consumes. In addition, now you can use the app to make shared trips with your friends, and organize the route with everyone simultaneously.

HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation Descargar QR-Code HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation Developer: HERE Apps LLC

A leap in quality with these paid browsers

The applications that follow are completely free to download, however they are not completely free since they offer some paid functions inside and you can obviously decide whether to use them. They are extras that will surely add up to a more satisfactory user experience, but everything will depend on your needs since, as we have mentioned, you can also enjoy these applications for free.

Sygic GPS Navigator and Maps


This app will provide you with an exceptional browsing experience with lots of smart navigation features, offline 3D maps and a very easy to use interface. It features several free map updates a year, millions of points of interest, pedestrian GSP navigations with walking directions and tourist attractions.

Having the certainty that the maps used by the application are updated on many occasions can make the difference of arriving a few minutes earlier or later at your destination. With real-time traffic updates you can also avoid those boring traffic jams, since the app itself will suggest an alternative route with which you can avoid them.

Sygic GPS Navigator and Maps Sygic GPS Navigator and Maps Descargar QR-Code Sygic GPS Navigator and Maps Developer: Sygic a.s.

TomTom GO Navigation


One of the most famous navigators, TomTom, is also introduced in the App Store with this TomTom GO Navigation application that offers its users the ability to browse offline Thank you for downloading all the maps. Of course you also enjoy a great online experience where it provides you with real-time traffic and incidents that occur on the route you have decided to follow to your destination. It also has information about radars and those points of interest that are close to you.

By using the offline navigation function, you give up being able to know the situation of the road in real time, however, it is really useful for all those sections where coverage is poor or, in some, even non-existent, to be able to continue enjoying and counting on the help of this browser. Also, great news for all users who have CarPlay is that this browser is fully compatible.

TomTom GO Navigation GPS Maps TomTom GO Navigation GPS Maps Descargar QR-Code TomTom GO Navigation GPS Maps Developer: TomTom

Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation


Wikiloc is about a different gps navigation app , since it is designed for hiking, running, cycling, MTB, Kayaking, Skiing and up to 75 different types of activities that need to have a good GPS to be able to carry out said activity in complete safety. With this app you can record your own routes on a map, enjoy offline topographic maps from all over the world and thus be able to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without fear of getting lost.

It is perfect for being able to discover new routes to get lost in while you go for a run or ride a bike, in the same way that it is understood as an ideal way to discover the surroundings of a city in which you have never been. In addition, as it is an app designed for sports in which you will enter the vegetation and go through little traveled paths, you will be able to send your location in real time to other family members, friends or users, to have that peace of mind that if something happens They will be able to locate you easily.

Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation Descargar QR-Code Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation Developer: Wikiloc Outdoor SL

Coyote: Radar, GPS & Traffic


Coyote is a collaborative app that guides you thanks to its navigation system and will alert you to all kinds of incidents on the road. Plus you offers a legal radar control service authorized by the DGT that accompanies millions of drivers on the roads of the whole of Europe. Its community is made up of expert drivers who will allow you to anticipate all the dangers on the road to help you drive safer.

With this application you will always be aware of all the traffic jams that may be on the road and mainly on the route you are on or are going to take. It shows you all of this in a powerfully attractive way with 3D graphics and an interface that, in addition to being very intuitive and free from advertising, will not provide you with any distraction.

Coyote: radar and GPS warning Coyote: radar and GPS warning Descargar QR-Code Coyote: radar and GPS warning Developer: Coyote System

MAPS.ME-Offline Maps


This app offers you fast and detailed offline maps with point to point navigation . It is endorsed by more than 140 million people around the world. You can choose between car, foot and bike navigation from anywhere in the world. It also has travel guides that will make sure you don't waste a second more than necessary to plan each trip you make.

Obviously, by having offline navigation, the user gives up being able to count on real-time updating of everything that may happen on the road, however, that will also provide you with the security of count on your guide at all times, something that will come in handy for the sections of the trip in which the coverage is scarce or even non-existent. It also has different bookmarks that you can use to save your favorite or most common locations.

MAPS.ME – Offline Maps MAPS.ME – Offline Maps Descargar QR-Code MAPS.ME – Offline Maps Developer: STOLMO LIMITED



With this application, in addition to indicating the travel time and offering you different routes so that you can choose the one that suits you best, you can also share your maps with all your Apple devices in seconds, you can even follow the route from your Apple Watch. To make it easier to find your favorite places, Arrival allows you to save them in favorites, so you can find them much faster and easier.

Just by touching the screen, you will see all the indications that the app offers you, and it becomes your personal assistant, both for routes by car and for those you decide to do on foot. Being available for all your devices, you can share it with iCloud and have your favorite points always saved on all your devices.

Arrival: GPS driving assistant to get ETA, traffic conditions, trip duration and directions. Arrival: GPS driving assistant to get ETA, traffic conditions, trip duration and directions. Descargar QR-Code Arrival: GPS driving assistant to get ETA, traffic conditions, trip duration and directions. Developer: Jan Niklas FREUNDT

Which one do we recommend?

As usual in this type of compilation of applications, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we want to tell you which are the applications that have seduced us the most and, therefore, surely the ones that we would choose when having to travel and use such an application. However, this does not mean that our chosen ones are the best, they are simply the ones that best suit our needs.

Although the application that Apple has developed so as not to lose you is very good, Waze It has details that make it a point above. One of those small differences is that, as seen before, Waze allows users themselves to indicate if there is any kind of incident on the road. This helps a lot because if you see that there is going to be a lot of traffic on the route you have chosen, you can always change the route and see how the traffic is in real time. In addition, its interface is very attractive and simple, which makes it very easy to use.

Now entering paid applications, without a doubt, Sygic It is the most complete of the apps we have seen. Its strongest point is that the maps are always up-to-date, so you don't have to fear when making your route. In addition, its simple and easy-to-use interface and its 3D maps will make you have a very good experience behind the wheel. The indicators that mark how far away the next gas station is are a good help so you don't have to go looking for signs on the road.