What advantages does it give us to have Spotify integrated into Siri? — 2022

We are many users who believe that Siri is very limited in the orders that we can give it on a day-to-day basis. For example, if we want to ask Siri to play a song we can forget if we do not have a subscription to Apple Music or Pandora Music. This is going to change radically in the coming weeks because Spotify is already testing Siri integration in its beta version, as reported by Tom Warren of The Verge.

Asking Siri to play songs from Spotify will soon be possible

The new API that integrates SiriKit now allows you to integrate various music services with Siri so we can ask you for songs from services other than Apple Music. The only thing we have to do is add in the instruction that we give from which application we want it to play the song or album that interests us the most. It didn't take long for Spotify to take advantage of this API and work on this integration that they had been looking to do for several months, but Apple was a bit reluctant to open its assistant to Spotify.

Until now we could make requests for play songs via Spotify but we had to create a shortcut by recording our phrase beforehand and we could only play very specific albums or specific songs. Now it will be much easier because Siri herself will interpret any instruction easily.

Apple must learn that little by little it has to open its software to third-party applications and especially to Siri. We are seeing how Google Assistant and even Alexa are advancing by leaps and bounds and we are seeing how Apple is hardly advancing at all. We do not rule out that they are preparing something very impactful at the level of personal assistant but it is clear that it has a bad image right now because it has reached the point that we cannot even ask Siri for a song if we are not subscribed to Apple Music unless we make recipes with Shortcuts.

Spotify has done its best by clinging to the new tools provided by Apple to be much more competitive and to be able to match Apple Music. This is precisely something that Spotify has complained about, that it is at a disadvantage with Apple's service, something that should not be the case and that is why we applaud them for continuing to open up a little more and above all giving all the necessary tools to third-party developers to match their own services.