The news of Apple TV + in March that you should not miss — 2022

This week the month of March has begun and Apple TV + will premiere new content as usual in each of the months since the platform arrived back in November 2019. New series, movies and episodes of series that are already a whole classic. In this post we review all the news that we will see in the Apple streaming service so that you do not miss anything.

Servant will close its second season

At the time of publishing this news, Servant has already issued what is its eighteenth chapter, eighth of the second season and that begins to put the icing on the cake to a season that has been frenetic. With the chapter entitled Love Shack, the mystery continues to be present at the Turner house, with a Leanne who continues to leave many unresolved questions. In two weeks this second season will end, which will greatly distress the staunch fans of the series, although it must be said that it has a confirmed third season that could arrive in 2022.

We will continue to take steps for all humanity

Apple's fiction focused on NASA space travel continues during this month of March. Today its third chapter of the second season has been broadcast under the title Rules of Engagement and in which we continue to see problems for the astronauts who are on the Moon, which leads to rethink some things to those who control everything from the earth. This March will reach its sixth chapter of this new batch, although the series will continue until April 23, although it will surely have a third season in the future.

Call has already aroused the curiosity of viewers

Based on its French namesake, Call is an innovative series in which we literally won't see any scenes other than the sound waves of phone calls accompanied by subtitles. The main narrative will be voiced through those aforementioned calls and its particular visual style mixes the most psychological thriller with horror in a serial loaded with stars in its cast. The series will arrive in two weeks, the March, 19 and it will do so with the full broadcast of its 9 chapters. The first impressions with the trailer have made many people's hair stand on end and has generated a very high level of expectation.

Cherry lands next week

The next Friday March 12 The film starring Tom Holland and created by the Russo brothers will premiere on Apple TV +. Although it already had its previous premiere in some theaters a few weeks ago, now it will be the viewers of the platform who can enjoy a feature film that lacks nothing: action, drama and even comedy. Cherry, a conflicted ex-soldier, tries to run away from his past with drugs and not put what seems to be the love of his life at stake.

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