Weekly collection of free apps for a limited time for iPhone and iPad — 2022

You already know that we love Fridays, and not because the weekend is near, but because it is the day on which we regularly publish our weekly compilation of free apps for iPhone and iPad. These applications are available in the iOS App Store, fromapps to take picturesin portrait mode untilapplications to know the weather forecast from the iPhone, and although as tenths they are free, the truth is that they are like this for a limited time. We do not know how long the offer lasts and therefore we recommend you download these apps quickly before they are paid again.

Free apps for iPhone and iPad

Coin Markets – Crypto Tracker

There are those who say that cryptocurrency will one day be the substitute for currency. We are not experts in the field to say so, but if you are or if you are entering this world, you will probably be interested in this app. Here you will find all the highlights of the price of cryptocurrencies . It also has as an outstanding function the possibility of using No internet connection. You can download it by clicking here .


If you are looking for a good note taking app for apple watch , without a doubt this is one of the most suitable. Thanks to its compatibility with watchOS we can manage all our notes and reminders from our wrist, being able to dictate these by voice. Obviously it also has iPhone version , so we can do a more complete management of the notes from there. You can download it by clicking here .

Magic Launcher Pro

This is one of the most outstanding apps in terms of Launchers, and with it you can launch more than 100,000 apps and actions from the widget section of your iPhone or iPad . Also noteworthy is the possibility of calls and even send to your friends with just one tap. Discover all its actions by downloading this free app by pressing here .


This is a complete contact manager for professionals . It is an ideal app for those people who are dedicated to the sale of products or services and want Organize the client agenda by categories. Although we find it in English, it must be said that it is very intuitive and more than fulfills its objective of making those who use it more productive. You can download it by clicking here .

Captain Cowboy

This is this week's featured limited-time free game. His aesthetic makes him look like a retro game , but its mechanics are still addictive and it is that you will have to solve a series of puzzles to advance the goal of find the diamonds that will help you complete the adventure. Without a doubt, a great game to have a good time every time we have a free moment. You can download it by pressing here .

Remember that every Friday we publish a new compilation with the most outstanding free apps from the App Store. On Wednesdays we also publish a compilation with thebest apps of the week, although these can be paid.