Will we see a more powerful Apple TV tomorrow? We analyze if it will be worth it — 2022

Tomorrow is one of those considered big days for Apple and it is that the Cupertino company will hold an event from the Steve Jobs Theater in which we will finally see the new iPhone. However, these are not the only devices that we could see presented, and it is that in addition to a possible renewal of the Apple Watch we could see a new Apple TV, which would come to renew the 2017 version. Below we analyze this possible launch.

Why renew the Apple TV?

Normally all the spotlights always point to the iPhone as Apple's star devices. Even iPads and Macs have a good presence in the media and among user comments. However, in the case of Apple TV we see them relegated to the background. It is not something strange either, after all, it is not such a widespread product, which does not detract from its functionalities and usefulness in the day-to-day life of those who own one.

Just two years ago the latest Apple TV was presented, the so-called 4K because, unlike the previous ones, it supports multimedia content with this resolution. Although this device is still a great device, even more so if you surround it with a goodsound system for Apple TV, the truth is that it could fall short if we take into account the arrival of new services such as Apple TV + and above all Apple Arcade .

In the month of March we saw how Apple got fully into the services market with the presentation of a multitude of them, such as the Apple Card or the aforementioned streaming video and video game platforms. Precisely the video game platform could be launched in the coming weeks and that could be the main reason for the introduction of a new Apple TV.

We do not know if the new Apple TV will vary in its design from the current one, which could or could not make it compatible with theApple TV wall mountson the market, but what seems clear is that, if it arrives, it will do so with more power than ever . Providing better performance in this device would make it the perfect complement to Apple Arcade, being able to enjoy games without suffering any shock, with a optimal speed and quality .

If Apple manages to make a good strategy when it comes to showing this new Apple TV, we would see how even users who do not have any company product could launch for this new device in order to enjoy the video game platform. It's not that I personally believe that the new Apple TV is going to be a revolution, but I do think that it will be enough to reach markets where until now Apple had only reared its head. Of course, I emphasize once again the need for Apple to know how to sell it so that this is fulfilled.

And… new command to play on Apple TV?

As we said, Apple Arcade could become the perfect excuse to renew the Apple TV and, by the way, it could even serve as a way for us to see a new controller. And we are not referring to the command that is included with the device and which is used to navigate through tvOS, but to the controllers to play video games that are already sold in the Apple Store but these are from third-party manufacturers.

SteelSeries Nimbus Controller

Current SteelSeries Nimbus controller sold at Apple

The arrival of tvOS 13, presumably also for these weeks, will delight players by allowing them to play connect Play Station 4 and Xbox One controllers and to be able to play in this way in a more appropriate way to theracing games available on Apple TV, for example, or many other titles that will celebrate this news. However, there are many other alternatives on the market in terms of controls compatible with this device and none have been entirely designed by Apple.

There is not much information about it, but that Apple manufactured your own controllers to play on Apple TV It could be a positive point for users if it has good ergonomics, offers good possibilities and is sold at a good price, although the latter already seems somewhat more complicated when dealing with Apple.

Be that as it may, it seems that both the current and the possible new Apple TV will continue to offer the same possibilities as before for the reproduction of multimedia content. But the fact that Apple Arcade arrives will surely be a great boost for a device so often forgotten . We don't think it could compete with renowned game consoles, but it will certainly be a first step for the future of the company led by Tim Cook in this area.

We will have to be attentive to tomorrow's event to clear up doubts and see, in the event that it occurs, what the new Apple TV is like and what it can offer us. You can follow it in different ways. We also remind you that we recently published a post in which we reported the time of the event in different countries so that the time change is not a bother.

And you? What's your opinion about it? Do you think we will see a new Apple TV and even a new controller to play video games? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.