Will we see a seventh generation iPod touch with LTE? — 2022

We do not know if this leak has been deliberate or simply an error on the part of Discover, where they announce that we will see an iPhone X Edition, a new 7th generation iPod touch, or an Apple TV (2017) among others.

The store offers a series of discounts for various products, where it indicates that it cannot be applied to those Apple devices, revealing many of the open secrets that we will see today. starting at 7:00 p.m. here, at Apple 5 × 1 .

The most striking without a doubt has been the Rumored iPod touch 7th generation , where a few days ago there was speculation about your renewal today, despite the fact that Apple removed previous iPod models from its shelves.

The iPod touch LTE could be the big news

In 2015, the renewal of the 6th generation iPod touch was presented, a renewal that captivated many users and where there were certain detractors. An iPod touch 7th generation would make a lot of sense with a LTE connection.

An iPod with LTE connection would not be nonsense, thanks to Apple SIM we could have the same freedom that we enjoy with the iPad Pro. connect to the internet anytime to update our podcasts or listen to Apple Music.

So it would be an iPhone , we might think. But no, it wouldn't be exactly the same. We would have a very compact device, with good performance, a good camera, good battery life... but unable to make GSM phone calls .

Definitely, the same concept as an iPad Pro LTE , do not depend on a WiFi signal. This would benefit Apple's coffers, since each hiring of Apple SIM with third-party companies, Apple would get a percentage. That is, recurring income on a monthly basis.

In just a few hours we will clear up doubts about whether we will have iPod Touch con LTE , what does seem to be a reality, is the leaking of new Apple devices by the hand of Discover .

Would you like to see an iPod LTE? Is it necessary to renew the iPod touch? would you buy it