We compare Apple Care with other insurance, which is better? — 2022

If you have a new piece of equipment in your hands, surely you want absolutely nothing to happen to it, and if it happens to it, it should be repaired quickly and without spending a lot of money. That is why insurance that goes beyond the extended warranty is the most recommended, but... what insurance to take out? In this article, we take a look at Apple insurance and compare it to many others we've come across.

Why take out insurance?

At the time of acquiring an iPhone, a guarantee is activated that lasts in total 2 years with the manufacturer . But if we read the small print, we observe that within this guarantee only failures as a result of defective parts are included in a general way. That is, if the microphone or the camera does not work well for us, it is within this legal guarantee that covers us.

But in the event that our iPhone unfortunately falls to the ground and the screen breaks or it is stolen, the guarantee will not want to know anything at all. It is in these cases where having insurance for the iPhone makes all the sense in the world, since you will not have to pay for the full repair if not you will pay a small part.

Features of AppleCare

When purchasing an iPhone in the official store, the question arises as to whether we want to take out its own insurance, Apple Care or Apple Care+. In the first case, we would only extend the guarantee we have for 3 years, but if we contract the 'plus' plan, we will have access to repairs at a low cost, such as screen breakage. We also make sure to have our battery in a safe place, because if it falls below 80% health, they will offer us a replacement. But obviously there is a limited number of operations to prevent us from abusing this extended guarantee.

To give us an idea, the price of Apple Care + can be seen in the following table, in addition to the cost in case of repair.

DeviceContract pricerepair price
iPhoneFrom €149From €29 for screen repair and €99 for other services
iPad Pro€139€49
iPad mini regular iPad and iPad Air€79€49
MacFrom 249 euros€99 for screen or external casing damage, or €259 for other damage
iMacFrom €129€99 for screen or external casing damage, or €259 for other damage
Apple WatchFrom €6565 euros any repair.
iPod Touch€59€29

As we have said, the contracting process is really simple since you simply have to buy it through the company's website and activate it. Although Apple Care+ covers us for hardware and software problems on our equipment, unfortunately not covered in case of theft . This is the only drawback that we can find. Also keep in mind that the prices shown in this list are permanent and not monthly.

Comparison with phone company insurance

There are many telephone companies that offer insurance for devices in their catalog. We can compare all of these with those offered by Apple to get an idea of ​​which one is more worthwhile. We must start from the premise that always gives us more confidence that the manufacturer himself is the one who does the repairs to save problems. We are going to focus on the iPhone and iPad, which are undoubtedly the equipment that we most expose to accidental falls or breakage.

On this occasion we are going to talk about the main Spanish operators, although we encourage you to request a quote from your own company and make a comparison.


Movistar offers an interesting insurance that covers the following:

  • Accidental damage (strong impact, screen breakage), falling into water...
  • Robberies and thefts: replacement by a device with the same characteristics.
  • Fraudulent calls.

Unlike Apple, Movistar offers a replacement in case of theft or if we are cheated on a call. But in the price we do see differences, because in the long run it could be more expensive. Specifically, in the case of the iPhone, we are talking about paying a 12-month fee of €19. (€228 ). But if we want to access a repair we will have to pay an excess of €100. Obviously the price of the insurance is higher than that of Apple Care, and in case of repairing only the screen, at Apple it is cheaper.


In the case of Vodafone, they offer us two plans differentiated by price and also by benefits.

    accidental damage: covers accidental data such as screen breakage due to a strong blow or liquid entering the terminal. In this case, a fee of €9 per month and a franchise of €75 would be paid for the latest range iPhone. full protectionl: Covers accidental and liquid damage as in the previous case, but coverage against theft is added. In this case, you have to pay a monthly fee of €14 and a franchise of €75 for the latest range iPhone.

We are facing a monthly subscription that has no limit, but that can be interesting in order to last several months with our team. Again, an excess of €75 is charged, which, unlike Apple Care, seems somewhat excessive for minor repairs.


Orange is also committed to a subscription model similar to that of Vodafone and also similar to Apple Care but including theft as a claim. The price is somewhat crazy compared to the Apple alternative, since it is an infinite subscription and a franchise that in some cases may be cheaper. Specifically, what Orange covers is the following:

  • Robbery and larceny.
  • Accidental damage.
  • Extension to any breakdown from the second year.
  • Fraudulent calls.

The price of the insurance will depend on the price of your iPhone or iPad. To give us an idea, it looks like this:

    Equipment from €751 to €1,100: €13.50 monthly premium and €50 repair deductible and €100 replacement deductible. Equipment from €1,101 to €1,750: monthly premium of €15.50 and repair excess of €60 and repair of €120.

As we have mentioned before, if you want to keep your equipment for many years, Apple Care+ is not of interest to you as it lasts for a maximum of 2 years. In these cases we have a much broader insurance over time.

home insurance

As a small paragraph, it should be known that with home insurance, mobile replacement options can also be included in the policies. In these cases, it only ends up covering in a general way the theft of the device and little else. That is why we can recommend other insurance that covers screen breakage, which is the most common, but it is always interesting to negotiate with the insurer that we have to see what they can offer us and especially the price.

third party insurance

Although until now we have focused a lot on mobile and tablet insurance, there are many specialized stores that offer insurance for their customers. In these cases, they apply both to the purchase of a Mac, a HomePod or a mobile.

English Court Insurance

El Corte Inglés offers insurance that is quite similar to Apple Care+ since it has a duration of 2 years . This insurance covers internal breakdowns not covered by the manufacturer, liquid spills, accidental falls and even power surges. All this is included in Apple Care+, but in the case of mobile phones things change since they also include the case of robbery with force or robbery (not loss).

To check the price of this insurance it is necessary to purchase the equipment and talk to an agent to negotiate it. But in terms of features we can say that it is quite similar to Apple's except for the theft that is an extra that we find here.

Guarantee Plus Mediamarkt

Mediamarkt offers its own extended warranty although compared to Apple's we will see some problems such as price. For an iPhone with an average price of 1,000 euros, you have to pay 149, but unfortunately it only lasts one year. Within this price we find the repair of the damaged screen and little else. We believe that it is quite scarce for its price.

In the case of computers, we find a broader catalog of repairs, but it depends on the price we pay. For a computer that has a price of 1500 euros we would have to pay r 499€ if we want to ensure a replacement after two or three years. And if we only want a repair service for mechanical or electrical breakdowns, we would have to pay €129 for a 5-year service.

We believe that you have to read the fine print a lot before paying for an insurance plan at Mediamarkt and that Apple Care+ can be very worthwhile in these cases.