We analyze the reasons why Apple increased its investment in R&D — 2022

All companies, or at least the most advanced and those that want to continue growing, have an R&D or R&D&I department, which stands for Research and Development and Research, Development and Innovation. In the case of Apple, the existence of workers focused on these areas is known and, interestingly, it was in the previous fiscal quarter when it seems that the company has invested more in this department. We analyze it below.

Apple invested $4.2 million in R&D

The publication ofApple's Q3 2019 financial resultslast week left us several interesting facts. One of them was that the company had earned more for its services, whichstock investors seemed to like the company. However, a fact that seemed to go unnoticed was that of the strong investment in R&D by the Cupertino firm, which amounted to $4.2 million .

Apple Park

Apple Park, the company's headquarters in Cupertino

As indicated from CNBC , Apple's spending on R&D this past quarter has meant an all-time high as far as investments in this area are concerned. Such a high percentage has not been seen since 2003, which has been a long time, especially considering the rapid advances in technology and the number of products and services that Apple has launched since then.

7.9% of Apple's spending during Q3 2019, which is the percentage that this investment has represented of total expenses, occurs at a time when precisely the majority of users blames the company for a low level of innovation as far as products are concerned. This, at least from our point of view, is proof that the company not only does not settle for what they have but also they want to go for more in future years.

There are many rumors and there has been talk of new products such as augmented reality glasses, improvements to existing products such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac and it is even known of the company's high hopes for platforms such as Apple TV +. However, we have few certainties and therefore the most cautious thing to do is wait.

It is understandable that it is somewhat strange to see how devices like the iPhone seem somewhat stagnant for several years in terms of news, however, we must not forget that if they are experts at Apple, it is in surprise the public. Who knows if the current equipment will incorporate revolutionary technologies in the future or if a new product that they present will be essential to us. Be that as it may, Apple's investment in R&D does not seem casual.

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