We already know what the 2021 iPhone screen would look like — 2022

There are still several months to go before the new iPhone 12 is presented, but Apple already has its sights set on the year 2021. This is what has emerged from a note from the company's supply chain where the development work is discussed that they are doing on the screens that these teams will carry.

The 2021 iPhones will have low-power screens

As the medium has collected DigiTimes , Apple's supply chain is working on developing LTPO screens . This is undoubtedly very interesting, since although we have not yet seen the screens of the iPhone 12, work is already being done on the iPhone 13.

With this technology it will be possible to have a back plate in the screens with greater energy efficiency. This panel is responsible for turning the pixels on and off so that users can see a specific image. Obviously if this panel consumes much less energy, the autonomy of the device will be much greater . Undoubtedly, Apple has been working in recent years to improve this aspect, which has been harshly criticized in past models. With the iPhone 11 we saw an important advance and now they want to continue optimizing all the internal components beyond the processor.

iPhone 12 Concept


The screen is one of the most consuming components. We have always talked about how many hours a mobile phone can last with the screen on, and now Apple will be able to say that its iPhones have greater durability if this technology ends up being confirmed. In addition, according to many analysts, this LTPO technology is necessary to support the ProMotion function which would allow to have a variable update that could be reduced to 1Hz to optimize the battery. Although there are many ways tosave battery on iphone, this hardware-level optimization will help much more. This technology is very similar to what we see in the Apple Watch Series 5 that simulates a shutdown effect that is actually a reduction in the Hz of the screen to consume less battery.

The iPhone 12 will go first

As we have said on many occasions, these notes are simple rumors that may or may not be true. It is true that the report may have a lot of weight in the end since it squares with other features that have been rumored, but first we must focus on the iPhone 12 that will arrive in 2020. Although this iPhone goes before the iPhone 2021, Apple already has almost all the closed components of this new iPhone 12 and it has already passed to the iPhone 2021.

At the moment what is known about the iPhone 12 is that it will include a sensor LiDAR in the camera, in addition to other improvements. Among these stands out a very necessary design change requested by all users and that will surely be maintained for the next generation. We are already used to seeing how Apple is very conservative in this regard and everything that we will see in September 2020 will also be transferred to 2021. Although obviously there will be differences such as this supposed screen that optimizes the battery, or a processor that will also follow this same line. .