Waze celebrates the initial failure of Apple Maps that propelled them to success — 2022

Los Apple Maps They didn't get off to a very good start. as you already know, since they were a real disaster that led users down bad paths that were sometimes non-existent. This fact was cause for celebration for Waze as stated today by its CEO to Business Inside r in an interview, since this debacle was the key to the success of its navigation application in 2012 and that is celebrated annually internally baptized as the 'Tim Cook Day'.

Faced with such a service disaster, Tim Cook was forced to write a public apology letter acknowledging all the deficiencies of Apple Maps in the year 2012. In this letter the CEO of the company did something unprecedented: recommend using alternative applications to your own navigation system.

Apple's debacle, Waze's success

Among the applications that Tim Cook recommended in this letter was Waze, a service that was quite unknown and that gained incredible publicity by being recommended by Apple itself in an official statement . According to Waze CEO Noam Bardin, this was a ‘decisive moment for the company’ and that is why this day is celebrated annually internally in the Waze offices.


Specifically, the words of Noam Bardin were the following:

We were acquired in 2013 [by Google], but 2012 was a defining moment for the company. It is a day that is celebrated in the company every year: it is called 'Tim Cook Day' and it is the day that Apple maps failed. The day before I was interviewed by an outlet I won't name, and no matter what I said, but the headline said Apple Partner Says Maps Will Be Terrible.

So you can imagine the response when that happened, they definitely weren't very happy, but that's what I said. The next day, Apple Maps came out and suddenly I went from being about to be fired, and with the app about to be pulled from the App Store, to H I've seen the future and I knew what he was talking about.

Tim Cook stood up and actually posted a letter apologizing for Apple Maps, saying that until it was fixed you could use Waze, Google or Microsoft Maps. It was our start-up time in the US and from there things started to pick up pace, finally ending in the 2013 acquisition by Google.

How can you see this CEO ventured to say that Apple Maps would be a disaster before its launch so it was. After this, his company experienced very good growth thanks to the recommendation of Tim Cook himself as an alternative to Apple's official maps and this triggered the purchase of Google a year later.

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It is clear that for Waze this disaster was a blessing since it may have disappeared into oblivion, but it did not and right now it is one of the most successful navigation applications in the App Store, since it is very useful to many drivers, among which are vehicle users where they can mark, with the help ofapplications to check charging points, the different stops to give your electric vehicle a boost of autonomy.

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