Ways you can know what song is playing with your iPhone — 2022

With streaming music services like Apple Music and others in full swing, we're more and more open to discovering new music. That's why sometimes we hear a song in a shopping center, on the radio or in a bar and we want to have it on our list. Sometimes achieving that song is not easy and you have to resort to Google, but there are faster ways. With your iPhone you will be able to know the exact title of a song and we will tell you how.

Shazam, an app that is already from Apple and integrates with Siri

Shazam has been the app par excellence on smartphones with which to detect what song is playing and obtain the exact title and you will even have a link to the Apple platform to listen to it. Since 2018 this app belongs to Apple, so it has been fully integrated into the ecosystem and by invoking Siri we can have this extension.

know song sounds iphone siri

You just have to open siri , either through its corresponding button or by saying the already famous Hey Siri. Once you are in the wizard you must tell him What song is this? or some other similar one like What is playing?. At that moment Siri will listen and after a few seconds she will tell you what song it is. For this it will not be necessary to have the app installed on your iPhone.

However, if you feel more comfortable use the Shazam app , you can continue using it. It is still available for download on the iOS App Store. Once the permissions to access the microphone are granted, it is ready to use. Every time the app is opened, it will automatically start listening.

know song sounds iphone shazam

It is possible that both in the app and with Siri the song is not recognized. This can be due to multiple factors. The first of these is that the microphone is far from the speakers or the volume is not high enough to be clearly detected. There is also the possibility that some noise in the environment or interference such as radio may be preventing correct detection. An extreme case is that you have a damaged microphone, for which you must alreadycontact Appleand request a repair.

As we said before, we have several advantages with Shazam. Being able to directly access Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube or other platforms is an advantage. That way you can start listening to that song in its entirety and without interruptions. You also have other songs by the same artist or other related songs from the same interface. You can also save it in your favorites list and even take a screenshot to later start looking for the song. Notably Shazam stores your searches in case you ever want to check your list of shazamed songs.