Be careful with the AccuWeather app for iOS, it could be tricking you — 2022

If you have the AccuWeather weather application installed, this article is of interest to you because we tell you how it could be violating its developer agreement with Apple and therefore could be endangering our safety.

AccuWeather could be misleading you by sending your data to third parties

When we enter the application, like any other, we are asked if we want to exchange our location data. Whether we accept or reject this option, we will have the same fate, that our data ends up in a third company, in which we have no control to decide if we want them to use that personal data or not. This is a serious vulnerability of our rights, and of course, of our privacy.

AccuWeather on iOS

wants strafach It has been the researcher who has discovered this sending of information even if we reject your sending . Although, obviously, many of you will be thinking that almost all free applications are finally financed by the sale of our data to third-party applications, but always in the contracts that we read when opening the application, they inform us of how this data is treated and specifically that data are collecting and the possibility of revoking this authorization.

AccuWeather gives very brief information about it. Only one SDK provided by RevealMobile is known to be used that extracts all this information:

  • GPS coordinates.
  • Name of your Wi-Fi network.
  • Information on whether you have bluethoot activated or not.

By accepting the privacy agreement, we agree to send data, but the problem is when you want to stop doing it from version 10.5.2. When you deny sharing this information with third companies, you could continue sending information to this company, something that does not convince us at all, because when you express your desire not to share this information, what you expect is that it will be fulfilled, but it seems that this is not the case in 100% of the cases in AccuWeather.

This information is processed by RevealMobile to create high value audiences , to know that you like it and to be able to market a product to you. That is, if they know your needs they can sell you everything. This practice of not allowing restrict the sharing of our personal information, may conflict with Apple's developer policies and therefore, Strafach's discovery will have put this application in everyone's eye. What will happen? It is something that we will see in the coming days.

Remember that you must always be informed of what information you are sharing when accessing an application, because in these cyber worlds we are totally vulnerable. Leave us in the comment box everything you think about it.

Source: Medium