Do you want to run a car race? Check out these iPhone and iPad games — 2022

We have all had the dream of having the steering wheel of a super sports car in our hands and hitting the occasional acceleration. But while that dream ends up being fulfilled, we will have to make do with the simulators that we find in the App Store and think that the iPhone is the steering wheel of that supercar. In this article we are going to collect the best racing and car games that we find in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.

Mario Kart Tour, a classic racing game

If you are already an age, surely you have the saga of Nintendo starring Mario Bross in very high regard. One of the most incredible games in this saga is undoubtedly Mario Kart and you can play it on iPhone and iPad. It is true that you do not put yourself at the controls of a super sports car but surely the scenarios make you fall in love and take you to good times in your life. To prevent us from easily getting bored of this game, every two weeks new cities are emerging that are updated depending on the season. We have numerous cars at our disposal as well as many characters to choose from. You can compete against your friends and use the different elements that we find on the road in your favor as if it were the original game that many of us remember with great affection.

Mario Kart Tour

this game is gratuitous , but if you want to advance faster you can buy rubies. Although in Mario Kart Tour we believe that the best way to advance is by playing, since we can play a game anywhere, such as on the train or while waiting for the bus.

Mario Kart Tour Mario Kart Tour Descargar QR-Code Mario Kart Tour Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Rebel Racing, a realistic driving game

If what you are looking for is a much more realistic car game, Rebel Racing is undoubtedly one of the best options that we can find. With this game you can collect supercars and customize them however you want so they are ready to compete. It has some f very realistic physics as well as with many incredible accessories to improve your cars and be able to win all the races. The graphics are quite successful and the driving experience is quite good. We can play both on an iPhone and an iPad, although the most recommended in these cases is to use an iPhone to have a better experience.

Rebel Racing Rebel Racing Descargar QR-Code Rebel Racing Developer: Hutch Games Ltd

F1 Manager, put yourself in the shoes of professional Formula 1 drivers

If you are a lover of Formula 1 races, without a doubt this is your ideal game. You will have as a mission create the best F1 team in the world winning every possible race. To do this, you will have to hire the best drivers, mechanics and make decisions in a very short time that will make you rise to victory, among which we highlight the tactical orders to choose from when to make pit stops , select the right wheels, choose how far to rush the fuel... The truth is that you will have to bring out your most strategic and car-loving side to win a series of victories that will allow you to advance in the game.

F1 Clash F1 Clash Descargar QR-Code F1 Clash Developer: Hutch Games Ltd

Asphalt 9: Legends

If you want to face the best pilots from all over the world and become a true legend, Asphalt 9 will surely make you fall in love. we have one expands list of super sports that the truth are designed in a very realistic way. We can get into a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini… and feel the speed in our team in many locations around the world such as the streets of a city or a mountain. We will be able to customize each of the details of each vehicle to enhance a specific point and compete against other drivers around the world in many of the events that are organized in the game.

It stands out without a doubt for its design, because it makes you fall in love with how well the scenes and also the cars are made. This is why he has earned the Apple Best Design Award this 2019 among many other awards for best racing game for iPhone and iPad.

Asphalt 9: Legends Asphalt 9: Legends Descargar QR-Code Asphalt 9: Legends Developer: Gameloft

Real Racing 3, one of the most complete car games

More than 200 cars from the most recognized brands in the world, 18 real locations and 40 licensed circuits is all you will have in this game that bears the acronym of EA. It stands out for having a very good multiplayer mode in real time to be able to beat us in races against all our friends and bring out the most competitive side that we have inside. It is true that this game weighs quite a few GB but it is understandable for all the resources that you have to download since the graphics that it includes are incredibly good in terms of quality.

Real Racing 3 Real Racing 3 Descargar QR-Code Real Racing 3 Developer: Electronic Arts

Need for Speed, drive fearlessly through the streets of a city

Surely most of you know the Need for Speed ​​video game franchise that already has several releases on many platforms. On the iPhone we can also enjoy the best underground racing and become the king of the city without any fear of making tremendously sharp turns with a fully customizable street car. You must have some kind of knowledge in cars to be able to have a top vehicle with the best possible customizations. Obviously these races sometimes take place on roads where there are other vehicles that we must avoid. In order to gain control of the streets, you will have to pass a series of competitive races that are getting more and more complicated.

Need for Speed: NL La Carrera Need for Speed: NL La Carrera Descargar QR-Code Need for Speed: NL La Carrera Developer: Electronic Arts

CSR Racing 2, enjoy the interior of dozens of cars

Something very interesting about this game is undoubtedly that we can restore legendary cars from history so that they don't die and we can continue enjoying them on the roads. We can put them to the test in different individual campaigns, although we can also enjoy incredible supercars. Something that catches our attention is that we can see the interior of most cars down to the last detail. As in other games, we can also carry out races in real time against our friends and also customize the cars to tune them to our liking.

CSR Racing 2 CSR Racing 2 Descargar QR-Code CSR Racing 2 Developer: NaturalMotion

Hot slide, a game not so realistic but just as fun

If we are looking for something entertaining but not so realistic, this game is ideal, but especially if you want to train your drifting skills against real people from all over the world. You can get a variety of cars and compete in duels against other people in many scenarios but in a much more relaxed way and not as serial as in other games that are very realistic and look for good physics and graphics.

Hot Slide Hot Slide Descargar QR-Code Hot Slide Developer: Tapcheer

And you, what do you think of these car games? Which one do you play on a daily basis? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.