Walt Mossberg, thank you and see you always teacher — 2022

Today, one of the greatest journalists specialized in the world of technology retires, the great Walt Mossberg says goodbye to us. Through In his latest op-ed, Walt bids us farewell after several years in the tech world.

He is one of the most recognized and respected journalists in the United States. A man who was able to seat, at the time, the most important men in the world of technology ( Steve Jobs y Bill Gates ) just a few meters apart to interview them.

Apple's influence on Walt Mossberg

His career is extensive and he has appeared in various media such as Recode, The Verge, Wall Street Journal, All Things D, etc . Mossberg has always been a man who loves this world, he likes to test technology but also to help us understand it. Perhaps this last point is the one that most of us who write in this type of media like the most.

As a man of technology, he appreciated everything that exists in it, companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter… Mossberg has always felt devotion to all of them thanks to the advances they have made all these years. He did not shake his pulse when writing about The best products in two decades of technology analysis when he said goodbye to the Wall Street Journal.

Column where several of the Apple devices appeared in that column. Products like the iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air or the Newton MessagePad (the latter a real sales disaster for Apple), were part of his favorite gadget.

Walt Mossberg

He was funny but he didn't hide with some questions that might make him uncomfortable. He was branded that Apple devices were always too present in their opinions and ratings Mossberg's answer was always clear and concise.

Apple introduced more influential and innovative products for the average consumer than any other company in the last few years of this column.

The Disappearing Computer, a review from the last 26 years

In his last weekly column under the name THE DISAPPEARING COMPUTER, Walt reflects on the changes that he had to live in his more than 26 years as an analyst of consumer technology products. Starting with how complicated it was to use these products (especially the computer) and how easy they can become now (he gives the example of six-year-old children capable of adapting in minutes to these much more powerful products than before ). Reason is not lacking.

Walt continues his reflection not only on what has been experienced, but also on what the future could hold for us, he talks about home products such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, or the arrival of technology in our vehicles. Products based on the use of artificial intelligence .

Walt Mossberg in an interview with Tim Cook

All this will help to live a more connected world, easier for people, but warns that everything has its dark side called privacy. Mossberg is not only referring to Privacy in terms of monetizing a company with your data, but to possible attacks from both people and our own organizations such as the FBI or central governments. demanding increased security and encryption measures but also a regulation about this type of information. An issue that should start to worry us, taking into account all the information that is at stake.

If you want to read Walt's latest column on The Verge Y Recode here you will have it available. From this means of communication we can only tell you...

Thanks for writting Mossberg, we´ll miss you!