Awake! Never fall asleep with these apps for iOS — 2022

Waking up in the morning can always be a really tricky thing. That is why you always have to set multiple alarms on your iPhone so you don't fall asleep so you can go to work or class. There are many options that exist to be able to set an alarm from the native iOS application to others from third parties. In this article we collect the best applications that you should take into account to set your alarms.

Why resort to an alternative alarm clock to the native iOS one?

On iOS you can find the native Clock app. In addition to offering information about the time it is in other countries, it also allows you to configure specific alarms. Although, on many occasions it is quite limited in its configuration. Different options cannot be integrated if they offer third-party applications such as the possibility of integrating challenges when waking up or having a much more intelligent awakening.

It is limited only to making a record of when you go to sleep or when you get up to make it a little more intelligent. But this is not enough for this native application to be one of the favorites and that it can be used on a daily basis. Especially if you are a person to whom the sheets can get stuck quite easily.

alarm clocks with challenges

If you are a person who has a hard time waking up in the morning, and usually turns off the alarm clock quickly without even realizing it, you should challenge yourself. This is based on the fact that to turn off the shrill sound of the alarm clock you must do something simple like memory games. We show you the best applications that are based on this fact.



Without a doubt, this is one of the best alarm clock applications that can be found on iPhone or iPad. When making the configuration you must choose a challenge to be able to turn off the alarm. Among these is, for example, doing mathematical calculations that can be simple additions or somewhat more complex operations. Added to this is the possibility of moving the iPhone several times to turn it off or having to take a few steps to take a picture of an element in your house, which could be the coffee maker. In addition, it also integrates sounds that are quite strong and if you end up paying for the premium version you will have access to others that are much stronger.

Alarmy - Alarm Clock Alarmy - Alarm Clock Descargar QR-Code Alarmy - Alarm Clock Developer: Delight Room Co., Ltd.

challenges! Alarm clock

alarm clock challenges

A very complete application that, in addition to setting the alarms, will also give you information on how you have slept as well as a tab dedicated to meditation. In short, everything you need to sleep and wake up in the best possible way. As in Alarmy, you will also find different challenges such as memory games or mathematical operations to do in order to deactivate the alarm. The only problem with them is that they can be easily uninstalled in case you don't want to solve these puzzles to wake up.

Alarm Clock : Waking Up? Alarm Clock : Waking Up? Descargar QR-Code Alarm Clock : Waking Up? Developer: Blue Bike LLC


smart alarm jump

If you don't want to do the challenges from bed, such as memory games or math calculations, this application offers a different system. Through the camera or the pedometer that is integrated into the iPhone, it will be possible to detect if you have gotten out of bed or are in the kitchen or bathroom. In this way you will not be able to turn off the alarm and stay in bed, since for it not to ring again you will have to be up and doing your daily routine.

Smart Alarm - Jump! Smart Alarm - Jump! Descargar QR-Code Smart Alarm - Jump! Developer: WeHelp

best alarm clock

best smart alarm clock

With a really simple design, this application arrives so that waking up is not a real daily challenge. You have different challenges such as solving a mathematical problem, shaking the phone or wanting to catch a button that is in constant movement so that it is difficult to follow it, especially when you are just getting up. These challenges will put your brain to work so that you finish waking up.

Best Smart Alarm Clock Best Smart Alarm Clock Descargar QR-Code Best Smart Alarm Clock Developer: Petar Ljubic

smart alarm clocks

If challenges aren't your thing, there are other apps that rely on your usual circadian cycle to wake you up in the best possible mood. This is achieved by trying not to interrupt your sleep in a phase where you are sleeping deeply.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular applications that can be found. In addition to monitoring your sleep so that you know in the morning the quality with which you have slept, an alarm clock is also integrated. This has the mission of waking you up in a range of time that you choose so that the awakening is not very abrupt. Detect when you are in a sleep phase that is not deep. This way you will wake up easier and with less temptation to go back to sleep.

Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker Descargar QR-Code Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker Developer: Sleep Cycle AB



This smart alarm clock has as its main mission the fact of always waking you up in a light sleep phase. In this way, waking up is much more natural and not too forced to wake you up in the best possible mood. To this is added the possibility of also consulting the monitoring of all the phases through which your sleep has passed or waking up with your favorite music.

Sleepzy - Alarm Clock Sleepzy - Alarm Clock Descargar QR-Code Sleepzy - Alarm Clock Developer: ThrivePort, LLC

Alarm clocks to wake up with good music

Alarm Clock Alarm

alarm clock alarm

If you are a person who likes to wake up with good music, this is your ideal application. It easily syncs with different radio stations, both music and news, so they start playing when it's time to wake up. This way you can always wake up with your favorite radio show or podcast.

Alarm Clock Alarm Alarm Clock Alarm Descargar QR-Code Alarm Clock Alarm Developer: Manomaya SA

Alarm Clock Radio Alarm Clock

alarm clock radio alarm clock

As in the previous case, this application is very focused on radio stations. In addition to being able to set your alarm as in traditional applications, you can also choose to start playing a radio program, whether informative or musical, to get up in the best possible way in the morning.

Alarm Clock Radio Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Radio Alarm Clock Descargar QR-Code Alarm Clock Radio Alarm Clock Developer: AppMind

HD alarm clock

HD alarm clock

With this application you can wake up in a good mood with your favorite music. When setting the alarm you can choose those songs that you have in iTunes so that they can be played. In addition, with the premium version you will also have access to a feed with the different news of the day that you should know.

HD Alarm Clock ٞ HD Alarm Clock ٞ Descargar QR-Code HD Alarm Clock ٞ Developer: Impala Studios

alarm with music

alarm with music

Personalize your alarm with this application and the more than 20 themes that are integrated as screen savers. To this is added the possibility of choosing the songs that you have in iTunes to be able to wake up with those sounds that you choose yourself.

Alarm with Music Alarm with Music Descargar QR-Code Alarm with Music Developer: Impala Studios