Volkswagen signs up for Siri Shortcuts, but it won't be free — 2022

Siri Shortcuts little by little it is showing really interesting features for the vast majority of users. Its potential is such that the very Volkswagen will integrate it into your official VW Car-Net app.

This official application allows us to interact with our German brand vehicle. But now, thanks to Siri Shortcuts, we can ask her for a series of actions with a few voice commands personalized.

The only problem is that we must be subscribed to the Volkswagen service to be able to carry out these interactions. This subscription It allows us to carry out a series of very useful actions, such as knowing where our vehicle is at any time or performing a remote diagnosis.

Siri Shortcuts Can Lock Your Volkswagen's Doors

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Some Actions What we can do with Siri Shortcuts is to remotely close the doors of our vehicle, know the battery or fuel status, increase the volume, skip songs and other functions of a vehicle connected (of which they are becoming more and more common in our cities).

Before you start downloading the official application of the Germans, you must know if your vehicle is compatible with this system. It is currently only possible on new vehicles of the 2018 and close to 2019 , so not all models can access this service.