Use your iPhone with an Apple Pencil? This Apple patent reaffirms it — 2022

Something that Steve Jobs never wanted to see in an Apple product was a Pencil to interact with the touch screen. This is something common in other devices such as the Samsung Note 8 , but Apple scoffed at this. This changed when Tim Cook launched the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro, and it seems that we would see this on the iPhone due to an oversight by Tim Cook that escaped him and a patent that we have known today from Apple itself where we see an Apple Pencil on an iPhone , this not being the first we have seen.

Will we see an iPhone with an Apple Pencil?

It is not the first patent that we have for an iPhone that can be used with a Pencil, but when there are already so many patents, you start to smell that Apple is thinking about this. This patent that we have seen today shows an effective method to identify the position of this Pencil on the touch screen. Besides, We see the location of different sensors on the screen to provide good precision on the touch screen. This patent is described as follows:

The touch sensing system can perform one or more input device coarse sub-scans to determine a coarse location of the input device. The coarse location can be used to select one or more contact sensors (or sensor channels) to sample and decode the data encoded in the stimulation signals from the input device. During one or more fine sub-scans of the input device, the contact detection system can determine the location of the input device and decode the data from the input device sampled from the selected contact sensors (or sensor channels). ).

Along with this explanation, we have some drawings in which we see an iPhone and in one of them we have the Pencil connected to the iPhone to recharge it. You can see this in the cover image at the top. We may soon see this Apple Pencil on the iPhone, I look forward to seeing in the comment box how you would see an iPhone with this pencil.