Use the iPad's Apple Pencil like this to improve your handwriting — 2022

Having good calligraphy is something really important on a day-to-day basis so that other people can understand your handwriting. In the App Store you can find many applications that aim to help you learn to write better or improve your calligraphy in general. In this article we tell you all the details of these applications that can be found in the App Store.

What you should look for in these apps

There are many applications that can be found in the App Store whose mission is to offer a space for you to write with total freedom. But you should always give priority to those options that are most suitable for your personal situation. To choose wisely, apps should meet the following points:

    Esthetic:Priority should always be given to those applications that are graphically beautiful but also simple. In the Store you can find many that meet these requirements and that are ideal in case you don't want to be overwhelmed with tools that you won't use in the long run. Apple Pencil integration:When we talk about calligraphy, we must bear in mind that it is best to use an Apple Pencil with the iPad. Despite the fact that many apps allow the finger to make a letter, the truth is that it is not the most productive. Look for those apps that have full integration with the Apple pencil. Price:one of the most critical points when talking about any application. In the App Store you can find options that are free but others in which you must pay a monthly fee or make a single payment. The circumstances that exist should always be assessed to know if it is worth it or not to make the disbursement.

Calligraphy-centric apps

When you are trying to have a better calligraphy, it is logical that you look for those applications that are mainly focused on this task. In this case, you can find many options in the App Store with predefined templates and also with tools that are focused on improving your calligraphy and being as similar as possible to what you can have on a traditional sheet of paper with a pen.

Callicreative App

An application that is presented by Manuscript Pen Company to be able to practice calligraphy in a professional way. You will be able to write letters, words or messages with a unique interactive experience. Options are endless as you can experiment with different pens, nib widths, and colors to share your beautiful handwritten messages with friends, family, and other calligraphy enthusiasts.

As we say, you will have different templates on the iPad to be able to learn to make the letters to your liking. This will mean that in the long run you will not have to use this type of templates when making the different redactions. You can even share all these drawings with your friends and also the social networks through the corresponding button.

Callicreative App for calligraphy, handwriting, colouring and drawing Callicreative App for calligraphy, handwriting, colouring and drawing Descargar QR-Code Callicreative App for calligraphy, handwriting, colouring and drawing Developer: B60 LTD

HD calligraphy


This app comes with a selection of four tips and brushes. Just select your favorite tool and instantly vary the thickness of the nib for the most suitable experience depending on your particular taste. In case you don't have good luck and you don't like everything you've written, you can use the eraser function to suddenly get rid of everything you've done up to that moment.

The only problem you may have is that you do not have a template as such, but you will have a real canvas so you can perform different calligraphy techniques. As we have mentioned before, you can choose different colors and it has maximum compatibility with the Apple Pencil. At any time you can take a screenshot of everything you have advanced to be able to share it quickly.

HD calligraphy HD calligraphy Descargar QR-Code HD calligraphy Developer: ABC


Really versatile application as it has different functions. The first thing is that it can help the little ones in the house learn to write. It's specially designed for Apple Pencil to work just like a real pen. This makes it feel like you are writing on real physical paper. Within the app there are three handwriting courses with a guide to be able to draw all the letters that you propose.

That is why the objective that is finally marked is to improve the handwriting of all age groups. A wide type of letters with quite diverse fonts is available. Specifically, there are courses in the Roman alphabet, printed writing and also cursive writing. All this on the basis that it is free of ads so you can enjoy its content.

Writey - learn to write Writey - learn to write Descargar QR-Code Writey - learn to write Developer: Mehrdad Bokaeian

Calligraphy coloring book

If you have small children at home and you want to improve their handwriting, this is the ideal application. It has a fairly childish design that is ideal for this type of audience that we have mentioned. The objective is to learn to write the letters of the alphabet doing different repetitions. It can be extrapolated to the old 'Rubio' notebooks in Spain but to the format being able to fill it out with Apple Pencil itself.

Educational and didactic game to practice writing, learn calligraphy and the letters of the alphabet with fun exercises. It is the best app for users who are still learning ABC letters and need to practice handwriting. Keep in mind that it is based on the renowned Montessori method.

Calligraphy coloring book Calligraphy coloring book Descargar QR-Code Calligraphy coloring book Developer: belen gonzalez

Calligraphy Penmanship

The developers warn as soon as you open the application that despite the fact that it can be used with your finger, it is advisable to have the Apple Pencil at hand. This is an application that is providing the best experience for calligraphers and lovers of letters to create digital works of art on the iPad itself. You will find numerous drawing styles when writing these letters.

Keep in mind that the app integrates a series of templates so that you can learn correctly how these types of letters are made. It will be simulated at all times to have a pointed ink pen sensitive to changes in pressure that can end up practicing on the iPad screen. That is why it becomes an ideal application to be able to practice calligraphy and have spectacular results.

Calligraphy Penmanship Calligraphy Penmanship Descargar QR-Code Calligraphy Penmanship Developer: Etienne Nguyen Tan Hon

Art-focused alternatives

In the App Store you can find some options that, in addition to putting a canvas in front of you so you can practice calligraphy, are also focused on art. In other words, authentic masterpieces can be created, but you can also rehearse your way of writing with all the drawing tools that can be found. We show you the most important ones below.


With a really clear user interface you will be able to have a canvas on your iPad to be able to develop your art and also practice your calligraphy style. To give you an idea, this is an app focused on creating impressive tessellations and mandalas thanks to all the tools that allow you to customize the layout that is achieved. But as we have previously mentioned in the map you will be able to use all the functions of the Apple Pencil so that you can always change the stroke depending on the pressure applied.

The only problem is that you won't have a proper template of the letters to practice with. You must yourself use the correct path to write the letters with the style you want. You will not have any type of limit and you also have 20 types of symmetries that can help you make the letters better or more beautiful as long as you make a letter that has a certain symmetry, such as the 'M' or the 'H'.

Phones Phones Descargar QR-Code Phones Developer: OZIZIGRAP OOD

Astropad Studio


Application that is designed to meet the demands of the most demanding artists when making different drawings. As in previous cases, we are facing an app whose mission is that you can create authentic works of art of graphic design. Although, it has many tools to be able to write in a traditional way with the Apple Pencil and thus practice writing and calligraphy in general.

Keep in mind that the fact of integrating customizable pressure curves and magic gestures stands out. This way you can create authentic combinations with the stylus. The thickness will be adjustable at all times, so you can practice special calligraphy, especially in cursive mode.

Astropad Studio Astropad Studio Descargar QR-Code Astropad Studio Developer: Astro HQ

Ratings More

Turn your iPad into a notepad and start practicing calligraphy with your Apple Pencil acting as a simple pen. The application detects the pressure that is being applied, simulating what can be achieved with a pen. You will be able to write extensive texts to be able to improve the handwriting you have without any type of limit and always with the Apple Pencil in your hand.

It is for all this that the application has numerous advantages, since you should not have any type of paper in the middle. It also has the ability to open PDF files. This means that you can make use of different templates that can be found on the internet to improve the calligraphy. In this way you will be able to fill the lack that can be found in this sense by not having the templates natively.

Ratings More Ratings More Descargar QR-Code Ratings More Developer: Viet Tran

Which one do we recommend?

Of all the applications that we have commented throughout this article, without a doubt we are left with two of them. The first is that of Callicreative App which is ideal because it integrates a series of templates to be able to have a clear reference of how some letters are written. Its objective is that you can replicate it later in a traditional folio without any problem and do not stay on the iPad screen.

The second that should be recommended is Phones that offers a wide set of tools to have the most customizable experience possible so that you write with total freedom. Of course, it is not limited only to calligraphy but drawings can also be made at a higher level and without having to pay a subscription or a single payment.