Using Spotify with Siri, and therefore also on HomePod, could be possible soon — 2022

If there is a lack that can be removed from Siri, it is that it is a closed assistant with a large part of third-party applications, some of them very prominent such as Spotify. Incredible as it may seem, it is not possible to give Siri commands in order to play some content on the famous music platform, however this could change soon because Apple and Spotify would be trying to make it possible. Below we tell you more details.

Siri and Spotify, an expected union that could soon be a reality

A few days ago we saw how theHomePod was being widely outperformed by its competitors, like the Google Home or the Amazon Echo with Alexa. One of the reasons that we attributed then to the low market share of the Apple speaker was that one of its basic functionalities, that of playing music, was cut short if we wanted it to be 100% compatible with platforms such as Spotify.

Spotify vs Apple Music

The Information yesterday published a report in which they commented that Apple and Spotify are in talks to make music service compatibility effective using Siri. This, if it arrives, will be very positive for Apple's HomePod. This would come in large part thanks to the SiriKit presented in theWWDC 2019with which developers have new tools with which to make their applications compatible with the wizard.

we do not know when will this compatibility be possible , but we are already looking forward to this being possible. Not in vain, and despite the continuousgrowth in Apple Music users, the Spotify service is still one of the most popular in the world and the fact that assistants like Siri cannot play its content seems to us something too absurd in the middle of 2019.

We hope that the negotiations come to fruition, since both Apple and Spotify have been in talks for several months.quarrelfor a complaint filed against those from Cupertino before the European Union for alleged monopolistic actions.

What do you think about this news? Do you think we will end up seeing Siri compatible with Spotify? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.