Revealed the use of the Apple Park color scheme — 2022

A few days ago we saw some very interesting images of Apple Park taken from a drone and the truth is that many doubts were generated about a stage that was set up in the center of the recent one. This stage had a peculiar design as it was presided over by a tremendously remarkable rainbow.

The truth is that the mystery has been fully resolved today as they have collected in the middle Cult of Mac . The most ingenious pointed out that this stage that was located in the center of the ring of Apple Park had been destined for a concert but the truth is that it is prepared for a very special event on May 17.

The Apple Park will be inaugurated on May 17

This event is tremendously special because Apple Park will open with a well-deserved tribute to company founder Steve Jobs. This information has been known after an article appeared on Apple's intranet system, AppleWeb where all the details of this important appointment for employees are thrown.

Apple Park

This scenario has been designed by Jony Ive himself to host this important event for Apple employees. Together with Ive he has also participated in addition to his own team, also the architects Foster+Partners and designers Gainsbury and Whiting.

In this article published in AppleWeb Jony Ive himself explains in detail why they have chosen the design of this rainbow . The explanation is the following:

Our goal was to create a stage that was immediately recognizable as the Apple Stage. The rainbow idea was one of those rare occasions where early thoughts worked on several different fronts. There is a resonance with the rainbow logo that has been part of our identity for many years. The rainbow is also a positive and joyful expression of some of our inclusive values ​​and I think one of the main reasons the idea resonated so immediately and deeply was the shape, the connection from a design standpoint. aesthetic. A semicircle relates beautifully and naturally to the shape of the ring […]

It is undoubtedly a very important date for the Apple family as an iconic building is inaugurated for the company that Steve Jobs began to design but could not see finished.

Leave us in the comment box what do you think of this scenario, what do you think of its design?