Using the iPhone while charging is possible, but with care — 2022

We can look at many aspects of an iPhone, such as its price, cameras, design, or internal memory. But if there is a concern above all in most cases, it is the battery. We want it to last as long as possible without relying on chargers, but we also don't want to stop using the device when it's connected to power. That is why in this post we will try to answer the eternal question of whether it is bad to use the iPhone while charging.

Batteries have evolved over time

Batteries have evolved significantly for many years now. Formerly, there were many typical phrases about batteries and the use that should be given to them. It was quite typical to hear that cell phone batteries always had to be fully charged and then discharged on their first use. This also carries over to employment while they are charging. There are many myths that used to be true, but today with the batteries that are integrated into the iPhone or any device that has been recently designed.

In these cases, the technology that can be used in the batteries is prepared to be charged in a disorderly manner, since in the end what will prevail are the charging cycles, which is what is really important. It is not necessary to perform a full charge from time to time as stated above. What you have to be careful with is the heat generated that can affect the battery and its performance.

What should you do while charging

Taking into account this aspect that we have commented on, a series of tips must be followed when the load is being carried out, but the device needs to be used at that moment. Obviously, there are some aspects to take into account in order to achieve the best possible experience.

Can the iPhone be used?

Since the arrival of iOS 11 in 2017, there is a feature on iPhones that is very useful to users. We refer to the possibility of checking the health of the battery on the iPhone. This can be done from Settings>Battery>Battery health . Here we will find a percentage that indicates the status of this, and not the current battery level, but the level of deterioration.

iPhone 12 Pro battery problems

Keeping the percentage of battery health at good levels is something that is achieved by taking care of it. By this we mean making good use of the device, either by calibrating the battery from time to time or not always letting the device reach the lowest battery levels before connecting it to the charger. In addition to always use a charger that has a quality certificate and is the one for the iPhone itself, since with transformers like the one in the MacBook, too high a power is being given for charging the device.

Another possibility is to perform a fast charge that, although it is supported by the iPhone, is not highly recommended while we are using it. The fact of managing a large amount of energy means that it ends up heating up much faster. That is why if we are going to be using the iPhone it is advisable to always charge it at 5W, and do a fast charge only at specific times.

Beyond this, and focusing on the question that concerns us, we can say that using the iPhone while it is charging is neither good nor bad . It depends. And what does it depend on? Well, basically the use that is given to the device at that time. If you are going to use the iPhone while charging to answer a specific message, there should be no problem. It all depends on the level of power that the device needs to carry out the action.

Considerations for charging an iPhone while using it

If you are going to watch a video in high resolution, edit photos and even play games, it is not convenient that the device remains connected to the current. The reason for this is that while performing that series of heavier actions, processor power is being required. This under normal circumstances means that the device can heat up a bit on the back, but if we are also charging it, the heating multiplies and this can end up affecting the health of the battery.

Yes indeed, the iPhone will not explode or catch fire under no circumstances. If the battery and other parts are original, the device will be able to detect when it overheats and at that moment it will turn off. This case could be more delicate if the phone also has a cover, since this will store the heat and it is likely that you will not even notice that it is heating up. It shouldn't go this far, but don't worry if it does, as the device will be able to turn back on once the temperature is restored.

Be careful of the conditions in which you use it

It is important to bear in mind that it is not the same to use the iPhone while charging at home or in the middle of the street with a Powerbank. There are many differences such as temperature, since as we have said before, temperature is a big problem for the battery. Using the iPhone watching a high-quality video with an ambient temperature of 40º will obviously set off all the alarms on the iPhone, since it will quickly heat up to dangerous limits. This is something that also applies to when we talk about temperatures.

And beyond this, the surface where you are using it is also important. It is highly recommended to always have the iPhone charging on a surface that is a good thermal conductor. In this way, the heat will not remain condensed in the same area and will not affect the iPhone again. This is essential to avoid internal damage to the device and it is ultimately what you will have to avoid if you want to keep your device.

In conclusion we can say that you can use the iPhone when charging without any problem, but taking precautions that we have already seen. In other words, do not force the machine too much and try not to make it a common practice to use it while charging. And if it happens that you notice that the device gets hot, leave it back on the table or the support you have it on so that it can continue charging with the screen off.

And you, do you use the iPhone while you are charging it? Leave us all your impressions in the comment box.