Use any rare character on your iPhone with this method — 2022

When writing original messages or even choosing your own nickname, you may be missing some characters. These are considered 'special' characters and are not natively built into iOS. That is why there are methods to be able to use them on any iPhone in a simple way. In this article we tell you all the details about it.

What are special characters called?

Beyond the alphabet that we are used to using to write messages on the main social networks or even to put your nickname, there are other characters that are called 'special' or rare. We are talking, for example, about the famous character of the apple and even about a spade as if it were a deck of cards. All these cannot be integrated in a traditional way with the keyboard itself, having to resort to other resources that can be found.

special characters

Natively on an iPhone, on the keyboard that is integrated, you can find the traditional alphabet as well as the different symbols of punctuation and everyday expression. But as we have mentioned before, they do not go much further, since otherwise the calendar could be eternal and not everyone uses this type of special characters. In this way, it is necessary to resort to other systems that, although they are not as comfortable, are practical.

The use of third-party websites

One of the options that arises to be able to use these special characters is to access different web pages. In these you will be able to find some basic characters that can be easily used on a day-to-day basis. For example, you can find symbols as interesting as the Greek letters that are useful for different important documents and even for the university. In addition, other less common symbols such as a cross or a diamond can also be used.

special characters

To do this, you simply have to select the symbol you want to use with your iPhone and copy it. Once this is done, you can transfer it to any document or simply to a conversation on social networks or instant messaging with the paste function. In this way, although this character is not found within the keyboards, it will appear represented without any problem. The page that can best be recommended is Wikipedia, which has a section dedicated to the most common special characters that can be used on a day-to-day basis. Here you will find different tables with all these characters divided so that you can end up using them.

Access the website

Use Unichar on iPhone and iPad

Another resource that can be used is that of applications that group all these characters. One of the most interesting ones that can be used is UniChar which acts as a database of all the characters that can be found within Unicode. It includes a search engine so that you can easily track that character that you need to have and you simply have to touch it. Doing so will automatically copy it to the clipboard so that you can put it anywhere you want.


UniChar — Unicode Keyboard UniChar — Unicode Keyboard Descargar QR-Code UniChar — Unicode Keyboard Developer: Jordan Hipwell

To this is added the possibility of using the widget that has as its objective the quick access to all the characters. Furthermore, if you are a regular user of iMessage, you will also find a specific application to facilitate the task. In the end, it wants to be very similar to having a keyboard with all the characters, but without reaching that point by staying in a simple database.