Unveiled new secrets of the iPhone 13 (or 12s) and the possible Apple folding — 2022

The leaks of new Apple products come from various sources and there are various analysts who occasionally reveal what ultimately end up being the star novelties of the company. One of the most successful behind his back is Mark Gurman, who has revealed new details about the next Apple iPhone and has even dared to comment on what Californians will finally call what will be their flagship products at the end of this 2021 We tell you everything below.

The chosen naming would be iPhone 12s

Several years ago it was more or less clear what the name of the next iPhone was going to be, since Apple traditionally added an s version to its mobile devices after the launch of a new generation. iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4s… This has been the case until the iPhone 7 became the iPhone 8 the same year the iPhone X was introduced, although the following year there was an iPhone XS. After the iPhone 11, it went directly to the 12, but it seems that in 2021 that letter will be recovered for the phone and we will see new iPhone 12s instead of iPhone 13. If we also follow the idea shown this year in terms of sizes, something that seems to be a fact for this year as well, we would have the following phones:

  • iPhone 12s mini
  • iPhone 12s
  • iPhone 12s Pro
  • iPhone 12s Pro Max

iphone switch not working

It will be necessary to see if finally the s is formally written in lowercase or in uppercase, since Apple really writes it in a box. These versions are usually very continuous both in design and performance and if we look at the latest iPhone XS precedent we see that they were practically the same as the already mythical iPhone X, except for the larger screen size of the 'Max' model. However, according to what we will see below, we would find interesting news for these 2021 teams.

Return Touch ID to iPhone under the screen

Integrating a fingerprint sensor on the screen is not a novelty in the market today, since there are many manufacturers with Android that have been doing it for a few years now. However, it will be Apple's premiere with this technology. At the time, the company bet everything on Face ID, a much safer and more efficient system that in the long run has proven to have no competitor in the market, since we hardly meetFace ID failures in recognition. In fact, we have the intuition that the company did not have in its plans to resume the fingerprint sensor, but the times we live in in which the masks are one more complement to our routine has made them change their plans and rescue a plan that is already He drove in 2017 with Touch ID under the screen.

We do not know if the cheapest models (12s and 12s mini) would also have this fingerprint reader under the screen or if, on the contrary, the company is committed to integrating it into the side button to save costs. This location would also be new on the iPhone, although we can already enjoy it on the fourth generation iPad Air launched just a few months ago.

Touch ID iPhone

Will we see the iPhone without ports this year?

Another possibility that Gurman drops is that of seeing an iPhone 12s model without any type of port, something that had already been discussed several months ago and that in recent times has hardly been commented on. The analyst says that Apple is studying this possibility, without being confirmed at the moment. Keep in mind that this would be the least risky, since they would then have to develop a better connection with computers for data transfer and procedures such as device restoration, while they would have to guarantee a reliable wireless charging method. . Will they include such a charger in the boxes? Remember that in Europe the power adapter is not mandatory, but the cable is.

Apple's first foldable could arrive in 2021

Several weeks ago we were surprised to learn that the firm led by Tim Cook had successfully completed the resistance tests of two folding iPhone models. These were of two different styles: one in shell format and another model in a more classic format similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Californians will likely end up opting for only one folding mode, which is now unknown. According to Gurman, it is possible that it will be this year when it will be presented, but beyond this unprecedented feature in an iPhone such as the fold, we have no information about other features.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

September It is the month marked in red by Apple for the presentation of these devices, a traditional date and that in recent years only had 2020 as an exception due to the delay in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we still have 9 long months left in which we will continue to be attentive to new leaks and rumors about devices that, for better or worse, are the most anticipated on the market.