Unlocking an iPad if I don't remember its code or password — 2022

Forgetting a security pin code or a password is very common nowadays considering the number of accounts and devices that we handle on a daily basis. Therefore, you should not worry that you have forgotten the security code of your iPad. In this post we will tell you what you must do to regain access to that iPad without the need for the code, although you should know that in any of the cases you will need a computer either Mac or Windows.

Warning about this procedure

If the iPad you are trying to unlock is lost or stolen , since the original owner locked via iCloud , you won't be able to do anything. This is the most effective method to lock an Apple device and, luckily for the owner and unfortunately for the one who finds it, there is no really proven and reliable method that can access the content.

That said, if it's your own iPad and you remember at least the Apple ID password or security code, you'll be able to access it again. Yes indeed, you could lose the content if you didn't make a backup. Although you should also know that there is certain data that you will continue to have if you enabled iCloud sync and keep the same Apple ID after restoring. Data like photos, videos, calendars, notes, bookmarks from Safari and even from third-party apps.

Unlock using official tools

There are several ways to unlock an iPad without having to remember your security code, including some third-party tools that are usually paid. However, we can find a native Apple way to do it and that is completely free. Is about iTunes , which allows you to manage brand devices in both macOS and Windows, although in the latest versions of Mac (macOS 10.15 and later) it is found in Finder .

ipad restore

Of course, regardless of the computer you are going to use, it is advisable to first put the device in DFU mode. To do this you must first connect the iPad to the computer and then force its restart. On iPads that have a Home button, you must press this button and the off button until an image appears on the screen showing a cable connected to a computer. If your iPad has the all-screen design, you must press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button and finally press and hold the power button until an image like the one described above appears.

It's worth noting that regardless of whether you're on a Mac or Windows PC, you'll need to keep your iPad connected via cable at all times. Once the restore process has finished it is very likely that you will be required to enter the password of the Apple ID associated with the iPad , this being a security method to prevent stolen devices from being used.

On Mac with macOS Catalina or later

If you have a Mac that has this version of the system, equivalent to 10.5, or a later one, you will no longer have iTunes to manage devices, these functions being reserved for Finder, as we tell you below:

  1. Open a new Finder window.
  2. By the time your Mac has detected the iPad, you should click on his name in their respective tab on the left of the screen.
  3. Click on restore backup if you have a copy of your data, and if you do not have any, you must click on Restore iPad although you will lose all your data from the device.

On Macs with macOS Mojave or earlier and on Windows PCs

If you have a version of macOS equal to or earlier than 10.14 or you have a Windows computer, you will need to use iTunes. We remind you that this application is not installed in the Microsoft operating system, although you can download it totally free from the Apple website.

  1. Opens iTunes .
  2. Wait for the program to detect your iPad and click on his name at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on restore backup if you have a copy of your data, and if you do not have any, you must click on Restore iPad although you will lose all your data from the device.

Solution using third-party tools

If you have not been able to carry out this management natively, whether due to an error in the applications or any other, there are some alternatives to iTunes and Finder that can be useful. Of course, you must bear in mind that the same thing happens as with the previously mentioned options and that is that will erase all data that you have stored on the device, unless you have a backup made that you can restore when you reconfigure the iPad.

With the PassFab app

If you have not been able to unlock your iPad with the above methods, you probably have no choice but to resort to third-party options. There are tools like PassFab that, despite being paid, guarantee full efficiency in the process of unlocking the tablet. it's possible download it for Mac or Windows through your website. Once it is installed you will find an interface that is very easy to understand and that will show you the steps to follow intuitively.

PassFab iPad

And although this application is focused in this area on the iPad, you should know that it is also effective for carrying out the same procedure with an iPhone, so if one day it happens to you on your mobile, you can also run it. They also offer other interesting functions in order to manage tablet data.

Via Tenorshare 4ukey

Like the previous one, this is a tool that allows you to perform the same actions when unlocking the iPad when the code is not remembered. It is important to note that if the device is locked by iCloud there will be nothing to do, since the device cannot be unlocked in any way.


However, as long as your problem is that you have forgotten the mentioned code, it is a very good tool. Is it availabe for both Mac and Windows , being able download it easily through its official website. And, also like the previous one, it offers other interesting features for managing Apple devices.

AnyUnlock can also be an effective tool

Developed by iMobie, this application also fulfills the task of unlocking an iPad without needing to have the security code, with a similar operation to the previous ones and also with versions for Mac and Windows. It is a tool that also offers other interesting functions to manage the device, as you can see in the following image.


Although we must warn you again here and that is that, as much as you want, this tool will not help you to unlock an iPad that has restricted access due to being locked by iCloud. The best way to lower it It is from the developers' website, a reliable site from which you can download the installer.

The final alternative is Find My iPad

This function is not only useful for locating the device when it is lost or stolen, but it also allows you to deactivate it and erase all its contents in those cases. Also, you can recover your data later if you have a backup made. The process to follow is as follows:

erase ipad find

  1. Enter the iCloud website from any browser, be it on a mobile or computer. If it is from another Apple computer you can enter directly into the Search app.
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password. Access the Search section.
  3. Once inside you must look for your iPad and press the option wipe device.

When the deletion of the iPad has been made effective, it will be possible to access the terminal again. You will see that the screen is shown as if you just bought it, with the classic Hello inviting you to perform the first configuration, during which you can restore a backup of the device. Of course, with this method it is also possible that the associated Apple ID is required, so it is not a method to unlock a stolen iPad.

Contact Apple

If you have any questions about this or any other process, in the end it is convenient to communicate with apple to help you, more if it is in reference to your Apple ID associated with the iPad in question. You have several ways through its website to make face-to-face appointments and even talk to technical support by chat, although in these cases a phone call is more convenient. The number 900 150 503 is totally free from Spain and they tend to respond quickly.

Apple may be the only company that is going to be able to get your device unlocked in case you have this problem. It is important not to go to other stores that are not authorized, as it is quite likely that they will try to sell you a solution that is not entirely reliable. Above all, this happens when there is an iCloud lock, and it is that not even Apple itself knows how to unlock it, as it is a system that has been very controversial in recent years because it has been the protagonist of numerous lawsuits.

When will it not be possible to unlock the iPad

You have to have on some occasions, as we have mentioned before, is that you will not be able to unlock the device. In the event that it is a stolen device and that you have found on the street, it surely has an iCloud lock. This is activated from Apple servers, and the only way to access the information is to have the Apple ID and password of the account that is linked to the iPad at that time. This is the only existing system, and it is specially designed to specifically prevent any thief from appropriating the internal data of a computer that has been stolen illegally.

At first, you might think that it can be unlocked through brute force. This means that there is no way to get the password, even if you try to track in all possible ways with infinite combinations. This is what makes it really important to have a password that is completely secure in order to prevent it from being tracked with the brute force systems that we have previously discussed. Although it is true that it can be difficult to access them.