Unlock your iPhone 6 if you don't remember the code or you locked it by iCloud — 2022

An iPhone 6 is already considered in a certain way an obsolete product due to software, since its last major update was iOS 12. However, they are devices that, if they are well cared for, can continue to function optimally for many years. That is why in this article we tell you how you can unlock an iPhone 6 if you forgot your code or it is locked by iCloud.

If your iPhone 6 is locked by iCloud

Locking iPhone through iCloud is one of the first things you should do if your iPhone is stolen. In fact, the thief will not have the option to access the device and will have a nice paperweight. But the first thing is find out if it's locked or not by this system, for which you can use Apple's own website, specifically the technical support section by following these steps:

  • go to the apple website
  • go now to Medium , located to the right of the top bar.
  • Choose iPhone.
  • Click on Repair Options.
  • Click on Request a repair.

iCloud lock Enter serial number

  • Several options now appear and you have to go to the Repairs and physical damage.
  • Now choose any reason for repair.
  • Enter your Apple ID.

iCloud lock Enter serial number

  • Enter the serial number or IMEI Of the device.

This page is not really oriented to tell us if an iPhone is blocked or not, but to open an incident for physical or software damage. However, you can tell us if the iPhone is locked with a message that says something like We're sorry, but a repair cannot be created while the device is locked.

So what happens if you locked the iPhone 6 by mistake or you gave it up for lost and got it back? You can do it, but it is not something simple, since for obvious reasons you will have to verify your identity. The most advisable thing is that you put yourself in contact apple through the different means it offers. Once you are in direct contact with a company assistant, it is possible that they will require the purchase invoice or some other information that verify that you are the legitimate owner of the terminal. Once you do, you'll be prompted with steps to unlock it and make your device accessible again.

If the iPhone is not originally yours

If the device is not yours, but you have acquired it through some other legal means such as second-hand purchase and the like, it is possible that you do not have sufficient accreditation to assure Apple that this terminal is yours. In this case you will have to contact the person who sold or gave you the iPhone , since it will be who has the power to unlock it. In the worst case, this terminal can be stolen and therefore that other person does not want or cannot collaborate with you.

At that last point, no matter how resigned you are, you won't be able to do anything. Apple and other companies are very blunt in this regard and even if you are not to blame for the theft, you will not be given access to a device that lawfully belongs to someone else. In this case, you will be able to take the measures you deem pertinent against the person or organization that sold you the terminal, filing a lawsuit or any other legal measure you deem appropriate.

If you don't remember the security code

If you have already tried several security codes of the iPhone 6 and you have not been able to access it, it is possible that it has even been blocked due to having entered the wrong code too many times. This does not mean that you have completely lost the terminal, since you will be able to access it, but you will lose all data and files that you had stored if you did not previously make a backup. To do this, you will have to restore the equipment using a computer.

Tools that can help you

There are some software solutions that can help unlock iPhone in case of emergency and they can serve you perfectly for this situation. Normally these require installation on a computer and then connecting the iPhone to proceed with data recovery.

iphone unlocker PassFab is one of the most efficient tools in this and has application both in Mac like in Windows , so it can be used perfectly to unlock your iPhone 6. The installation is extremely simple and you can do it from its website by clicking here . Once installed, you will see that it has a very intuitive interface and that it guides you to carry out the unlocking of the iPhone, although it has other interesting tools for other types of related problems.

From iTunes or Finder

Mac with macOS Catalina or later

restore iphone macos catalina

  • Connect iPhone to Mac via cable.
  • Open a new window in Finder.
  • When the device has detected the iPhone, you must click on your name in its corresponding tab, on the left of the window.
  • Click on restore backup if you have a backup on your computer. If not, click on Restore iPhone.

Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier

  • Connect iPhone to Mac via cable.
  • Opens iTunes.
  • When the device has detected the iPhone, you must click on your name at the top of the window.
  • Click on restore backup if you have a backup on your computer. If not, click on Restore iPhone.

PC Windows

restore iphone itunes windows

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer via cable.
  • Opens iTunes. If you don't have it installed, you can download it through the apple website .
  • When the computer has detected the iPhone, you must click on your name at the top of the window.
  • Click on restore backup if you have a backup on your computer. If not, click on Restore iPhone.

In all these cases, the process may take several minutes depending on the amount of data you had stored on the phone. If you are also restoring a backup, this will take even longer. Anyways, you should not disconnect the iPhone from the computer under no circumstances in the duration of the restoration. Once it is finished, you will have the terminal operative again and this time you will have to remember your security code so as not to have to repeat this process.