Ulysses is updated for iOS and macOS adding drag and drop — 2022

Ulysses is perhaps one of the best minimalist writing tools out there.

Now it is updated with important improvements, one of them, drag and drop for both operating systems.

This Ulysses update makes working on Apple's new operating systems much more comfortable. especially on iOS .

With the new update, we can see the thumbnails of the images we have inserted , where before, we only saw an [IMG] tag.

A Must-Have Tool for Bloggers

Despite the criticism that the update had on its subscription model, Ulysses has improved considerably since then. Where now, it is possible to have the application for macOS and iOS in a single installment .

Previously, we had to pay for each one separately, not being really cheap compared to other options, although the truth is that when working on an iPad, it offers more solutions than others, especially if we work with WordPress.

The new update, is 100% integrated with iOS 11 , where it takes advantage of the drag and drop function in a really interesting way, also improving the user interface with slight changes.

In addition to being able to drag images and insert them into the text, we can do the same with texts from the Ulysses app itself or text summaries of other applications . Something that is quite useful and efficient when working with large texts.

Ulysses currently offers 14 day trial , where we will then have to move to a subscription model, where they offer us payments for months or years.


Also we have a series of discounts if we are students or if we have previously purchased the application. Something that is appreciated after the previous disbursement.

Now what Ulysses is 100% compatible with iOS 11 and incorporates improvements with macOS, it is a better solution to write our texts and always have them synchronized on both platforms.

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What do you think of these novelties from Ulysses? Have you tried the app? Would you pay the monthly or yearly subscription?