Types of Apple Gift Cards and how to use them — 2022

For all lovers of the Cupertino company, one of the best gifts you can surely give them is an Apple product, an app, or anything related to the brand. However, on many occasions it is difficult to accept with the product itself. For this reason, one of the best options you can choose to give something with the apple stamp and not fail is to do it through an Apple gift card. In this post we explain everything you need to know about Apple gift cards.

What are Apple gift cards and what are they for?

Apple gift cards are really the best way to give something from Apple but giving the interested person the possibility to really choose what they want with the budget that you have set. It is a series of cards of different economic value that you can buy to give it to another person, who will be able to redeem this card in different products, applications, songs, ringtones depending on the economic value of the card.

Apple Store Gift Card

Usually these cards have been used mainly to buy applications in the App Store, but depending on the type of card they can also be used to purchase company products. As we have mentioned before, it is a fantastic way to give something from Apple to a person. It is also a very convenient way for members of an Apple family to acquire applications or make purchases within them without the need for the family organizer to be charged payments on their card. In this way, any member of the family can purchase gift cards from the App Store or iTunes and use the balance of it for it without using the family organizer as an intermediary for payment.

App Store & iTunes Gift Card

These are the types of Apple gift cards that exist

The range of Apple gift cards is larger than we might think, in fact, there are up to 4 different types of cards that, obviously, are intended for different uses and audiences. Besides, each type of card can be purchased with different amounts of money inside. Below we explain what they are and what they are for each of the 4 models of Apple gift cards that exist.

apple gift card

apple gift card

These types of cards have the peculiarity that they are only available in the United States. It differs from the rest because it has an Apple logo on a white background on the back of the card, said logo has different designs. With them you can buy practically anything, from products or accessories, to applications, games, music, movies, series or storage space in iCloud. However, as we have mentioned, unfortunately these types of cards are only available in the United States.

Apple Store Gift Cards

Apple Store Gift Card

Apple Store gift cards are easily identifiable, since their aesthetics are very particular. They feature a solid gray, white, silver, or gold color on the front, and then the following information can be found on the back.

  • Link that redirects you to the website where you can check the balance of the card.
  • A text telling you that this card can only be used in the Apple Online Store or the App Store.
  • A telephone number that you can call if you need help with any aspect related to the card or the use of its economic value.

These gift cards can be used in virtually any country or region both at Apple Stores and on apple.com, however, in Germany, France, Singapore and Switzerland these types of cards can only be used at Apple Stores and not at Apple Stores. Web.

App Store & iTunes Gift Card

App Store Gift Card

Aesthetically they are very easily identifiable cards since most of them are blue and have a drawing on the front. On the other hand, on the back you can find information related to the card, it is the following.

  • A 16-digit redeem code beginning with X.
  • Text indicating that the card can be used for apps, games, music, movies, series, books and iCloud.

In addition, these types of cards can also be received by email, which will indicate that you can redeem the card in the App Store and iTunes Store. This card would be, perhaps, the most appropriate to make those purchases in the App Store as a family without always having to pay the family organizer and thus, each member of the family can have independence when making this type Shopping.

old gift cards

old gift card

Finally we have to talk about the old gift cards from Apple. The fact that it is old does not mean that it has lost its value, that is, if you have a card of this type you can continue using it without any problem, to do so, you just have to follow the steps that are indicated on the back of the card itself. . Some examples of these cards are Apple Music gift cards or the iTunes Store gift card.

so you can buy them

Buying an Apple gift card is really simple, regardless of the type of card you want to buy, you can do it directly from the Apple's own website where you can get, depending on where you live, two or three types of cards. As we have mentioned before, the Apple gift card is only available in the United States, so if you live in a place that is not within the United States, such as Spain, for example, you can only purchase the App gift card Store & iTunes or/and the Apple Store Gift Card. Another way to acquire these cards is by going to a physical store, that is, an Apple Store.

How to use them?

The way to redeem these cards is very simple. First of all, what you have to do is make sure of the amount of money that the card has, and based on that, ask yourself what you want to buy with that money. Obviously, depending on the type of card, as we have explained previously, you can purchase one type of product or another.

Redeem your gift card on the App Store

The steps to be able to redeem an App Store gift card are very simple. First of all, we present the steps to follow both on the iPhone and on the iPad.

  1. Open the app from the App Store.
  2. Click on your user.
  3. Click on Redeem code or gift card.
  4. Enter your card details to be able to use it.

Redeem gift card on iPhone

On the Mac the steps are very similar, we present them below.

  1. Open the app from the App Store.
  2. Click on your Apple ID.
  3. Click Redeem gift card.
  4. Enter your Apple ID.
  5. Enter your gift card details.

Redeem gift card on Mac

In this simple way you can use your Apple gift cards, you would only have to, when going to make any purchase, put the balance of your Apple ID as a payment method and that's it.

Are there any limitations with these cards?

One of the most outstanding points of these cards is that they do not have an expiration date, that is, the user can use them whenever they want, however, if the Cupertino company itself reserves the right to be able to change at any given time the type of purchases and the valid stores where you can redeem these cards, that is, always giving sufficient advance notice.