Twitterrific 6 is already a reality and these are its news — 2022

We are many users who we are not convinced by the native Twitter client and that is why we look for alternatives in the App Store such as Twitterrific. This interesting application released its version 6 a few hours ago with interesting features that we are going to tell you about next.

The main novelty of this application lies in its business model. Before if we wanted to use Twitterrific we had to buy it in the Store but now we can download it for free and enjoy its features in exchange for displaying ads within the application. But if we want to eliminate these ads, we can do so by paying almost 30 euros or through a monthly subscription.

Twitterrific 6 arrives with a very controversial business model

In addition to this new business model, which seemed like a very wise decision, we found different improvements in the main tab with a new timeline as well as the ability to automatically play videos and view full images.

The possibility of seeing the complete images in the timeline of the tweets is tremendously interesting because we will not have them cropped and therefore we should not click on them to see the entire content of the image. This will allow us to scroll continuously without having to stop image after image to see it perfectly. In addition, if there are several images, the artificial intelligence of the application will detect the faces and will frame this one first.

In addition to this improvement in the images, you can also appreciate the possibility that the videos play automatically as we go by. Yes indeed, if we want to hear the sound we must enter them.

Another novelty is the integration with GIPHY so we will be able to incorporate GIFs in our new tweets in a much simpler way. To this the improvement is added when adding attachments in our tweets such as images or videos having an enhanced preview.

To these features must be added the new design that Twitterrific 6 has released, now being much cleaner and more elegant. The edges are rounded and the colors are more pure and modern.

It's amazing how Twitterrific has raised the prices of its previous version to this one. We must remember that in Twitterrific 5 you only had to pay 5 euros to have access to the application but now if we do not want ads and enjoy a total experience l We must pay €32.99 in a single payment or a subscription of €0.99/month or €9.99 per year.

You can download Twitterrific on the App Store here .