Convert your Keynote presentations into video like this — 2022

One of the advantages that all users who have an Apple device have is that they have the entire suite of work applications from the Cupertino company completely free of charge. This gives all users access to use, among other applications, Keynote, the counterpart to Power Point. Keynote has tremendous potential thanks to the number of tools and features it has. Therefore, today we want to tell you how you can easily transform your Keynote presentation into a video.

Keep these tips in mind to create your presentation

Throughout life there will be numerous times when you will have to make a presentation to present any topic to an audience. On many occasions, users go crazy when it comes to making it original and attracting the attention of all viewers, either to get a very high grade in said subject or because, after all, you are representing the company to the one where you work in front of hundreds of people.


This task, make an attractive presentation , it can be much simpler than you think. It is only necessary to take into account a series of tips The points clue to hook your audience and above all, make your presentation a few minutes enjoyable, interesting and productive for all those who are watching and listening to you. Here is a series of tips that you have to keep in mind when you get in front of the computer and make your presentation with Keynote.

  • Don't enter a lot of text on your slides. The more text you enter, the more you will force people to start reading your slide and pay more attention to the screen than to what you are telling, therefore, they will lose their attention on you and focus on the text.
  • uses many images .
  • Take care of them colors of the presentation. uses attractive combinations and create a good atmosphere.
  • Be aware of the color of the text . Spinning with the previous advice, when putting text make sure that it has the certain color so that it can be seen and understood perfectly on the background that you have placed it.
  • Capture the attention of the public both to beginning like half of the presentation. For this you can use some shocking data or tell a little story.
  • Finish the presentation let the public remember you . Again, it's vital to grab attention in some way at the end of the presentation.
  • Fit the vocabulary and the way you speak to the type of audience you have.

Export your presentation in Keynote

One of the key points that the entire Apple work suite has is that, once you have made the document, in this case the presentation, but it can be extrapolated to the rest of the applications in the suite, you can export it in different formats depending on how you want to use it later. This, among other things, has made it easier for many users to be able to use Keynote, but then generate a document in Power Point format so that other users who don't work with Apple applications can open said presentation on their respective computers. That's exactly what we want to talk about now, the different formats in which you can export your presentation.


These are the available formats

This step is very important since, after all, the format in which you decide to export your video will determine whether or not your file is compatible with other applications. It will even mark the way in which you are going to make the presentation. A clear example is that, if you have entered an audio or video track, you will not be able to export it in PDF format since these will not be played, you will have to do it in Keynote, Power Point or Video format, for example. Therefore, before exporting your presentation, we invite you to think about what is the best option for you, for the content and for the way in which you later want to carry out your intervention. Below is a list of the different formats you have available to export your presentation.

  • PDF .
  • Power Point .
  • Video .
  • GIF animated .
  • Images .
  • HTML .
  • Keynote ’09 .

Export formats

Habitually The most used how can you predict they are PDF , Power Point and the format itself Keynote . However, there are many other really interesting options. Crowds of users use Apple's presentation app as a tool to create images that later hang on different social networks. As you can also export your presentation in format HTML to be able to open the presentation through a web browser. You can also generate GIFs animated that they are able to bring a smile to everyone who sees it. In short, and as we have already mentioned before, you have at your disposal enough alternatives to be able to completely adapt your presentation to different situations.

Turn your presentation into a video

One of the most interesting formats when exporting your Keynote presentation is to do it as a video. Now we will see the different configuration options that, obviously, you can customize according to your needs. However, once again, we invite you to think very carefully about the appropriate format to export your presentation, especially depending on how you want to present it to the public. Here are the steps to follow to transform your Keynote presentation into a video.

  1. Once the presentation is finished, click on Archive .
  2. Click on Export a…
  3. Select, among all the alternatives, the option of Video .
  4. Customize to your liking or need setting of the video you are going to export. You can choose the playback style, if you want the video to be generated only within a slide interval, the time between one slide and another, in the same way, the time between one composition and another, and for Lastly, its resolution.
  5. When you have modified, or not, all the parameters of your video, click on Following .
  6. Name your video , choose the labels that you want it to have and, finally, select the Location where you want the file to be saved.
  7. click on Export .

Video export settings

Exporting your presentation as a video has a number of advantages and disadvantages that you have to take into account if you choose this option. One of the drawbacks is that you are going to have to rehearse the presentation a lot since, after all, you have to adjust to the time you have marked for the transition from one to the other, on the other hand, if you manage to do it correctly, the The result will be really fantastic since the coordination between what you say and what is shown on the screen will be perfect without you having to touch a single button. Another drawback is that you can't customize how long the video will stay on a slide individually, so if you want to talk longer about the content of one of the slides, you won't be able to do so. That is why it is very important that you make the right decision when choosing the format in which you are going to export your presentation.

However, as we have mentioned before, this Apple software is not always used exclusively to make presentations. In fact, surely, the option to export a keynote document in video format is designed for other situations in which the video is better adapted to the objective of the user who makes it.