Turn your iPhone into a pedometer and control your steps — 2022

Take 10,000 steps a day. This is a figure that everyone marks in their heads as one of the medical recommendations to be able to have good health. Obviously, the optimal thing is not to count all the steps yourself, and that is why there are numerous applications to be able to carry out this task. In this article we show you the best options that exist in the App Store.

The essential in a pedometer for iPhone

The equipment used to perform this measurement is the pedometer. In the App Store you can find applications that turn your iPhone into this in addition to including other features that are essential. But although there are many options present, it is always important to have the best installed. That is why you should always look at specific characteristics to have the best possible option. These are summarized in the following points:

    Esthetic: in any application you should always take great care for its interface design. It must be consistent with iOS and, above all, look simple so that you don't have to dig through dozens of menus to be able to see the steps you've taken, which is something many apps err on. Battery consumption:data counting applications have the obligation to always track your position and make use of the iPhone's sensors. This leads to high battery consumption. That is why you should always look for the options that are best optimized for iOS to reduce consumption to a minimum. Price:one of the key points when talking about applications. The vast majority of apps are free, but others integrate a micro-transaction system to offer extra features. This is something that should be consulted on the App Store page itself before making the purchase so that they always adapt to your needs.

Count the steps and nothing more

If you are a person who is looking for an application to be able to count steps without added functions that take this away from you, then you will see the best options that exist.

Pedometer ++


This is an extremely simple application, but it perfectly fulfills its basic function, which is to display a step count. Take advantage of the step count feature that iPhone integrates into the Health app. This considerably reduces battery consumption since the different functions that can be had will not be duplicated.

What this application confers is a much more friendly aesthetic to be able to consult all the steps you have taken. In a bar diagram you will see the evolution you have taken as well as the number of floors you have been climbing. Through a color pattern you can easily identify those days in which you have exceeded 10,000 steps and also when you have not been able to achieve this goal.

Pedometer++ Pedometer++ Descargar QR-Code Pedometer++ Developer: Cross Forward Consulting, LLC

Step It Up


An application that also shines because of how simple it is as it mainly gives the data of the steps and the distance that you have walked on a specific day. Keep in mind that this is an application compatible with both iPhone and Apple Watch. At all times it is about reaching your goal with different forms of motivation. These are based on comparing the results that have been obtained with last month to see the clear evolution.

What is most interesting is the commitment it has to accessibility. This is because it has support with wheelchairs to be able to replace steps with pushes and the distance as such. You will always have all this data on the screen through the widgets that can be on the home screen to easily control the evolution of your daily goal.

Step It Up Step It Up Descargar QR-Code Step It Up Developer: Bean's Bytes, LLC

My StepCounter

Completely free application with a very simple design that aims to improve your day-to-day health. Due to how simple it is, it has a fairly low weight and great compatibility since it is only required to have an iPhone 5s as a minimum.

The tracking that is done is quite accurate without having to carry the device in a specific place. At any time you can set your personal goals so you should limit yourself to the 10,000 steps that is recommended. You will be able to share your progress easily through social networks and the animations are quite good. All this without having ads that can annoy you.

My StepCounter My StepCounter Descargar QR-Code My StepCounter Developer: Michael James

Steps – Step Counter


Find out how much you're walking in the day thanks to this application, because at a glance with the interface that integrates you can see the steps you've taken today and all week. It integrates with the Apple Health application to export all the data that is collected by its counting system.

The graphics that are integrated are really interesting, to visualize the activity of the last week with the daily steps. It is not necessary that Steps is always open to be able to keep track of the steps that are being taken. This means that it does not have a significant effect on the battery, which is one of the key points to take into account.

Steps – Step Counter, Activity Steps – Step Counter, Activity Descargar QR-Code Steps – Step Counter, Activity Developer: Adam Binsz

Alternatives with extra features

In the event that you want a greater amount of extra information, beyond the steps that are taken in a specific time frame, below we will show you the best options that are available.

Podómetro – Accupedo


Keep track of the walk you do daily thanks to this application. It integrates graphs and easy-to-read daily reports to control the steps, the calories burned, the distance and the time that has been consumed. It will not matter where you put the mobile to make the count since it will use the GPS to do it.

It integrates an intelligent algorithm that begins to follow your steps and stops when it sees that you have stopped to do something. As the GPS is used to be able to control your steps, you will be able to see the route you have taken clearly on a map. It has the ability to monitor different activities such as running or cycling.

Podómetro - Accupedo Podómetro - Accupedo Descargar QR-Code Podómetro - Accupedo Developer: Corusen LLC

Stepwise Podómetro


One of the most powerful pedometers that can be found on the App Store to monitor your fitness goals. As soon as you start, you can set the goal of the steps you want to take every day. At all times you can track the activity you do with other data such as distance, calories, active time, speed, heart rate and much more.

What is really interesting is the possibility of dividing the trips that are taking place. In other words, if you are going to walk a specific route, you can monitor it individually through these trips. In addition, it also includes an application for the Apple Watch and whose data can be merged to have a much higher precision.

Stepwise Podómetro Stepwise Podómetro Descargar QR-Code Stepwise Podómetro Developer: Progress Concepts Limited



In order to avoid having a high battery consumption, the application uses the iPhone's own step counting functionality. The steps that are taken daily are tracked in addition to counting the calories, distance and even the floors that are climbed on those compatible devices.

Steps+ allows you to create a daily goal in the number of steps or calories, always showing the progress towards the goal that has been set in a clear way. As the objectives are completed, you can receive notifications to have clear data on everything that is happening in your day to day.

Steps+ Steps+ Descargar QR-Code Steps+ Developer: Kenneth Ackerson



In order to avoid excessive battery consumption, there is an automatic step counter that is activated only when you are walking. It makes use of the algorithm they have developed to start and stop the count automatically. At all times there is a history with the different trends of the steps that have been taken. The design is very similar to the Activity app on iPhone to control all the data on Apple Watch.

Beyond walking you can also track different exercises with GPS tracking. This means that at any time you can have access to the route you have been following. To motivate you, the developers have introduced a series of awards with 3D medals. In short, a policy is followed that is very similar to that followed by Apple itself.

StepsApp Podómetro StepsApp Podómetro Descargar QR-Code StepsApp Podómetro Developer: StepsApp GmbH

Which ones do we recommend?

There are many options that we have been able to find in the App Store, but without a doubt we are left with two of these applications. The first of them Pedometer++ for the positive evaluations they have and the simple but sufficient aesthetic to be able to have all the data on the number of steps you are going to take throughout a day. You will also have, as it could not be otherwise, the information of many other data beyond the steps themselves.

But if you want more information on your iPhone, there is Stepwise to be able to carry out an individualized control of each of the routes that you are following. In addition to being able to individually separate the data on steps or calories burned, you will also have the map of the path you have followed through GPS connectivity.