Try an app on your iPhone before anyone else by installing its beta — 2022

There are many applications that we use on a daily basis on our technological devices. But only some in particular end up making us fall in love so we can be curious about everything new that will come. As with iOS, the applications also have a series of betas available to be able to know the future news that will be included in the successive updates. In this article we tell you everything you need to know to be able to try these betas of third-party apps.

TestFlight, the way to get app betas

In Android, the process to test the betas is integrated into the application store itself. This does not happen on iOS where an external app needs to be installed. Specifically, you must download the testflight application to be able to access the iOS beta applications to be able to test all the new features that are to come. The main problem that can arise is the instability to which you will be subjected. As in all betas, whether of an operating system or an application, since it is not a final version, some type of bug can be detected.

Specifically, the process that must be followed to be able to sign up for a beta of an app on iOS is as follows:

  • Install the Testflight app which is available on iPhone or iPad.
  • When opening Testflight you will have to accept the notification permission.
  • Enter the code provided by the app developer to access the beta version. When entering it, click on ‘Redeem’ in the upper right corner.


TestFlight TestFlight Descargar QR-Code TestFlight Developer: Apple

It is important to note that all updates received from the beta version must be applied from this app. They will not appear in the App Store as expected since here they are limited only to stable versions. There are also quite a few complications in this regard, since only with the application you do not access a bank of betas to be able to test. You will always require the approval of the developer with a code to redeem, being something that can be somewhat complicated to obtain.

Get beta versions of applications

As we have mentioned before, testing new features that are being developed for your application is not an easy task. It is required to know the developer of the service to provide you with a code to be able to redeem it in the application. And also on many occasions some applications, even if they have a code, will not release the beta version. TestFlight restricts the people who can access these beta versions to a specific number. That is why once you have the code it is convenient to check periodically to see if there is any gap within the application.

TestFlight app

In the event that you do not know the developers of the application, there are always areas in forums that are focused on offering this type of code. Those responsible for the applications greatly appreciate that tests are carried out in order to detect all the problems that may arise. It is obvious that the corresponding feedback must always be given, since in addition to being able to test, feedback must also be given. In Reddit for example you can find different threads with all the necessary links to be able to install a beta through TestFlight. We recommend following them and always updating until the app you use on a daily basis appears.